We’re splitting our allocation of the highly sought-after Buffalo Trace Antique Collection between a 3cl dram lottery, a bottle lottery and an auction (with anything over RRP donated to our nominated charity Malaria No More UK).
See the Timeline below for when all this is going down.
You may remember that last year our old ‘fastest-finger-first’ method really didn’t work for these limited and super-popular American whiskeys from Buffalo Trace distillery. In fact, it was the final push we needed to sit down and come up with a whole new way of handling these kinds of hotly anticipated releases. We invite you to read our previous post about why we decided (after much discussion/arguing) that the ‘least-worst’ option was to split our entire allocation between 3cl drams, bottle lotteries, and charity auctions.

For the Antique Collection, we have 15 bottles of William Larue Weller, 6x George T. Stagg Bourbon, 6x
Sazerac 18 Year Old, 3x Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye and 3x Eagle Rare 17 Year Old. We’re very grateful for the allocation, but with thousands of interested customers you can see how many will be disappointed whatever we do.

What we will be doing is splitting our allocations evenly into the three ‘piles’ (they come in cases of three so it works out quite neatly):

A) Stock that we send over to Drinks by the Dram to turn into 3cl samples (drams) so that as many people as possible can taste it

B) Stock that will be sold via lottery – on the back of which we’ll be adding the message “I, [your lucky winning name], hereby swear not to sell this bottle – but to drink it with my chums. May my taste-buds and olfactory bulb shrivel and die if I should break my word.”

C) Stock that will be sold via auction with everything over RRP (net of any applicable VAT) donated to charity

For much more on the ‘Why?’ or if this makes you angry at all then head over to our previous post about these lotteries and auctions, and if you’re still angry then we really do invite you to carefully read all of this previous post. Then again, if you’re still angry, and haven’t reached your trolling quota for the day, please feel free to read this previous post.

For the Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2016 and Wolfburn Inaugural Release, a total of 12 bottles allowed 138 people to taste extraordinarily sought-after whiskies and raised over £5,600 for Malaria No More UK. That’s enough to buy, deliver and hang over 1,000 mosquito nets to help thousands of children sleep safely.

Malaria No More UK* will be our charity of choice once again.

It’s also worth stating that with the exception of a single 3cl dram of each release for our own tasting notes (and the fact that we saw #WhiskySanta loitering about the other day and fear he swiped one or two 3cl drams for his benevolent schemes) we’re making every drop of this available as stated above. Our stockholding policy – published back in 2013 – remains unchanged. We’ll never hoard bottles, we’ll always make them available.


Lottery and Auction Timeline

All times in GMT, with all the action taking place on the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection product pages:

Dram Lottery: 16:00 Wed 14th December – 15:00 Thu 15th
– We received a combined total of 3,490 entries, split fairly evenly between the whiskeys, for only 260 drams (122 of which being just the William Larue Weller)!

Bottle Lottery: 16:00 Thu 15th – 15:00 Fri 16th
– We received a combined total of 7,464 entries, again split quite evenly between the whiskeys, but for only 11 bottles (5 of which being just the William Larue Weller)!

Bottle Auction: 16:00 Fri 16th – 20:00 Thu 22nd (with auction registration opening 15:30 on 16th and then open throughout)
– Well over £4k was raised for Malaria No More UK!

Wolfburn Inaugural Special Edition

Head over to the product pages to take part in the lotteries and auctions now

The Chaps at Master of Malt

* As we have before, we’ll point you in the direction our post about 1897 Quinine Gin for more on our choice of charity for this auction, as well as their fantastic achievements with regards to leveraging government policy.