It’s time to light the fire, pour a glass of the good stuff and put out some delicious carrots, because #WhiskySanta is back and he’s got more goodies than ever to give away!

Ho ho ho! Yes, it is I! Back for another season of boozy giveaways to keep out the cold and usher in the Christmas festivities. So please do get out that good bottle you’ve been saving and the finest hand-foraged carrots, but don’t light the fire or I won’t be able to get down the bloody chimney. Honestly, who writes these introductions? Don’t they know anything about #WhiskySanta? Hurrumph, hurrumph! Anyway, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let me explain to you why this Christmas is going to be my busiest ever: not only will I be giving away £250,000 worth of goodies to Master of Malt’s lovely customers and beloved followers, but there will be more jaw-dropping Super Wishes than ever before! Right, hand me a mince pie, stick some brandy butter on it, and I’ll explain how it’s all going to work.

1. Gifts with orders!

My good friends at Master of Malt have hooked me up with access to their checkout for yet another fun-packed yuletide, so I can give away tens of thousands of free gifts right up until Christmas Eve! Why would you do your Christmas shopping anywhere else?!

No idea why there’s a “no thanks button.”

It’ll work a bit like this. You’ll be minding your own business getting a bottle of Advocaat for Uncle Derek. He does love a Snowball, does Uncle Derek. And I do too. I drink them all year round. A Snowball isn’t just for Christmas. Anyway, you’ll be minding your business buying something and after you hit ‘Complete Order’ you might be lucky enough to get a little note from me on the Order Confirmation page (like the one above) offering you something extra for free!

You could receive treats such as tasty 30ml drams, 50ml miniatures, Master of Malt Gift Vouchers up to £50 and more – I’ll even occasionally pick up the tab for entire orders! They don’t call me #WhiskySanta for nothing! To accept the gift, click the ‘Yes please!’ button. If for some reason you don’t want to accept the gift (I can’t think why? Haven’t you heard the expression, ‘never look a gift reindeer in the mouth’?), you can click the ‘No thanks’ button, and your gift will go to someone else. 

2. #WhiskySanta Wishes!

Another way you can get my attention is to send a wish to me. In the old days, this would have been done by journeying to a magical icy wishing well somewhere in the North and tossing a coin in while making a wish. Now, of course, it’s all done on social media. If you spot a bottle that is your heart’s desire, simply follow the links on the page to share your wish for this treat on Twitter or Facebook using #WhiskySanta, and you may just find your wish comes true… (Please make sure your social profiles and any posts you make are ‘Public’, or even with my omniscience I won’t be able to see them!) That’s right, in fact I’ll be granting wishes on social media every single day from now until Christmas Eve! You can wish on your Instagram feed too, check out our Stories for some inspo. Not quite as picturesque as throwing a coin into a well, but much easier to do from one of those portable telephones that everyone seems so keen on these days. Me? I just shout really loudly when I want someone’s attention. I have a really loud voice: think Brian Blessed crossed with Pavarotti and you’re nearly there. Ho! Ho! HO! See what I mean?

Easier than tossing a coin in a well

3. Super Wishes!

But that’s not all! Just as Vanessa Williams once did, I’ve saved the best ’till last. While all wishes are important, some soar higher than others, up to the heavens. A bit like Superman. Or indeed my Super Sleigh. And so these wishes are called ‘Super Wishes’. Twice a week in the run up to Christmas, I’ll be giving you a heads up to wish for some specific fancy bottles that I’ll give away to one lucky wisher (on top of all the other wishes I’ll be granting). How fancy? Think big. Very-much-not-everyday BIG! Big and very swanky…

LATEST UPDATE: The final Super Wish was for a sensational bottle of Glenfarclas 1958 (cask 2065) Family Cask Autumn 2014 Release – worth £6,000!

So, that is what I’m going to be up to in the next six weeks. Lots to do but first I think another mince pie and, yes, I’ll have a cup of that mulled wine I can smell. I might as well get in the spirit of things before the hard work starts.


#WhiskySanta 2020 is open to entrants 18 years and over. #WhiskySanta will run from 12:00:01 GMT 23 Nov to 11:59:59 GMT 24 Dec 2020 inclusive.


I’ve already given away tens of thousands of free gifts with lucky Master of Malt orders!

