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Airem Whisky

"Airem" combines "Air" and "Mountain", capturing the essence of nature that defines this unique distillery. Airem Spirits focuses on crafting excellent distillates while promoting a sustainable, pure lifestyle. This vision has guided them from the start.

In today's world, where clean and organic living is key, Airem Spirits stands out for its purity. Their goal goes beyond making high-quality distillates; they aim to create the purest spirits. For this, Airem uses a special method. They filter their distillates with water from the Sierra Nevada mountains' melting snow, known for its purity in Spain.

Their commitment to purity involves only using organic botanicals from the Mediterranean. Each step follows strict organic farming rules, making their spirits not just tasty but also eco-friendly.

Airem has an Organic Certification from the European Union CAAE, accepted by the USA's TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau). This shows they meet organic farming standards, helping the environment and preserving biodiversity. The certification rules out GMOs, ionising radiation, and artificial fertilisers. It also bans herbicides, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.

The brand also offers Kosher-certified spirits. This means the Gin and Vodka are free from meat or dairy, meeting Kosher law's strict dietary rules.

Additionally, Airem ensures its products suit those with gluten sensitivities. Their London Dry Gin and Vodka are tested by Biomedal laboratories and certified gluten-free. Although they start from wheat grain, the distillation process removes all gluten. This makes them safe for people with gluten restrictions.

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