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#WhiskySanta is back with over £250,000-worth of treats to give away!

Like a boomerang made out of tinsel and tangible joy, #WhiskySanta has made his grand return, and he’s ready to gift over £250,000-worth of lip-smacking spirits in Master of Malt orders and on social media!

The calendar thing on my mobile telephone/camera/mince pie tracker alerted me to the fact that it’s about time my holibobs came to an end and that I should get off my supernatural, omniscient, festive, heavily-bearded behind. It’s not my behind that’s bearded, obviously. It’s just attached to my body, which is attached to my face, which… Y’know what, never mind. #WhiskySanta is back at MoM Towers and ready to give away hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of whisky, gin and more to Master of Malt’s wonderful customers once again!

I’m very well-rested after my holiday (despite being awoken from a few naps by the MoM folks alerting me to awards coming my way from the likes of Drinks International, The Drinks Business and The Grocer!), and I’m ready to go big this year. Really big. I’ve got over £250,000-worth of booze-based presents to give away with Master of Malt customer orders and on social media! That’s over quarter of a million shiny pound coins, for those of you who prefer to hear about sums of money in fractions. To find out how you could get your hands on some of those goodies, read on…

1. Gifts with orders!

Those Master of Malt folks have also allowed me back onto the Master of Malt site once again, meaning I’m in the perfect place to give away tens of thousands of gifts up until Christmas Eve! Also, one of them heard my request and supplied me with a stereo so I can listen to I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard, all day, every day – which will be about 15,844 times. They’ve also made the room soundproof, for some reason…

WhiskySantaHo ho ho! If you’re lucky, you might just see this message from me!

What will I be giving away with orders, you ask? All sorts of wonderful goodies! There’ll be 30ml sample drams, full bottles, gift vouchers up to £50 and more. I’ll even be picking up the tab for entire orders – you do your Christmas shopping with Master of Malt, and yours truly could give you the whole lot for free!!! When you get to the Master of Malt Order Confirmation page, keep a look out for a fancy message from me. If you’re lucky, you’ll see one offering you something wonderful for free. Click the shiny ‘Yes please!’ button to accept my gift, and it shall be yours! You can click the equally-shiny ‘No thanks’ button if you are something of a Scrooge, and I’ll offer said gift to some other lucky fellow.

2. #WhiskySanta Wishes!

Take a look at the many thousands of tasty drinks on the Master of Malt website, find something amazing you’d love to receive as a Christmas present and wish for it! Simply follow the handy links on the page to wish on Twitter or Facebook to share your wish using #WhiskySanta. You can also wish on Instagram and G+ too. Handy.

WhiskySantaWant to wish for Lagavulin 16 Year Old? Give that button a whack!

In fact, I’ve even figured out how to use the Instagram Stories! I’ll be posting all sorts of fantastic bottles on the Master of Malt Instagram Stories which you can screenshot and post, wishing for them pleasingly swiftly. That way you can get back to doing very important things, like looking at cats pushing things over. The adorable little gits.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this wishing-action (just make sure your posts are set to ‘public’ and contain #WhiskySanta!) and granting wishes all the way up to and even including 24th December! I’ll list all the wishes I’ve grated so far at the bottom of this post, too…

3. Super Wishes!

Like regular wishes, but superer! … What, you need further explanation? Rightio. Through my supernatural, omniscient, festive, heavily-bearded manner, I manage to acquire some particularly amazing bottles. I’m a bit like a magnet to that sort of thing (and to mince pies… and Yule logs… and sherry). Each week, I’ll be letting you know what extra-special Super Wish you can wish for (on top of all your regular wishes). Last week I gave away an Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar worth almost £1,000! This week, get your Super Wishes in for a bottle of Probably Speyside’s Finest Distillery 50 Year Old 1967 (cask 12418) – Xtra Old Particular (Douglas Laing), worth £1,250!!!

Douglas Laing #WhiskySanta

Get your wishes in now!

Looks like I’m going to be busier than ever – and I can’t wait to get stuck in!


18+ only and some exclusions apply, including countries we can ship to. Further T&Cs apply.


