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Ambary Spirits

Ambary Spirits started to bring something new to the drinks world. The founder was tired of the usual flavours in social drinks. They wanted to create something different. So, Ambary was born, with the spirit of change.

They use hemp to flavour their spirits. This gives a herbal and floral taste. It's different from what people usually think hemp tastes like. The result is a unique spirit with fresh undertones. Top mixologists, who always look for new drinks to make, like Ambary's products.

The brand invites people to try their hemp-flavoured drinks. They make these in the UK. It's a new and exciting flavour for many.

One of their products is "Ambary Hemp-Infused Vodka". Ambary Spirits wants to change how people see hemp. Hemp was used for sewing, rope-making, and clothing. It was banned in the UK in 1928. But now it's back, nearly 90 years later. They use it in their vodka for a grassy, earthy taste with a hint of pepper.

They also have "Hemp & Hibiscus Pink Gin". It's a special version of their Hemp-Infused Gin, now with hibiscus added. The hemp they use has no THC or CBD. It adds an earthy juniper and fresh grass taste. This mixes with citrus oils and the tart, floral hibiscus notes.

/distilleries/aluna/Aluna Rum mixes coconut and pure rum. It's a refreshing, low-sugar drink for those who want a light, tropical taste. This spirit combines the mild sweetness of toasted coconut with quality white rum. It's smooth with a clean finish.

They blend their rums by selecting fine spirits from Guatemala. They blend these with natural toasted coconut flavour. This gives a rich, aromatic taste. It's easy to enjoy and sophisticated. It also has less sugar than other coconut rums. This makes the sweetness lighter and more subtle.

Aluna Coconut Rum is great in cocktails. It adds a lively coconut taste that doesn't overpower other flavours. It suits modern drinkers who care about the environment and quality. Aluna is for those who value genuine, mindful drinking.

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