And, of course, I’ve been granting wishes too…

@j0nny_s received a bottle of Lagavulin 2003 (bottled 2019) Pedro Ximénez Cask Finish – Distillers Edition!
Susannah Clayton received a Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar!
@PaulkettlesPaul received a bottle of Cù Bòcan Creation #1!
@she11_c received a Silent Pool Gin Gift Pack with 2x Glasses!
@gary_cooks_and_drinks received a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar!
@ChampagneDunk received a bottle of Plantation XO Barbados 20th Anniversary!
@ldscott92 received a bottle of Dr. Squid Gin!
Elanor Rice received a bottle of Fallen Angel Spiced Rum!
@lis_face received a bottle of GlenAllachie 12 Year Old 2008 (cask 1867) – Single Cask!
Gem Rice-Egen received a bottle of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva!
@Jonnyraccoon1 received a bottle of Old Pulteney 15 Year Old
@Welshboy_Mark received a bottle of Redbreast 12 Year Old!
Steven Crawley received a bottle of Keepr’s Cotswold Honey Spiced Rum!
@baddy2shoos received a bottle of Havana Club 15 Year Old!
@donznimes received a bottle of The Bitter Truth Pink Gin!
Coral Davies received a bottle of Four Pillars Changing Seasons Gin!
@gillan200 received a bottle of Glen Moray 21 Year Old Portwood Finish!
@robertenglish14 received a bottle of Midleton Dair Ghaelach – Knockrath Forest Tree 2!
Laura Mason received a bottle of Glen Grant 1990 (cask 17246) (bottled 2017) – Rare Select (Montgomerie’s)!
Craig Anderson received a bottle of Plantation XO Barbados 20th Anniversary!
@flipcamgaming received a bottle of Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old!
Steve Bailey received a bottle of Bunnahabhain 18 Year Old!
Chris Nelson received a bottle of Mackmyra Moment – Fjällmark!
@rufio.328 received a bottle of Cameronbridge 35 Year Old 1984 (cask 19298) (Signatory)!
@noseofthelane received a bottle of Hine Rare VSOP Cognac!
@Apple_Astronaut received a bottle of Teeling Blackpitts Peated Single Malt!
@jdhokey received a bottle of Kilchoman Fino Sherry Cask Matured – 2020 Release!
Ida Soderholtz received a bottle of Balvenie 14 Year Old – The Week of Peat!
Julie Dean received a bottle of DeliQuescent Gingle Bells!
Peter Llewellyn received a bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail!
@sweeteedarling received a bottle of Bathtub Gin – Old Tom!
@QuaffedTheRaven received a bottle of Rakki No.7 Gin!
Ashleigh Thompson received a bottle of The Original Marmalade-of-Manchester Gin!
@kavishgour received a bottle of Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy!
@dailydrambyalex received a bottle of Deanston 14 Year Old Spanish Oak Cask Finish!
Dan Gardner received a bottle of Octomore 11.3 5 Year Old Islay Barley!
@iced__depresso received a bottle of Kilchoman Fino Sherry Cask Matured – 2020 Release!
Frazer Barr sreceived a bottle of Nc’nean Organic Single Malt Whisky – Batch 2!
Paul Patrick received a bottle of Slingsby London Dry Gin!
@sutty87 received a bottle of The Macallan 18 Year Old Double Cask!
@Juke_Spencer received a bottle of The Hakushu Single Malt Whisky – Distiller’s Reserve!
@stescott73 received a bottle of Bushmills 21 Year Old!
@marky_pr received a bottle of Secret Distillery #4 20 Year Old (That Boutique-y Rum Company)!
Craig Black received a bottle of Ledaig 18 Year Old!
@master_dram received a bottle of Lagavulin 16 Year Old!
@Kevin Exley received a bottle of Willett’s Pot Still Reserve 1.75l!
@TimHowellX’s wish meant @CEVokins received a bottle of Arran Amarone Cask Finish!
Chris Kirkpatrick received a bottle of Glenfarclas 15 Year Old!
@BrettSargent11 received a bottle of Bruichladdich The Organic 2010!
Karen Maloney received a bottle of Glenfarclas 15 Year Old!
@RickyShields81 received a bottle of Havana Club 15 Year Old!
Lisa Hepke received a bottle of Mermaid Pink Gin!
@Pascal_Zgambo received a bottle of Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Year Old!
@juniperchick received a bottle of Roots Kanela!
@hc_oyster received a bottle of Hine Antique XO – 100th Anniversary Edition!