Wishes already granted:

@DramblersAnon received a bottle of Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2011!
@francois_bbleu received a bottle of Highland Park 18 Year Old – Viking Pride!
Simon Ray received a bottle of The GlenDronach 18 Year Old Allardice!
@sarahsw9 received a bottle of York Gin Cocoa!
@JSco442 received a Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar!
@englerthn received a bottle of Dalmore 18 Year Old!
@DaedraFire received a bottle of Drum & Black Spiced Rum!
@peterunderw00d received a bottle of Octomore 09.1 5 Year Old!
@homesickgeordie received a bottle of Lagavulin 16 Year Old!
Rob Bosman received a bottle of Caroni 10 Year Old VSOC (Bristol Spirits)!
@NiebylskiSam received a bottle of Peat’s Beast Cask Strength Pedro Ximénez Cask Finish!
@Haggislady received a bottle of Aberlour A’Bunadh Batch 62!
@t.p.lambert received a bottle of Glenlivet 27 Year Old 1989 – Single Cask (Master of Malt)!
@jwbassman_ received a bottle of Caol Ila 23 Year Old 1993 (cask 631) – Rare Select (Montgomerie’s)!
@denti86 received a bottle of Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength – Batch B1/17!
@CaleyD received a bottle of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva!
@franmerrick received a bottle of Balvenie 21 Year Old PortWood Finish!
Clare Greaves received a bottle of The Lakes Elderflower Gin Liqueur!
@LetsTalkGin received a bottle of Fines Master London Dry Gin!
@wubwubldn received a bottle of GlenDronach 1994 (bottled 2018) (cask 18011) – Malts of Scotland!
@Steven_W_White received a bottle of The GlenDronach 18 Year Old Allardice!
@DamienBurnell received a bottle of Clynelish 24 Year Old 1993 (cask 11214) – Celebration of the Cask (Càrn Mòr)!
@whiskydonut received a bottle of Timorous Beastie 18 Year Old!
@gilljoob received a bottle of O Reizinho (That Boutique-y Rum Company)!
@matthay received a bottle of The Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak!
@Scott73625378 received a bottle of Mackmyra Moment – Fjällmark!
@FiShoop received a bottle of Douglas Laing’s Remarkable Regional Malts With A Twist!
@kim.brew.licious received a bottle of Glenfiddich Experimental Series – Fire & Cane!
@lisey1801 received a bottle of Audemus Pink Pepper Gin!

…plus there was the Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar Super Wish!

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119 comments on “#WhiskySanta is back with over £250,000-worth of treats to give away!”

  1. Jake Longthorne says:

    Like so many giveaways on Twitter this gets ruined by the serial compers from sites like MSE. Is there no way to weed out these freebie hunters?

    1. Sue Price says:

      November 2, 2018 at 11:19 pm
      In response to Jake,.,I don’t think giveaways get ruined by ‘serial compers’. I comp but I also buy from companies that I have won prizes from. Products that I might not otherwise have brought. I love whisky, I love gin, I’ve ordered from master of malt so why should I be weeded out?! I comp to raise money for charity, not just for freebies!
      On another note, great to see #WhiskySanta back again!

      1. Jane Green says:

        I am also what one person may describe as a serial comper, but I am also a consumer, just because I enter comps doesn’t mean I don’t buy things too. In fact I have ordered from Masters Of Malt just at the weekend and the reason I was aware of them was through their competitions.

      2. Pauline Hutchinson says:

        Well said and good on u I have two fisabled children one needs a liver transplant ones blind and people like u raising money are amazing well done ignore those who don’t like it they can easily delete there selfs xx

    2. Gill h says:

      Wish there was a way to weed out moaners like you but hey fill your boots..

    3. Tiny Tim says:

      oh dear..let the Bah Humbug commence.

  2. Frederick Maitland says:

    Very excited to see to visit whisky Santa again, gear up my order of fine Clynelish, order nothing, as in no sign of Santa at all, oh well?!!!

  3. Paul Duke says:

    Great news on this being back again..
    Didn’t win last year but fingers crossed. Would it help me this year if I said I actually live next door to the wizard himself Mr Roy Wood?? Really! I do!!

  4. Tyler says:

    So sad that you can’t win in the US anymore. I did already win a few years back and I am incredibly grateful, but I had a lot of friends trying to win as well. I hope we can order from you again one day!

  5. Julia Brown says:

    Oh dear my poor FB friends. Apparently asking Santa nicely each day can get quite wearing to read. Personally I would be fascinated by my side ranging requests. 😂😂
    I wonder if I can be lucky this year?

