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Arrowtown Hard Seltzer

Rob and James, two brothers with a passion for change, embarked on a venture inspired by their university days. Frustrated with the limited drink options, which often led to beer bloat or sugar overload, they discovered hard seltzers - a refreshing blend of sparkling water, fruit, and alcohol - and saw an opportunity for innovation. Following Rob's completion of a degree in sustainability and their upbringing in rural Sussex, the brothers were determined to build a business that contributed positively to the world.

At the young ages of 24 and 22, the duo decided to challenge the industry giants by introducing a drink that was not only palatable but also made a difference. They crafted flavours, each dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation efforts, particularly focusing on endangered species. It was an explicit nod to addressing urgent, often overlooked environmental issues.

Their coastal origins made marine conservation a natural starting point. However, the plight of African wildlife, vastly remote from their tranquil life in Sussex, resonated deeply with them, compelling its inclusion in their brand's mission.

Aware of the enormity of these ecological challenges, the brothers adopted a collaborative stance, acknowledging the power of collective effort in effecting change. Startling statistics about dwindling elephant populations and marine life fatalities strengthened their resolve.

Committed to embedding purpose in their business, they pledge 3% of every sale towards wildlife conservation, facilitated through partnerships with leading charities like Sea Shepherd UK and Tusk. Their mission transcends commerce, making environmental contribution as simple for consumers as selecting their beverage.

Their product range stands out for its health-conscious composition. These drinks are low in sugar, naturally flavoured, devoid of artificial additives, and suitable for vegans and gluten-intolerant consumers, all while maintaining a 5% ABV.

The "Red Berries" variant is a vivacious mix of strawberries and raspberries, akin to British summertime in a can, supporting Tusk’s efforts in African wildlife conservation. "Lime & Elderflower" offers a revitalising concoction with a hint of citrus and elderflower, with proceeds aiding the Captain Paul Watson Foundation's marine preservation work. The "Tropical" flavour, a fusion of mango and pineapple, supports Tusk's initiatives as well.

Each can not only promises a delightful sip but also a step towards conserving the planet's invaluable wildlife.

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