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Lager / Pilsner Beer

Order “A beer, please, barkeeper” at the pub and you very well could end up with a lager. Some of the world’s best known beer brands are lagers, and they come in all shapes and sizes from a variety of countries.

The word lager comes from the German word 'lagern', which means 'to store' - this comes from the practice of brewers storing their beers in cold caves back in the day. Lagers are indeed still cool-fermented using a special kind of yeast that sinks to the bottom after fermentation hence the term 'bottom-fermented' to describe classic lagers, and cold-stored.

Though the term lager can be used for a wide variety of beers, most of the time a lager will be a crisp, refreshing golden colour drink. However, you can find lagers out there with very light or darker bronze hues to them. To serve, you’ll want your lager nice and cold.

Pilsner (sometimes known as Pils) is a well known type of pale lager, produced a lot in the Czech Republic and Germany. These are typically more hop-forward than your standard lager. Saaz hops - one of the most important hop varieties in the world - are the ones you want to take note of when it comes to Pilsner, as they bring a delicate spiciness and herbaceous elements to the brew. Other styles of lager you'll find on this page include Helles (a pale lager from Munich), Dortmunder and Vienna.

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