  6. Sue Price says:

    In response to Jake,.,I don’t think giveaways get ruined by ‘serial compers’. I comp but I also buy from companies that I have won prizes from. Products that I might not otherwise have brought. I love whisky, I love gin, I’ve ordered from master of malt so why should I be weeded out?! I comp to raise money for charity, not just for freebies!
    On another note, great to see #WhiskySanta back again!

  7. Jessica Frazer says:

    OMG it’s SANTA!!!!

    YES 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  8. Great to see this back, got some nice free samples last year which were much appreciated!

  9. Hayley Elvin says:

    great to see Whisky Santa is back, hopefully I can get lucky this year 🙂

  10. Tina says:

    Thank You – Great competition – Good luck everyone!

  11. William Shirt says:

    Great to see it back, no luck last year, but you have to be in it to stand the chance. Good luck to all entrants.

  12. Leslie Arber says:

    Please send to 24 Morehall Ave Folkestone Kent CT194EQ

  13. Simon Petters-Smith says:

    Whisky galore, what a great way to celebrate Christmas. Hopefully I will be lucky enough win something this year.

  14. Nikki T says:

    Why is Santa allowed to drink and drive?? Tsk, one rule for us, another for made up beings!! Humpff!! 😋🎄

  15. Susan Wardle says:

    Would love one of these for my partner

  16. Robyn Murray says:

    Brexit, Devolution. Thank God there is clear thinking at MoM!!

  17. Teresa Applewhaite says:

    would love to win, great prize

  18. This would be a grand advent Callander with the unique twist to it. Please can I have one.

  19. Sarah Coggon says:

    Would love to win this for my partner he deserves it after all the hard work he has put into our new house

  20. Dawn ward says:

    Ohh this would be cracking

  21. Carolyn says:

    I would love an advent Calendar but I don’t know if I have been good all year I promis I will try be good if one of your fabulous calendars is under my tree

  22. this would be amazing xx

  23. Ayden Hastain says:

    Wow what a fantastic giveaway hat’s off to you sir. I could think of many people that this would put a smile on their face, including myself haha. Who knows if I we we could even share. Happy Christmas 🤶

  24. I must admit i love a dram or 2 or ??????? lol

  25. I would love to a advent calendars it would be great to receive a gift of taste and class

  26. Sue says:

    Only trouble is if you don’t have Facebook, twitter or one of the other social media accounts you are discriminated from entering.
    So many competitions now have this entry criteria – its not fair!!!!!

    1. Henry Terlecki says:

      It’s pronounced marketing 🙂

  27. Rebecca Sandford says:

    I would love to be chosen to be able to try and have a whisky advent calendar
    A nice Christmas treat for me 🙂

  28. Rachel Jallow says:

    How perfect something to look forward to with the run up to Christmas

  29. Micheline Bourne says:

    Something for Chunuka how lovely

  30. Gemma Lane says:

    how lovely over the festive season ☺brilliant!

  31. adey lever says:

    big whisky fan would be great to see what other great whiskies ive been missing out on.

  32. Lyndsay Harper says:

    a great lead up to xmas.fantastic!

  33. Roger Hain says:

    Hope I am lucky enough to get one merry Christmas to all

  34. id love one for christmas

  35. Lesley says:

    I would love to be chosen it looks amazing

  36. lena smith says:


  37. Michael Griffin says:

    Don’t be so petty Jake Longthorne. Competitions are run by Companies to attract people to their websites, and for publicity of their products. If the companies are happy with entrants, that is their business. I would be very happy to win a calendar, but this competition has also introduced me to the website from which I will be purchasing in due course

  38. Laura Dinsdale says:

    I would love to win something ! I enter so many comps and never win! A whiskey would be lovely this Christmas for me and my rescue dog ‘Maximus’ it would make our festive cheer complete ☺

  39. Susan Wilcox says:

    Woohoo #Whisky santa. Finally a competition to enter for myself, being a Whisky malt lover. Fingers crossed.

  40. Diane Davies says:


  41. Donald Bartlett says:

    I hope I am selected for this present .To enhance the taste of different whiskys.

  42. John Rolls says:

    Be nice to share this with my fellow volunteers on hospital radio 12 of us coukls have 2 days each

  43. roberta gray says:

    it would be nice to win one

  44. Elaine Hardy says:

    It would be nice to win one for my friend who has had a really bad year health wise

  45. Julie weatherall says:

    Oh I would love this in mamorie of my dad he loved his whisky even had it on prescription in his last week of life.

