Master of Malt Cask-Aged Whisky Bitters 1st Edition 5cl

Scotch Bitters • 5cl • 46.2%
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Master of Malt Cask-Aged Whisky Bitters 1st Edition 5cl
Country Scotch Bitters
Region Scotch Bitters
Distillery/Brand Master of Malt

Master of Malt Bitters 5c

These are our very own bitters. These are made with fine herbs, spices and fruits including fresh vanilla pods, cinnamon, cloves and two kinds of orange peel.

The ingredients are individually macerated with 8 year old bourbon whiskey, overproof rum and vodka, before blending and cask ageing in a cask that previously held 38 year old Glen Grant!

To our knowledge these are the highest proof, most costly to make and most expensive bitters that money can buy, and they don't half taste good in a Manhattan!

This is the 5cl bottle...

Tasting Note by

Nose Oh my, what a heady elixir. Huge vanilla notes take the lead, followed by cardamon, cloves, cinnamon bark, zesty orange and warming spices.

Palate A small drop on the tongue reveals, pepper, more cloves and cardamon, rich tobacco notes, dried fruits and a hint of aromatic, like star anise or licorice root.

Finish The cloves linger and i'm left with a tingling sensation, akin to eating a really good, aged christmas pudding and smoking a Don Ramos Epicure no. 19 (a big ring gauged Honduran cigar, perfect for festive post-prandial relaxing)

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Master of Malt Cask-Aged Whisky Bitters 1st Edition 5cl
If you're after the ultimate Manhattan this is a must buy Bitter!
Just got my bottle of this and added 3-4 dashes in my manhattan as suggested by Wow! gotta be pretty much the best manhattan cocktail I've made. I new this cask aged bitter would be good from the moment I took the lid of. It'd be worth the price just to smell it! Should have got the bigger bottle! Highly recommended.
Master of Malt Customer
11 years ago