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793 Spirits

793 Spirits, a small-batch distillery in the UK, has a remarkable and inspiring origin story. Founded by Andy in 2016, it all began with a modest 2L still in his kitchen. Inspired by a desire to challenge stereotypes about gin being an "old woman's" drink, he started experimenting. Andy, originally from the North East, had returned home to manage his parents' pub on Holy Island.

Initially, he distilled gin for the pub's own use, but word quickly spread about this unique creation, leading to the birth of 'Holy Island Gin' (HIG). The demand grew, prompting Andy to invest in a 100L still and set up a distillation operation in the pub's cellar. Eventually, he decided to turn his passion into a full-fledged business.

A micro-distillery was built in the pub's beer garden, housing a 250L copper still named 'Aila-Rose,' and Molly, Andy's best friend and a mixologist, joined the team. 'Holy Island Gin' (HIG) continued to thrive, even with both Andy and Molly maintaining separate full-time jobs.

When the pandemic struck, Andy and Molly's tight-knit island community continued to support them through online sales and a 'stay-at-home bundle.' The heartwarming story gained national media attention, propelling the small two-person distillery into the spotlight. When lockdown restrictions eased, they made the life-changing decision to pursue HIG as a career.

In 2021, they rebranded as '793 Spirits,' reflecting their youthful, disruptive spirit. Their first release was 'Mjødka,' a triple-distilled vodka infused with local wildflower honey. Now, they introduce 'Creed & Tide' dry gin, featuring juniper-forward notes with citrus undertones and intriguing botanicals like liquorice, cacao nibs, sugar kelp, and chamomile.

The name 'Creed & Tide' pays homage to Holy Island's religious history and its deep-rooted maritime traditions. They emphasise the importance of writing one's creed and moving with the tide.

793 Spirits continues to operate as a two-person distillery in their beer garden, handling everything by hand, from labelling to filling. They maintain a commitment to sustainability, striving to be carbon-negative and plastic-free.

Excitingly, they have more gins in the pipeline, including a fruity gin 'Siren' and a Lime & Sea Salt Navy Strength 'Hold Fast.' They are also working on a rum and aged gin. Additionally, they are renovating an old building on the island to create a retail space, gin school, and a secret bar known as 'Spirit & Soul' – a place of 'Liquors, Curiosities, School & Sanctuary.'

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