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Aroma Academy Accessories

Aroma Academy is an innovative company. They specialise in sensory training, especially for the sense of smell. They focus on the drinks industry. They are experts in recognising different aromas. They offer products and services to help people appreciate and understand complex smells in drinks like whisky, gin, wine, and beer.

The aroma kits are popular with enthusiasts and professionals. The kits have aroma vials that mimic scents in specific drinks. For example, a whisky kit might have scents like peat, vanilla, apple, or sherry. This helps people train their noses to identify these smells in real whiskies.

Aroma Academy's learning approach is educational and engaging. They mix theory with practical experience. Their programs improve sensory analysis skills. These skills are important for anyone making, selling, or enjoying complex drinks. They help people detect and describe different notes and bouquets. This improves the overall tasting experience.

Their courses and workshops suit many people. This includes hobbyists and industry professionals. They are good for those wanting to improve in quality control, product development, and marketing. The Academy's experts teach about the science of aromas and creating sensory profiles for drinks.

They also help develop new products. They help brands understand the smells in their drinks. This is useful for distilleries and breweries creating new flavours. They can also see how different making methods affect their final product's smells.

The company also trains bartenders and service staff. Understanding complex aromas can improve customer service. It also adds to the story of drink presentation. This is a big part of the dining experience.

Aroma Academy focuses on each person's sensory journey. They know the sense of smell is personal and different for everyone. Their training helps people explore and trust their own senses. This not only educates but also empowers people. They develop a closer and better understanding of the drinks they enjoy or serve.


Arrochar Alps Spirits is inspired by the Scottish Highlands. They capture this region's majesty in their spirits. The company is near Arrochar village, on Loch Long's shores. The Arrochar Alps are known for their stunning beauty. This beauty inspires the distillers at Arrochar Alps Spirits.

They focus on quality and authenticity. This reflects the rugged and unspoiled Arrochar Alps. Their spirits show the spirit of the region in every bottle.

Their main product is Highland Whisky. It honours Scottish whisky-making traditions. They use copper pot still distillation. This whisky shows the essence of the Arrochar Alps. It has deep and complex flavours, like the rugged mountains.

The gin also reflects the local area. It has botanicals from the region's plants. This gin tastes of the wild, unspoiled Highlands. They use juniper, heather, and other local ingredients. This makes a gin that shows the unique Arrochar Alps.

Arrochar Alps Spirits celebrate the area's beauty. They try to minimise their impact on the environment. They operate sustainably. This shows their care for the land and their craft.

The Arrochar Alps are easy to reach. They are great for outdoor lovers. Arrochar Alps Spirits wants to make their products easy to enjoy. They suit those who appreciate the Scottish Highlands' beauty and heritage. You can drink their spirits neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. The spirits let you taste the essence of the Arrochar Alps in every drop.

Arrochar Alps Spirits shows the majesty of the Highlands. They make their spirits with care and respect for the region's beauty. These spirits capture the soul of the Arrochar Alps. They invite you on a journey through the Highlands' rugged landscapes and pristine wilderness.

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