Hine Antique XO Premier Cru 70cl

French Cognac • 70cl • 40%
Product details
Hine Antique XO Premier Cru
Country French Cognac
Distillery/Brand Hine
Style XO Cognac

Hine Antique XO

A new addition to the Hine range, the classic Antique is now "Premier Cru". Before it was a Fine Champagne (a blend of cognacs from both the Grande and Petite Champagne regions) now it is just produced using grapes from the Grande Champagne region - the top region for Cognac. The new edition is a blend of over 40 different cognacs, aged for over a decade.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Spicy and peppery, fruity, and very rich, cinnamon, nutmeg, and gentle floral aroma - almost lavender.

Palate A full and supple body with notes of perfume and spice, this is a particularly spicy cognac with zinging top notes.

Finish A beautiful finish with fruit and nutmeg.

Winner of 1 spirit awards

Grande Champagne Cognac - XO - 2013
International Wine & Spirit Competition

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Hine Antique XO Premier Cru
An utter joy to taste.
Wonderful just wonderful, this would go great with a nice Cuban cigar. Both will perfectly complement each other. That bouquet of flowers and fruits it’s just so nuanced and it’s such a layered dram. But still my favourite XO Cognac is Camus Borderies because that’s stuff is so fragrant and perfume like in its nose and on the taste it just explodes in joy and this has some elements of Camus but it’s still my top cognac nothing has bested it yet.
Stuart C , United Kingdom
2 years ago
N: Smells sweet and woody [nice oak levels], with the obligatory sweet vanillas. Also there’s oily spearmint chewing gum.
T: Some sweet aniseed and frangipane but otherwise its a very easy soft drinker in need of a backbone. Perversely, its better, more permeating with water.
F: Marzipan, hints of bourbon candy [medicinal <<sweet] with a touch of root beer and burned vanillas.
C: Enjoyable but totally lacking in body.

Scores a 79
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
Heathrow Airport
Very best I ever tasted. Made my trip back to the states easier.
Robert C S , United States
8 years ago
It just keeps on giving...
Just had an impromptu tasting with one of my reps - very delicate front pallete, richness and maltiness coming through as raw nuts for myself, bit of the licquorice notes after a couple of minutes after it initially settles down. Then came the honey, and the leather, it was like charring honey onto the pre charred barrels. Once the liquid itself is gone and you think youve had the experience - let the balloon sit for 5 mins, then stick your nose into it again, wait another 5, and go again, do that easily for half an hour after you have consumed your share, and then keep dipping your nose in to get the full array of everything this beauty has to offer. Highly recommend!
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago
Smooth and full-bodied
Best Cognac I have tasted.
(Second best is "Grönstedts National" from a year when it was good.)
Smooth and full-bodied.
Not much nose at all when cold, only a slight one when luke warm.
Very good cold, but wonderful if you add some of your warmth to it (heat the glass with your palm).
Master of Malt Customer
11 years ago