It’s Super Wish o’clock again, and this time we’ve got a scrumptiously well-aged Speysider up for grabs – it’s only Craigellachie 39 Year Old 1980!

Can you believe this is nearly my final Super Wish? Time goes so fast when you’re an omniscient bearded being. #Relatable.

A great big whisky-shaped congratulations has to go to rugbypicboy on Instagram who won last week’s Super Wish, the spectacular Glenfiddich 40 Year Old – Rare Collection worth £3,274.95. Everyone else is likely green with Glenfiddich envy, but there’s no time to dilly-dally. Just look what’s up next!

Craigellachie 39 Year Old 1980 Super Wish

Say hello to this single cask Craigellachie 39 Year Old 1980 from the distillery’s Exceptional Cask Series. This lip-smacker is worth ​​£3,500 – no wonder, since it was distilled back in 1980. That’s the same year ABBA released The Winner Takes It All, which is rather fortuitous because whoever gets their hands on this juicy little number really will take it all. Time for another ABBA marathon, I think. 

The whisky spent nearly four decades slumbering in a single refill ex-bourbon hogshead, and was specially chosen in 2019 by Craigellachie malt master Stephanie Macleod. Maybe I’ll change my name to Christmas master next year… Anyway, just 138 bottles of this special stuff were produced, and I’m giving away one of them!

The tasting notes on the bottle hint that it tastes like ‘charred pineapple dipped in honey, delicate oak, toasted cereal and polished antique leather’. Well, now that almost sounds better than a mince pie, doesn’t it? 

To get your Super Wish on the list, just pop over to the Craigellachie 39 Year Old 1980 product page and press the big red button – the one that says “Wish” on it. A box will pop up ready to send you onwards to a pre-populated Twitter or Facebook post. All you need to do is hit ‘publish’, and your wish will be sent off into the stratosphere, through my wish-o-matic at the North Pole, and then on to MoM Towers. You have until 23:59 GMT Thursday 16 December. If you want to enter from Instagram, you can! Just pop a post on your feed with the #WhiskySanta hashtag.

There’s only one more Super Wish to go after this week, so make sure you get those requests in – though after that it’s the big day, so don’t be too sad. 

Sleigh you later!


Craigellachie 39 Year Old 1980 Super Wish