Set the excitement controls to very extremely exciting because the 2018 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is here! As we have done in the past, we will be splitting each allocation between a 30ml dram lottery, a bottle lottery, and a charity auction.

To find out when and where the action will take place, see the timeline below.

The release of the annual Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is one of the most eagerly-awaited events in the whiskey lover’s calendar. We were lucky enough to receive a small allocation (see below) and demand is likely to be bananas. Therefore, as in the past few years, we will be using our patented ‘least-worst’ three-pronged approach.

For more information on our approach see this post from 2016, which explains everything in great detail. Here are the prongs:

Prong 1) A third of the allocation will be turned into 30ml Drinks by the Dram samples (drams) so that as many people as possible can taste these whiskeys. These drams will be allocated for sale by lottery.

Prong 2) Another third will be sold as full bottles, again allocated by lottery, with the following statement on the back of each: “I, [your lucky winning name], hereby swear not to sell this bottle – but to drink it with my chums. May my taste-buds and olfactory bulb shrivel and die if I should break my word.

Prong 3) The final third will be sold via auction with everything over RRP (net of any applicable VAT) going to Malaria No More UK. Last year these Buffalo Trace auctions alone raised over £3,000 towards eradicating a disease that is especially deadly to children under five. Your love of whiskey can help save lives. You can find out more about our chosen charity here.

Right, all clear? Let’s have a look at the whiskeys:

Buffalo Trace Antique CollectionThe Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2018

The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2018!

The following rarities have just arrived at MoM Towers: 6 bottles of William Larue Weller (2018 Release), 6 bottles of George T. Stagg (2018 Release), 3 bottles of Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye Whiskey (2018 Release) and 3 bottles of Sazerac 18 Year Old (2018 Release).

As you can see, very limited quantities. Some of you are going to be disappointed. (Last year we had 3,192 entries for only 140 drams, and 3,644 entries for only 6 full bottles of whiskey!) We should also reiterate, that everything we receive, we will sell. See our stockholding policy, still as true as ever.

So for example, of our 6 bottles of William Larue Weller, 2 will be turned into and sold as 30ml drams (allocated by lottery), 2 will be go into the lottery to be sold at RRP (with the message on back label), and 2 (message-free) will be available in a charity auction.

Buffalo Trace Antique CollectionThe Antique Collection was produced at the great Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Lottery and Auction Timeline:

All the excitement will take place on the individual product pages (head over to the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection page for a list of all the available whiskeys), and all timings are GMT. Synchronise watches, and best of luck to everyone taking part!

Dram Lottery
Wed 23 Jan 16:00 – Thu 24 Jan 14:00

– All winners and losers have now been contacted. We received a combined total of 3,970 entries, fairly evenly split between the whiskeys, for only 146 drams!

Bottle Lottery
Thu 24 Jan 16:00 – Fri 25 Jan 14:00

– All winners and losers have now been contacted. We received a combined total of 6,644 entries, again fairly evenly split between the whiskeys, but for only 6 bottles!

Bottle Charity Auctions
Fri 25 Jan 16:00 – Mon 28 Jan 14:00