Brown Drink Batch 6 (Batshit Mental Ideas) 50cl

English Brown Drink • 50cl • 48%
Product details
Brown Drink Batch 6 (Batshit Mental Ideas)
Distillery/Brand Batshit Mental Ideas

Brown Drink Batch 6

Brown Drink is possibly the most gosh darn crazy of all the Batshit Mental Ideas. You see, when a certain company out there

takes full bottles of tasty whisky and all sorts of other spirits and turns them into 3cl samples, there's always a tiny

bit left over. Too little to do anything useful with, thought everyone - except that is, for the bonkers folk at Batshit

Mental Ideas who lovingly saved them all for releases of this startling drink.

I've been really good, can I have
Brown Drink Batch 6
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Reviews for Brown Drink Batch 6 (Batshit Mental Ideas)
Like a lot of whisky drinkers, I look for aftertaste more than smoothness. The aftertaste with this little number goes on and on, I have found that twenty minutes plus I am still picking out the different ingredients, its, manic, stupid,awesome,incredible,fantastic and definitely a one off. Not the best I have ever tasted but without a doubt the most interesting.
Spencer B , United Kingdom
7 years ago
Received as a Christmas present from someone with a sense of humour - went with the Pirates Grog and Feckin' Spiced! Definite single malt base with hints of spice and fruit, peat and burnt pine, overtone of charred barrel combined with sutble citrus tones, all married with medicinal cough mixture and hints of dentist mouthwash, and contained in a liquid of gin-like oiliness. The reviewer who said what's the point was in essence correct, but at 48 prooff 'ho caresch?
Tat , United Kingdom
7 years ago
What's the point?
This spirit serves absolutely no purpose. At £15/20 maybe but at this price... awful. The flavours are murky masquerading as complex. Don't waste your money.
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
Ahh yes!
The Benedictine, definitely some Benedictine in there. I imagine this will taste a little different every day.
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
Yeah, strange! Challenging, interesting, playful
Very gin-like on the nose, medicinal, then in the mouth you get the drambuie kinda clementine hit along with heathery honey, juniper, spicy sweetness. Definite maltiness that is understated but mature, a gentle but firm father keeping watch over the children of the lesser spirits playing in the glass. Long, long slightly dry finish. Great fun, but also deep and mysterious. Make of it what you will, it's beyond all reasoning :)
Nigel , United Kingdom
8 years ago
This is strange indeed.
Was not quite sure what this would be like. And now that ive tried it, im not sure what to think of it. Initial Nose: sweet notes of Chartreuse and Dom Benedectine. After a few minutes it becomes more sweet, less alcoholic, reminds me of orange gummi-bears. For sure reminiscent of a bag of Haribo. The Taste: This has an alcohol kick followed by a taste of wood, moving into a herbal liquer, again leading to a spiced rum flavour. Its quite complex. Im sure this will last a while in my bar and I dont think I will buy more, but this 1 bottle, this im happy with. Regards CM
Christopher Horan M , Denmark
8 years ago
The more good Scotch I drink the more I look for the "after taste". The after taste from Batch 6 goes on for Hours and I am still not sure what it is. I only know it leaves all the "smoothies" far far behind. If this is madness I want More.
spencer b , United Kingdom
8 years ago