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#WhiskySanta’s Craigellachie 31 Year Old Super Wish!

Get those fingers of yours crossed, for #WhiskySanta has yet another spectacular Super Wish lined up. This week, he’s giving away a bottle of Craigellachie 31 Year Old worth £1,500!

If you’ve been keeping track of my stupendous Super Wishes, you’ll have seen me give away an Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar and an awesome 1967 secret distillery indie bottling from Douglas Laing. Both wonderful things, we can agree. How am I going to follow this? There are two roads to choose – I could keep upping the stakes and give away something even more amazing, or I could go full-on disappointment and give away four slightly tatty boxes of animal-shaped ice cream wafers. As much as I love those crunchy little devils, I reckon I should keep on impressing you all with my next Super Wish prize – it’s a bottle of Craigellachie 31 Year Old worth £1,500!

That’s correct, chums. Along with my continued efforts to give away over £250,000-worth of tip-top booze-based gifts to Master of Malt customers and fans, this week I’m giving you a chance to get your hands on a gloriously well-aged single malt from Craigellachie. For a long while, you couldn’t get your hands on a distillery bottling of Craigellachie’s whisky. Heck, if you stretch your mind back to the pre-1890 days, there wasn’t even a Craigellachie to make its whisky! Those were some dark days. (Wait, am I also immortal? I kind of just assumed that I’m immortal, considering all the historical things I’ve seen…) However, Craigellachie is back in the game, and I’ve got a 31 year old bottling to give away.

Craigellachie #WhiskySanta

Get your wishes in on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or even G+) now!

How could you get your hands on this bottle? Well, whack out your preferred internet-accessing gadget and head over to the Craigellachie 31 Year Old page on Master of Malt. Give that wonderful ‘Wish’ button a click to share your wish on Twitter or Facebook using the #WhiskySanta hashtag. If you prefer, you can do this on Instagram too by taking a screenshot of Master of Malt’s Story or one of their posts (you can also wish on G+ if you’re so inclined). You have until the end of Thursday to get your wishes in, so hop to it!

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18 comments on “#WhiskySanta’s Craigellachie 31 Year Old Super Wish!”

  1. Ashutosh says:

    Whiskey santa please grant me a cragiellachie 31 years old as I am a great lover of single malts please grant me this wish

  2. Stuart Millington says:

    Whiskey Santa, please grant me this absolute beauty? I’ll be a very good boy next year and I think this Craigellachie 31 year old drop will be the best way to keep me in line 😋.

  3. Eric Pollard says:

    I wish be this’d drop down my chimney (although the front door might be more convenient). Craigellache 31 is half as old as me! Slainte!

  4. Jane says:

    Amazing, fingers crossed! I wish every day, every xmas lol! @jaybopoo

  5. Suzanne Manke says:

    Dear Whisky Santa,
    Please grant me the wish of the Craigellache 31 yo…she’s a beaut!!

  6. John Allen says:

    Yes please!

  7. Iain Drage says:

    It’d make a change from a pair of socks.
    Please Whisky Santa, I’ve been good all year. Just in case …

  8. Tobias says:

    Wow, what a wonderful prize from #WhiskySanta… two months ago, my girlfriend and I spent a weekend in Craigellachie. While we couldn’t get to see the distillery from the inside, we still walked up to it and gave it a thumbs up from across the street. 🙂

  9. Kirsty Hatton says:

    To share with my fabulous Dad and brother at Christmas. They are both whisky drinkers and would really appreciate this gift.

  10. Leanne Walpole says:

    To share by a cosy fire with the whole family on Christmas Day (ok, maybe not the kids or the heathens!) please #whiskysanta grant my wish!

  11. Brian Anderson says:

    #WhiskySanta’s Craigellachie 31 Year Old Super Wish!
    My Christmas wish would be to enjoy a little Dram while sitting having quality family time relaxing and just enjoying being with my family enjoying a fantastic 🥃 whisky .

  12. Katie Hawkins says:

    Dear #WhiskySanta,

    Please grant my wish in time for my 31st birthday.

  13. Martin Kostal says:

    Whiskey Santa, please grant me this absolute beauty? I may have not been the goodest of the boys this year but I do love Craigellachie, however only bottlings my budget allows are the 13yo and occasional 17yo 🙁

  14. Nic Charlton says:

    Whiskey santa please grant me a cragiellachie 31 years old as I am a great lover of old single malts please grant me this wish

  15. Nicholas Gibb says:

    Dear Whisky Santa.
    Please grant me a wish that I might be able to share a bottle of Craigellachie 31yr old with some dear and true friends. I, unlike am sure this whisky is, am not perfect! I have my faults, but do try to be good! This would be an amazing way to share some of my love.

  16. kenneth.c says:

    Dear Whisky Santa,
    Give me that bottle of craigellachie 31years to open on xmas eve and share the lovely whisky with my family and friends.I wish it will come true so that my xmas will be well spent.Thanks alot!!

  17. Ryan yorke says:

    I would love a bottle of this fine whiskey as I have only had a 15yo whiskey that’s the oldist I have had would be so warm to crack open a bottle of this on Xmas day 😁🎄🥃

  18. Leigh Cruickshanks says:

    This would make my Christmas to win such an amazing bottle and be able to share it with my family. Sounds so good would love to win this!

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