Dasher would blush at how quickly #WhiskySanta has been busting his jolly chops to get you all the goodies you desire, but he’s still found time to give away another stunning Scotch for this week’s Super Wish. 

While I’ve been working around the clock to put a Santa’s ransom worth of gifts in the hands of those who pleasantly send in their many wonderful wishes, I’ve taken the odd moment to reflect on that truest of sayings, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone. Which is a lesson I never seem to learn when it comes to mince pies. 

It’s also true of whisky. How many times have we seen demand for certain bottles explode after a distillery has closed? But, while there aren’t many things whisky lovers dream of more than tasting the rare remaining spirits available, sadly a small supply equals a big price tag so few get the chance to do so. But not this time. Because this week you’ve got a chance to pick up a bottle of… 

Port Ellen 35 Year Old 1983 (Release No.11535) – The Stories of Wind & Wave (The Character of Islay Whisky Company), for absolutely free!

#WhiskySanta’s Port Ellen 35 Year Old 1983 - The Character of Islay Whisky Company Super Wish

This is what Islay whisky lovers see when they close their eyes

This impressive single malt, which has one of the longest product names I’ve ever seen, incidentally, was actually distilled the same year the legendary Port Ellen Distillery closed, back in 1983, and has been matured for 35 years before being bottled by that lovely lot at The Character of Islay Whisky Company. It’s for the Wind & Wave series, which is all about showing off the most delightful whiskies from tIslay and this bottling is indeed a delight.

I’m going to run you through how this Super Wish works again because I don’t want anyone missing out on a whisky this good due to a little misunderstanding (like that time the elves didn’t pick up that bottle of Karuizawa Noh I wanted because they thought I said “Karuizawa? No.” I’ll never forgive them). To make a wish, head to the product page and then click the ‘Wish’ button. It’s not hard to miss, it’s red as Rudolph’s nose. A box with options for a pre-populated Twitter or Facebook post will then appear and all you have to do is publish your wish. For those who love the ‘gram (I understand that’s what the kids call Instagram), you can just pop a post on your feed, but don’t forget to use the #WhiskySanta hashtag so the rascals at MoM can find your wish. 

#WhiskySanta’s Port Ellen 35 Year Old 1983 - The Character of Islay Whisky Company Super Wish

Just give it the ol’ click-and-wish.

Now get those wishes in and give yourself the chance to land the best Christmas present around. In the meantime, I’m going to grab myself another couple mince pies fresh from the oven and try to remember to appreciate them this time…  and they’re gone. One day I’ll learn.