Scotch Whisky Collect & Scratch Map

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Scotch Whisky Collect & Scratch Map
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Scotch Whisky Scratch Map

This is an A3-sized map of Scotland, with Scotch whisky distilleries pointed out all across the land. But what if you wanted to keep track of all the distilleries whose whisky you have tasted, or the ones you have visited? Then you're in luck, as you can scratch off the distilleries of this map, so you can see at a glance where you're headed next, or which dram you should pick up next time you take a look your favourite online spirits retailer...

Reviews for Scotch Whisky Collect & Scratch Map
Scratch and smell whisky
Sound like an excellent idea, particularly at the moment. However, I would prefer to do a full tour of all the different distilleries in Scotland.
Adrian Hilton , United Kingdom
3 years ago