  46. Graham Coe says:

    Just got give away 5/11/18 at 13:55 guess what offer closed

  47. Dorian lane says:

    What a great giveaway

  48. Anne McLaren says:

    Would love to win this lovely prize, nothing more wàrming than a dram on a winters evening

  49. Wendy Elbeck says:

    Would be fantastic to win some whisky to bring in the New year with my family and with us being Scottish it’s in our blood. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🥂🎉

  50. Ian Cresswell says:

    Would love this. Really enjoy a dram when i get in cold and wet from walking the dog.

  51. Boff says:

    Ho ho ho!

    To be hick! Hick! Hick!

    And like Rudolph a glowing nose! (joke)

  52. sharon hobman says:

    would be lovely to win some whisky ready for christmas

  53. Martin Hunter says:

    An opportunity to taste new sensations,making it a December full of Christmases !!!

  54. Emma Warburton says:

    There’s nothing like an open fire and a whiskey on the rocks!

  55. Alan Wilson says:

    Great competition

  56. George jones says:

    Great smashing great

  57. Chloe brill says:

    would love a bottle of whisky for my boyfriend

  58. Maria Stalker says:

    Would love to have a nice bottle to give to my daughter in law, who has given me my first grandson last year. Thank you Emms

  59. Phil breslin says:

    Mmm don’t mind if I do

  60. sam davenport says:

    good whisky is ideal to shsre a new experience with friends and ewlatives and I can not wait to do so.

  61. PAUL LEYDEN says:

    I love a nice tipple, especially some different brands that are not normally in shops!

  62. Geoff Brown says:

    I love a nice tipple, especially some different brands that are not normally in shops!

  63. Martin Anderson says:

    I love to try new brands without the risk of buying a full bottle. Sending a selection of tasters is a great way to promote and increase sales of your brand.

  64. Richard Salter says:

    Im somewhat partial to a dram on occasion And ofcourse I’d love to have my very own
    advent calendar full of your delicious blends. Or even given as an early Christmas gift !

  65. Karen Cooper says:

    Everyone loves a nice tipple especially at Christmas nice to have a variety

  66. Tracy Baker says:

    This looks really great to try I would really appreciate it if I was lucky enough to receive one of these as I could share it with my best friend who is my career it would be nice to be able to give something back as I’m indoors 24/7

  67. Debra Rice says:

    This would make a lovely gift for my son, who, for all his faults, is caring, polite, chatty and fun to have around. His grandad, who is part Scottish, has been educating him over which whisky to drink and which to leave alone. This could be part of that education!!!!!

  68. Sharon Cowley says:

    Would love to win this fabulous prize as it would be a great gift for my mother in law plz thanx.x

  69. Helen Grimes says:

    I would really love to win this as i need cheering up and a good drink would do that haha

  70. Lilla Ridley says:

    Would love to win this it would help me to sleep

  71. David Lehan says:

    I love spirits .it takes the pain out of my legs

  72. Mark Jackson says:

    Would love to win one of these. Sounds absolutely divine

  73. sandra moore says:

    I would love this for my husband please

  74. Paul Huxley says:

    What a great way to bring in the festive cheer.

  75. Louise King says:

    This would be a great way to say thank you to my husband who has had to help me with EVERYTHING, including trips to the loo, for the last 7 weeks I’ve been in a plaster cast (and no crutches), following an accident.

  76. Guenter Ruckhofer says:

    My best friend would love this – just hope I can make it up to him for helping me through some tough times. Nick, you’re a diamond.

  77. john Castle says:

    samples please

  78. ja lowe says:

    would love the opportunity to try the different varieties that masters of malt have to offer as I am no connoisseur but would love to be one. This would be the perfect way to learn and try what is on offer to ensure I was buying the perfect gifts for my family and friends.
    #whisky santa

  79. Maxine Hardy says:

    This would be a great treat for my husband to try. We go to Scotland and there distilleries and find wonderful whiskey. This could be another one to the collection,!! Hope to be trying and buying for Christmas x

  80. Charlotte townsend says:

    What a fabulous prize, the enjoyable tipple around the table with loved one’s and the memories we make with a tasteful drink in our hand’s.

  81. Dawn Davies says:

    Wow what a lovely prize to win in time for Xmas have a nice tipple while cooking Xmas dinner

  82. PAUL MARCH says:

    didn`t know that there is a whisky santa as well as whisky faires.

  83. Dmytro Kustov says:

    Не верю в Санту,но в сказки и чудеса верю. И уверен,что мечты сбываются если очень желать….

  84. John Downie says:

    The Whisky Santa is like the end of the rainbow but he can only been seen when there is just the right amount of whisky left in the bottom of the bottle a single malt gives you the best chance, and chances improve with the cask aged ones. I have tried so many times over the years but alas never seen him properly, but I think I have seen just a fleeting glance .

    The only months to see him are November and December but you can give it a go at any time.

  85. If I win it will be a first as I never win anything ever so it would be a really nice treat for my4

  86. iain maciver says:

    amazing no luck last time

  87. Samantha Fearn says:

    Wow amazing prizes, i would love to win something

  88. Lucy Ann says:

    Even though I’m not a drinker, I know ALOT of my friends who would love these as presents! 🙂

  89. David stockley says:

    L am verry big fan of whisky and I love to win for christmas and snd have nice warm up for the winter months with this so l am hopeing you pick me and I will show off with it if you pick me good luck verry one.

  90. WOW! This is a great giveaway and ive trying to be hood for santa this year but i will be honest i have sinned a couple of times but if i was to win this then my dad would just live me for it and i think santa would see how thoughtful i am and then id be in his good books but i would need the help of winning the competition so pretty please pick me!! Xxx

  91. Nigel Soper says:

    What a great and generous giveaway!

  92. vivienne thomas says:

    what a great giveaway

  93. Marcus Sewell says:

    I just love whisky and so do a few of my friends, what a great give away. I am sure this would be defiantly enjoyed over Xmas also having as a warm totty on those cold winter days..

  94. Debbie Henderson says:

    Both my husband and I love whiskey, he introduced me to the good stuff. This would make a brilliant pre Christmas treat for him as he works so hard and looks after me as my health is poor.

  95. HARRY GROVE says:


  96. Sharon Bell says:

    Fab! Would love to win a nice surprise 🙂

  97. Gina Tracey says:

    I would love a whisky calendar as my Nan n grandad love whisky and my Nan would always make me hot toddies when I was sick with whisky

  98. Danielle Lloyd says:

    If I was to win I would give to my husband he loves whiskey, fingers crossed.

  99. Damon Wren says:

    if i win i would give it to my dad ho ho ho

  100. Drew Tindal says:

    Dream advent calender come true. i’d share this with my old man and his old man at Christmas time. This would truly the best present for christmas yet and keep us all warm inside this winter

  101. Tobias Piwek says:

    Cheers, #WhiskySanta! So glad you’re back, ol’ pal! I’m sure you’ll make a lot of drammers very, very happy this festive season. Who knows, maybe I’ll be one of them. 🙂

  102. Christine Reid says:

    Would be lovely so yes please #whiskysanta

  103. mandy fenn says:

    This would be a welcome gift for my hard working husband – thank you #whiskysanta

  104. David Frikell says:

    I believe in #WhiskySanta 🙂 So good to see you´re back!

  105. ANDREW ROWLANDS says:


  106. Clare Walshe says:

    Hello #whiskysanta, I would love to be able to give a whisky gift to Grandpa x x

  107. kathryn Hinchliffe says:

    Oh i would love to win this fabulous prize for my husband. He is whisky mad. I’m always looking around for different whisky’s that he hasn’t tried. x x

  108. linda pace says:

    Ive bought loads of whiskys for my 94yr dad here, no idea what he would wish for but a nice Edradour I think or something along those lines. I personally dont like whisky *rocket fuel, but my pops does:) and your site has helped me so much when buying his presents…Thanks guys love this site xxxx Merry Crimbles xx

  109. @tinkabelldani1 says:

    Yey! Back again, I’m yet to win but keep coming back each year and I love to see what fab new drinks you have in stock. I love rum myself but I love looking for quirky gins for my brother to try. xoxox

  110. Gill Colling says:

    In answer to the complainant about ‘serial compers’ , I found this company through comping. I’m a 24/7 carer who spends her 2 afternoons ‘off’ volunteering, therefore I have no personal income. Comping allows me to occaciosnal have treats for myself and my family. Last year I managed to save enough to treat myself to a nice , relatively inexpensive bottle from Master of Malt, so I am also a customer, albeit with a very tiny budget. This year I cannot afford my annual treat. That’s fine, what I can’t afford I can’t have. But please do not try to ban me from a little fun joining in with #WhiskySanta. I’m not expecting to win, I don’t think I ‘deserve’ to win any more than anyone else. But it’s fun trying!!

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