Christmas is coming, and that means we have another #WhiskySanta Super Wish. This week we’re heading to France with a super fancy Cognac, Courvoisier Héritage de Louis Renard.

Good afternoon, drinks lovers! Or if you’re reading this at a different time of day, the appropriate greeting applies. Right, it’s time to announce the winner of last week’s Super Wish. Congratulations to Robert Pfeifer @RNCPfeifer winner of the amazing Talisker 41 year old 1978. Worth £2,900! Just think how many cocktail sausages you could buy with that!

Courvoisier Héritage de Louis Renard 

Mmmm, cocktail sausages. I do love a sausage. But there’s isn’t time to dwell on those delicious porky treats because I have another Super Wish to give away. It’s Courvoisier Héritage de Louis Renard! This is a tribute to the first Courvoisier cellar master of the 20th Century, Louis Renard. It’s made up of some extraordinarily well-matured eaux-de-vie blended by current master blender Patrice Pinet. One of only 50 produced, it comes in a Baccarat decanter. This would normally set you back nearly £3000, but I’m giving one away for free. Cos I’m #WhiskySanta.

If you’re not sure how to make your Super Wish, I shall explain. Simply head to the page and hit the snazzy button which is red like my outfit and has the word “Wish” on it. A box will pop up ready to send you onwards to a pre-populated Twitter or Facebook post and, as long as you remember to hit ‘publish’ then you’ve completed your wish! If you’re one of those Instagrammer folks, then you can pop a post on your feed with the #WhiskySanta hashtag.

Be sure to get those wishes in by 23:59 GMT Thursday 2 December. That leaves plenty of time to send it via Elvish Delivery (or another courier company) to be under your tree by Christmas! But first, one little sausage. See you next week!


Courvoisier super wish