Fee Brothers Orange Bitters 15cl

American Bitters • 15cl • 9%
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Fee Brothers Orange Bitters
Price Drop
Country American Bitters
Distillery/Brand Fee Brothers

Fee Bros Orange

Now where would an Old-Fashioned, or a Manhattan be without some decent Orange bitters. These are made by Fee Brothers using West Indian oranges.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Fee Brothers Orange Bitters
Great in a Negroni
This is an essential in my cocktail collection. Add 3 or 4 healthy dashes to a Negroni and see what I mean.
King of V , United Kingdom
7 years ago
great bitters.. yeahhhh...
These are good. I like them. You might like them too. I could almost drink them straight they are so good. Have a nice day. (they're f-ing bitters, not really much to say now is there?) But seriously for orange bitters these are quite good, not overbearingly bitter as I find some other bitters to be, either. Just a nice, pure orange flavor with just enough bitterness. I'm not really much of a cocktail drinker but I occasionally like to drink just some plain sweet vermouth with a few drops of this stuff when I'm craving something sweet to drink; it really adds something to the vermouth.
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago