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Apros Vermouth

Matthias Sasse, deeply connected to his Baden roots, had a dream. He loved life, business, and his homeland. He wanted to make a vermouth that tasted great and showed his local culture. He called it 'apros', Latin for wild boar. This name captured his vision. He was not alone. Achim Berger loved running restaurants and bars. Johannes von Gleichenstein was a talented winemaker from Kaiserstuhl. They teamed up.

The Black Forest Vermouth blends Kaiserstuhl wines, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir, refined in the Black Forest. They use local, organic botanicals. This keeps the full aroma in the clear wine distillates. It has three natural versions of Black Forest Vermouth.

Johannes von Gleichenstein uses his skills to pick the right grapes and high-quality wines from Kaiserstuhl. Achim Berger aims for an authentic style. Their goal is clear. apros Black Forest Vermouth must taste pure.

Frank Küchlin, a spirits expert from Batzenberg, carefully mixes the organic botanicals for each type. Hansjörg Weis and Alexander Hess from Elz Valley Distillery in the Black Forest are key to making this high-quality vermouth.

This team has a unique approach. They add not just herbal and spicy elements to apros, but also fresh Mediterranean notes. This suits the Baden culture. They try different macerates and base wines. Their guiding principle is "less is more". The result? Three types of apros Black Forest Vermouth - honest and strong, reflecting the Black Forest way.

At apros, the process seems simple but has fine details. They refine wines to make a good product even better. They made three apros Vermouths. White Vermouth has bergamot and chamomile. Rosé Vermouth has rosemary and pink pepper. Red Vermouth has cardamom and cinnamon. Each type shows creativity and individuality. They all have the herbal-spicy component and fresh, Mediterranean notes from the botanicals.

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