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Amero Liqueurs

Amero, from California, creates a unique aperitif. It's a new version of the Italian Amaro with an American twist. This spirit shows a trend in the industry. More companies are using local ingredients to make unique versions of classic spirits.

Concept and Creation of Amero

Amero aims to be the top American Amaro. Made in California, it uses all-natural, local ingredients. This supports sustainable practices and ensures ingredient quality.

Ingredients and Alcohol Content

Amero has 21% alcohol. It's lighter than many European Amari. It's made with natural fruits, herbs, and roots. These create a balanced and complex taste. They mix these with clear grape brandy for a smooth base.

Tasting Notes and Use

The aperitif stands out with its aroma and taste. It encourages creative mixing. Drink it over ice for a rich taste. Or mix it with water or soda and add an orange peel for a refined drink.

Amero works well in cocktails like the Negroni. It adds a special bitter note. It suits various spirits, from gin to vodka. This lets you make new cocktails that highlight its bitter taste.

The American Amaro Market

Amero's launch shows a trend. American distillers are trying new takes on European spirits. This reflects a love for craft spirits and a wish for new tastes. Amero, with its natural ingredients and versatile taste, fits well in this changing market.

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