#WhiskySanta’s really pushed the boat out for his final Super Wish of 2018. Fancy a whisky distilled waaaayy back in 1956? What about one described as ‘age- and logic-defying’? This week’s mega super-duper Super Wish is… Glenfarclas 1956 (cask 1767) Family Cask Spring 2015 Release!

Ho, ho, ho, my marvellous, merry chums! I’m in exceptionally fine spirits this glorious Monday. Not only did my elves cook me a terrifically tasty early Christmas dinner yesterday (I need to get my strength up in the last week before the Big Day! I’m still working my way through my mega Santa sack of gifts worth £250,000! Keep wishing on social and buying those boozes. You never know what I might slip in with your order… I might even pick up the entire tab!), but I have a right treat in store for my final Super Wish of 2018.

As we all know, I am not only heavily-bearded but also omniscient. But you’re not, so let me remind you of some notable events from 1956. Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco. Elvis had his first hit with Heartbreak Hotel. IBM invented the first computer hard drive. And, most importantly, there was the first Eurovision Song Contest. A cracking year, I think you’ll agree. Another essential event was the distilling of this week’s Super Wish. That’s right, my whisky-loving pals. This week’s Super Wish really is special. It’s a bottle of Glenfarclas 1956 (cask 1767) Family Cask Spring 2015 Release, worth a whopping £4,995! (Yep, I had to work jolly hard to keep the momentum up after THAT Macallan M Super Wish last week…)

Glenfarclas #WhiskySanta

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How do you get your hands on such liquid awesomeness? Simply ask me for it, that’s how! Head on over to the product page, hit ‘Wish’ and a pre-populated tweet or Facebook post will automagically appear (it’s not just my reindeer that are magic, you know). Alternatively, post a screenshot on Instagram (I’ve even got my eye on G+, if you feel so inclined to wish over there). All that needs to happen is that you include my hashtag: #WhiskySanta. I’m omniscient, but my friends at MoM HQ aren’t, bless them, so you need to help them out a bit.

Wish before the end of Thursday and a bottle of Glenfarclas 1956 (cask 1767) Family Cask Spring 2015 Release could be winging its way to you courtesy of yours truly to make your Christmas that little bit merrier!

Happy wishing!

Update: Congratulations to @VictoriaNight78, whose wish for a bottle of Glenfarclas 1956 (cask 1767) Family Cask was granted!