Armand de Brignac Blanc Ace of Spades Gold 75cl

French Champagne • 75cl • 12.5%
Product details
Armand de Brignac Blanc Ace of Spades Gold
Country French Champagne
Distillery/Brand Armand de Brignac
Style Non Vintage Champagne

Ace of Spades

Armand de Brignac's Ace of Spades is quite possibly the world's most prestigious non-vintage Champagne and a favourite of rapper Jay-Z (so you know it's good - he's used to the finer things). At one blind tasting, Armand de Brignac was voted the best Champagne in the world! The labels for the bottle are made of real pewter, which is polished and applied by hand...

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Aromatic and rich with notes of brioche, creamy vanilla, racy, peppy red fruit and fresh floral notes.

Palate Silky and very thick, with notes of toasted brioche with butter and apricot jam. Spiced and warming.

Finish Subtle hints of vanilla and peach linger.

Allergy information

Sulphur Dioxide / Sulphites Yes
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Reviews for Armand de Brignac Blanc Ace of Spades Gold
Good but not value for money
It's good. We got one as wedding gift and had it to celebrate house purchase.

But it's not good enough for the price - I've enjoyed much better Champagne around £100.
Tero P , United Kingdom
4 years ago
Absolutely stunning champagne. Way past the likes of the usual suspects. Toasty, rounded, rich. Outstanding and I was only too delighted to be sharing it with friends.
Elizabeth G , United Kingdom
4 years ago
Beautiful taste, love the bottle & went down great at my birthday party
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
Sometimes, marketing hurts the product.
The previous reviewers are a little harsh. Ace of Spades is a fine champagne that is overpriced and overrated. Dom Perignon is significantly better for almost 50% less and that is Ace’s biggest issue, along with the crackpot celebrity clientele. PJ is just as good for half the price. It reminds me of Cristal in the late 90s, which experienced a similar marketing boom followed by the inevitable decline. Cristal is also fine champagne, but Dom is better for less. I bought a bottle of Ace out of curiosity and generally consider it a waste because of the superior competitors, not because it doesn’t taste good.
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
Bought for it's hype - not for it's quality.
Not what I would consider an excellent champagne - decent, but not brilliant.
It's attraction is more to do with it's links to Jay-Z who, following his falling out with Rouzaud, now owns the distribution rights - but not the Cattier House.
In my opinion it's just over-hyped.
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
Fantastic on the Money 💰💲🏧💰🏧
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
Got this for me and my gf
It's horrible but it's shiny that's it
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago
Misplaced approbation
Like Elvis to pink Cadillacs, America's formerly poor are often attracted to bright shiny objects, as Jay-Z apparently is to this gauche presentation of a decent champagne. I'm glad for his success, but I wouldn't take his tastes in this any more seriously than I would Janis Joplin's predilection for Southern Comfort. It's still Southern Comfort, after all, and this is one butt-ugly bottle and box. What's inside has equals, even betters--and all with less garish marketing.
Master of Malt Customer
10 years ago