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#WhiskySanta’s Method and Madness Single Pot Still 28 Year Old Super Wish!

Been particularly good this year? Feeling especially lucky? Excellent, as #WhiskySanta has revealed his next Super Wish. Hold on to your tasting glasses, folks. This week you could get your mitts on a bottle of Midleton Method and Madness Single Pot Still 28 Year Old, worth almost £1,670!

Happy almost-December, my jolly chums! That’s right, we’ve not yet reached the crucial month of Christmas festivities. But just think about all the merriment I’ve already spread! Not only have I been busy granting wishes every single day across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I’ve also been slogging it out behind the scenes at MoM Towers, giving away drams and bottles of the utmost deliciousness, gift vouchers and even picking up the tab for whole orders. AND THAT’S BEFORE WE GET ON TO THE MOMENTOUS SUPER WISHES! A Drinks by the Dram Old & Rare Advent Calendar and a bottle each of Probably Speyside’s Finest Distillery 50yo 1967 and the stunning Craigellachie 31 Year Old have already been sent out to thoroughly deserving folk, taken care of by my own personal reindeer. And my elves back at the North Pole think they are putting in a shift. I’ll show them. I’ve just pulled this week’s Super Wish from my Santa sack and it is… Midleton Method and Madness Single Pot Still 28 Year Old!

Method Madness #WhiskySanta

Get your wishes in on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or even G+) now!

Yep, this one is an absolute corker of an Irish whiskey. And it’s got quite the tale to it, too. It’s a world-first for single pot still whiskey. Aged in bourbon casks for six years before heading to a ruby Port pipe for the rest of its maturation, this one goes especially well with mince pies. How do I know? I’m omniscient, of course. I know everything. There were absolutely no crumbs at ALL to be seen in the Midleton warehouse in the vicinity of those Port pipes…

Reckon this would look especially good on your drinks shelf? Head to the Midleton Method and Madness Single Pot Still 28 Year Old on Master of Malt with haste! Hit what ‘Wish’ button to wish on Twitter or Facebook, or screenshot and post on Instagram (or G+ if you really fancy). Just make sure you use the all-important #WhiskySanta hashtag. I might see it, but my minions at MoM Towers won’t if the hashtag isn’t in there, and that’s what counts.

You have until the end of Thursday to wish for Midleton Method and Madness Single Pot Still 28 Year Old. So what are you waiting for? Get wishing!

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18 comments on “#WhiskySanta’s Method and Madness Single Pot Still 28 Year Old Super Wish!”

  1. Aaron Harrison says:

    This would be just for me at Christmas as I have everyone else’s presents in, and I would be happy to post a lovely picture on the web site on Christmas Day to say cheers as I open and work my way through.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Allan Higgs says:

    A worthy bottle for my collection if lucky enough to be the winner. Maybe share a tipple with family round the Christmas dinner table.

  3. Nick says:

    If I won this I would celebrate with it on Jan 21st my birthday and that would be 12 months since my paetner had her brain tumor removed. It would be a day worthy of somthing special

  4. Matthew crowe says:

    Wow, this would really finish off a perfect Christmas for me. I can just imagine sitting by my fire Christmas eve, sipping this and just sitting there with a big smile on my face. Happy Christmas everybody.

  5. Allen Jones says:

    I have tried for several years to win but I never seem to be lucky enough. I will certainly wish again this year for a wonderful single malt whisky from Santawhisky.

  6. Misread G Alley says:

    Looks like you need to have a public page that’s dedicated to whisky or gin tasting to win. Same as all competitions these days. Fixed

    1. Mike WG says:

      I won a free bottle two weeks ago from Whisky Santa; and I have no such page, it’s really not fixed. 🙂

  7. Brian J Surrey says:

    #whiskeysanta I’d love to win this

  8. Darragh says:

    This is the one bottle I have always wanted to try, I actually found a pub with one but they refused point blank to open her up for me (display only). I’m not the praying type but if you’re out there #WhiskySanta send samples 🙂

  9. Ed Knight says:

    #WhiskySanta that would go down a treat! Good luck to everyone 🙂

  10. Andrew chatwood says:

    That would be great for Christmas Day

    To celebrate the first Christmas of our first grandchild with all the family on Christmas Day
    What a way toast a great year

  11. Tobias Piwek says:

    I’ll be visiting Ireland for the first time in my life next week. It’s only a brief stint, but hey… it’s a start. How awesome would it be to come home and have this wonderful Super Wish from #WhiskySanta waiting for me at the post office? 🙂

  12. Roger Sherriff says:

    As a regular purchaser of your magnificent Gins what a superb addition to the collection this would be to share with friends

  13. Caroline Potter says:

    Well I would certainly like to find this in my stocking on Xmas day !

  14. Sheila Olliver says:

    #Whiskysanta I would love to win this to give to my super husband from you at Christmas time.

  15. Craig Wilson says:

    This would make a valued addition to my collection of whiskys , It would take center stage in my display.

  16. Garry Murphy says:

    Due to have an artificial shoulder replacement next week, so this would make an amazing “get well soon” present

  17. Rick U says:

    I’ve never won something like this before! Lol – but I really hope whoever does win thoroughly enjoys such an amazing product.

    GL everyone!

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