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Agitator Whisky

Agitator, a Swedish distillery, shows the innovative side of modern whisky making. They use advanced technology and focus on sustainability in their process. They aim to improve traditional methods with new knowledge and a forward-thinking approach to making exceptional whisky.

The unique feature is its vacuum distillation process. This method is rare in malt whisky distilleries. It reduces pressure in the stills, lowering the boiling point. This gentler treatment preserves more natural flavours and uses less energy. It improves whisky quality and is energy efficient.

Agitator uses two types of stills. Tall, narrow stills and short, compact ones extract a wider range of flavours. This lets the company create different types of whisky.

Their commitment to sustainability is clear in every step. They use energy from renewable sources. The vacuum distillation is energy-efficient. They reuse excess heat and turn distillation by-products into animal feed and biogas. This minimises waste and environmental impact.

The production process at Agitator is detailed. They start with milling. The malt is soaked and then milled with warm brewing water. This wet milling gets to the malt's starch, which turns into sugars and alcohol. The crushed malt and brewing water go to the mash tun for sparging. Here, the grist is stirred and strained, separating the solids from the sugary wort.

Fermentation is key to developing the whisky's flavour. They choose the yeast carefully and use a long fermentation of around seven days. This adds depth to the whisky's taste.

Distillation is in two stages using four copper stills. The first stage brings the mash to 30% alcohol. The second refines the spirit to the right strength and flavour. The result is a clear spirit with over 70% alcohol.

Maturation is the final important stage. The whisky ages in barrels or casks. This gives the whisky its character and flavour. It also meets the regulatory requirements for whisky.

Agitator bottles the whisky on-site. This keeps control over the final product and reduces transport. By bottling at the distillery, Agitator ensures their whisky reflects their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

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