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Angels' Nectar Whisky

Angels' Nectar is an independent bottler with a unique celestial theme. Independent bottlers like this give whisky fans different choices. They pick and bottle casks from various distilleries. This often includes unique and limited-edition whiskies.

The name Angels' Nectar comes from the 'angels' share'. This is what the whisky industry calls the alcohol that evaporates from casks as they age. The idea is that angels take their share. So, Angels' Nectar suggests that their whisky is as good as what the angels taste.

Angels' Nectar picks the best casks of Scotch whisky. They show the whisky in its natural form. These whiskies are chosen for their quality and character. They are often bottled without added colouring or chill-filtration. This lets the true whisky flavour come through. It's like sipping straight from the cask.

The range of whiskies includes both single malts and blended malts. Their Single Cask Series highlights individuality. Each cask has a unique profile. These whiskies are often in limited supply. This gives collectors and experts a chance to try rare whiskies.

The Blended Malt Series from Angels' Nectar shows different Scotch whisky styles. They might have a Rich Peat edition for smoky whisky fans. Or a First Edition blend that mixes single malts into a rich flavour.

Angels' Nectar is transparent. They often share details about where the whiskies come from. This can include the regions, distilleries, and cask types. This openness is popular in a market where fans care about the origin and making of their drinks.

The bottles are simple and modern. They have clear labels and often an angel-themed image. This shows their modern take on the old tradition of whisky bottling.

Angels' Nectar also connects with whisky fans. They go to festivals and tastings. This lets drinkers discover and enjoy their whiskies directly. This shows their commitment to both their product and their community.

For whisky explorers seeking special drops, Angels' Nectar stands out. Their whiskies are full of authenticity and quality. They are a true nod to the whisky the angels are said to taste.

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