Simon Edmundson received a bottle of Benromach Cask Strength Vintage 2009 (bottled 2020) – Batch 4!
@JenitheDragon received a bottle of Burning Barn Spiced Rum!
@Laura_Storr received a bottle of Black Robin Gin!
Zena Welsh received a bottle of Knut Hansen Togetherness Edition Gin!
@FiShoop received a Drinkworks Home Bar!
@ashley9collins received a bottle of Brecon Chocolate Orange Gin!
Pete Jeffery received a bottle of Dalmore Cigar Malt!
@KHillier3 received a bottle of Truffle Gin!
@kirstycouch received a bottle of Procera Gin!
@PaulMorris7777 received a bottle of Banana Bomb Spiced Rum!
@in_my_glass received a bottle of Springbank 21 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)!
@lmc_grain_grape received a bottle of Ledaig 18 Year Old!
@filfyfilf received a bottle of Jura 21 Year Old Tide!
Robin Wyatt received a bottle of The Quiet Man 12 Year Old Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish!
@manulivesabroad received a bottle of Tomintoul Tlàth
@fuzzyyule received a bottle of Yuletide Gin (That Boutique-y Gin Company)!
@mouse_2787 received a bottle of Gin Mare!
@siobhan_devlin received a Retro Gin Fridge (That Boutique-y Gin Company)!
Tegan Riddell received a bottle of Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength – Batch 012!
@Audiosix received a bottle of 26 Year Old Whisky – Maple Syrup Cask Finish (Defilement)!
@jmcmurchie77 received a bottle of GlenAllachie 10 Year Old Cask Strength – Batch 4!
@g17erf received a bottle of Bruichladdich Scottish Barley – The Classic Laddie
@Cash_Flagg received a bottle of The GlenDronach 21 Year Old – Parliament!
Luke Wallace received a bottle of Frapin VIP XO Grande Champagne Cognac!
@dadsweedram received a bottle of Smögen 5 Year Old 2013 Sherry Project 2:2!
@JudeAstrid_ received a bottle of Voodoo Brew Black Magic Gin!
@Maximus2wheels received a bottle of Tamnavulin Double Cask!
@wood_and_whisky_ received a bottle of Dailuaine 16 Year Old – Flora and Fauna!
Ben Hayne received a bottle of Arran 18 Year Old!
@AwLiketheseason received a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select!
@MikeThorburn84 received a bottle of Balvenie Tun 1509 – Batch 7!
@debbie9946 received a bottle of Silverback Wild Strawberry Gin!
@CaptainRambo8 received a bottle of Highland Park Valfather!
@misterpie received a bottle of Togouchi 12 Year Old!
@wanderingstar522 received a bottle of Mortlach 14 Year Old 2005 (cask 13729) – Old Particular (Douglas Laing)!
@gixxerskipper received a bottle of Highland Park Fire Edition 15 Year Old!
@irnbrucop received a bottle of Bowmore 15 Year Old!
@lazy_girl_walks received a bottle of Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask!
@maxineflossy received a bottle of The Gin Kitchen Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin!
@greentea_books received a bottle of Rumbullion!
Hannah Daws received a bottle of The Macallan Estate!
@ingo74 received a bottle of Glen Elgin 24 Year Old 1995 (cask 3273) – Cask Strength Collection (Signatory)!
Nathan Sarahs received a bottle of Aberlour 12 Year Old Double Cask Matured!
@DramofWar received a Drinkworks Home Bar Party Pack Bundle!
@Blags87 received a bottle of Talisker 8 Year Old (Special Release 2020)!
@scotchtheexplorer received a bottle of Bunnahabhain Mòine 22 Year Old 1997 Pedro Ximenez Cask Finish!
Tom Hamilton received a bottle of Bushmills 16 Year Old!
@Oli2892 received a bottle of GlenAllachie 25 Year Old!
@Crocidolite11 received a bottle of Glenfiddich 30 Year Old!
@jade12clarke received a bottle of Balvenie 19 Year Old – The Edge of Burnhead Wood!
@DaraAFC49 received a bottle of Glengoyne 25 Year Old!
@RockNRolla60 received a bottle of Edradour 21 Year Old 1995 – Oloroso Cask Finish!
@bourne_to_dram received a bottle of Loch Lomond 30 Year Old!
@MrHadz received a bottle of Blended Rum #1 9 Year Old (That Boutique-y Rum Company)!
@WhettonDavid received a bottle of Jameson Whiskey Makers Series – Cooper’s Croze!
@allyalejandro received a bottle of Stanley’s Gin – Rose, Peach & Raspberry!