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Amarula is a cream liqueur from South Africa. It's famous for its smooth texture and unique taste. It's one of South Africa's most famous drinks and has fans worldwide.

Amarula's taste comes from the African marula tree fruit, known as Sclerocarya birrea. Locals gather this wild fruit traditionally. The marula season is busy, from mid-January to March. Communities collect the fruits, ensuring none are wasted. The marula fruit grows wild, making it a true African product.

The fruit ferments naturally, then it's distilled and aged in French oak for two years. This gives it a woody spice taste. After this, they blend it with fresh cream. This creates a smooth liqueur with hints of citrus and vanilla. It has the rich taste of marula fruit.

You can drink the liqueur in many ways. Enjoy it neat, on ice, or in cocktails and desserts. It adds luxury to coffee or hot chocolate. It's also used in baking, for a fruity flavour in cakes, tarts, and ice creams.

The company also supports elephant conservation. Elephants are vital to spreading the marula tree. The Amarula Trust works to protect these elephants, which are key to the marula tree's life.

The bottles are easy to spot. They often have an elephant emblem, showing their connection to African wildlife and conservation. The design reflects the drink's African roots.

Amarula has new flavours too, like Vanilla Spice and Raspberry & Chocolate. These show the brand's innovation and respect for its origins.

Amarula is more than a liqueur. It's a taste of Africa and a symbol of South African warmth. Whether you drink it in South Africa or elsewhere, Amarula offers a creamy, comforting taste that brings the African spirit to you.

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