It’s Thursday, which means everyone’s favourite bearded present giver #WhiskySanta has another of his amazing Super Wishes!

Brrrrrrrrrr! It’s getting cold now. You think it’s freezing in Britain, well, it’s even colder in my secret HQ somewhere in the icy north. It’s so cold that I’ve taken to wearing a series of novelty items that I have accumulated over the years on my travels. I’m currently wearing reindeer-shaped earmuffs, an I Love New York scarf and some Flashdance-branded aerobics leg warmers – had those a while! None of them has anything to do with today’s Super Wish, the latest part of my £250,000 festive giveaway for you lovely, lucky folk!

The whisky in question is a very rare old single malt from the heart of Speyside, just down the road from Glenlivet on the B9136. Can you guess which one? It’s. . .

Tomintoul and the bottle in question is the 45 Year Old 1973!


Tomintoul, not to be confused with Tomatin or even Tormore, is a fairly modern distillery, built in 1964. It styles itself rather grandly as “Speyside Glenlivet”, a reference to the olden days when the region was named after its most famous distillery. This particular beauty was distilled when the Tomintoul was only nine years old. Initially, it was aged in a bourbon barrel before being moved over to an Oloroso sherry hogshead to continue maturing. After 45 years, it was bottled in September 2018. The hep cats at Tomintoul describe the flavours as: “intense waxy aromas merge with hints of orange citrus and Christmas pudding.” Sounds good doesn’t it? And seasonal. Only 240 of these £2,000 bottles were filled (and some of them have been drunk, because that’s what you are meant to do with whisky). £2,000? Now that’s a lot of leg warmers!

Now, you’ve probably got the idea how to do the Super Wish thing but unlike Jeremy Paxman on University Challenge, I’m not going to say in an impatient voice “let’s just get on with it,” because some people might not know how it works. So here goes: simply visit the product page, hit the ‘Wish’ button, which will produce a box with options for a pre-populated Twitter or Facebook post. Hit publish on your platform of choice and voila! You can also wish on Instagram, of course, pop a post on your feed and be sure to use the #WhiskySanta hashtag. This is very important. As the people at MoM are not omniscient beings like m’self, they work using hashtags. 

Get your wishes in by the end of the weekend!

Couldn’t be simpler. So good luck and maybe you’ll be the one I grant this Super Wish to. Now, it’s on with those legwarmers, turn up my trusty pink Sony Walkman and it’s time for an ’80s workout #WhiskySanta style. “She’s a maniac, maniac….” Helps work off all those mince pies… Bye for now, but I’ll be back on Monday!