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About our programme

Master of Malt sees tremendous value in working with a broad-spectrum of affiliates.
We take huge pride in making sure all our affiliates get a slice of the pie when it comes to being part of Master of Malt’s success. 

We’ve forged partnerships with Affiliate Future which is one of UK’s leading affiliate networks to bring life to our affiliate programs.
We got carried away and decided to open up to APAC regions with the help of Commission Factory, an exceptional affiliate network down under in Australia!

Last but definitely not the least, we do have an internal affiliate platform that is currently supporting a vast amount of partners in the Wine and Spirits realm, this is something based upon application and review.


Work with us

Commission rates are variable, therefore please get in touch as things do change and are subject to availability to disclose upon request.
To give you a rough idea for now, our ball-park average is set at 5% and is calculated based upon the basket value.

Let’s not confuse anyone with technicalities but working with various platforms/affiliate networks, they handle the tracking and technical side of things.
All you need is an affiliate account, signed up to our program(s), get your unique tracking link from us and plaster away! (with messaging revolving around responsible drinking and also mentioning it is a paid advertisement, considering we are paying for it if you generate a sale!)

We also support our affiliates with bespoke mapped product feeds should this be needed to support your website(s), get it touch!
This will do you justice when trying to increase content on your website, we got tons of content for you at your request/finger tips!

Master of Malt is the UK’s leading and fast growing spirits retailer, our mission is to shorten the distance to amazing drink experiences. Our values also project to our affiliate strategy.

We are good and keen listeners and in order to perfect our affiliate strategy, we do take note and acknowledge feedback from our partners.

Back to the know-how! Each sale generated from your unique tracking link, we will reward you with a commission (that’s initially been agreed and/or stated).

The more volume of traffic you deliver to Master of Malt, will result in a better chance of converting more. That means more commission in the bank!

Sign up here to join Affiliate Future network and work with us in the UK
Sign up here to join Commission Factory Network and work with us across APAC (Asia Pacific)

Please do get in touch with us once you’ve signed up!

Have we missed anything?! Do you have any questions, feedback or suggestions?
Please get in touch with us:
[email protected]