Ghidini Corkscrew - Butler’s Thief

Italian Barware
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Ghidini Corkscrew - Butler’s Thief
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Country Italian Barware
Distillery/Brand Ghidini
Style Corkscrews and Bottle Openers Barware

Ghidini Corkscrew

A 'corkscrew' with no actual screw! This fancy contraption is very handy for removing stubborn or delicate corks and is certainly necessary for the completist.

Reviews for Ghidini Corkscrew - Butler’s Thief
An essential tool for any wine lover.
I’ve had one for decades and use it frequently for older corks in wine bottles. I never, ever use a corkscrew with a solid core - they just destroy corks - but proper spiral corkscrews don’t always work. This device never fails, even with 40-year-old corks (and the cork remains intact). Brilliant!
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
Great tool, easy to use
Had and used this type of cork screw for years, (45) at least but after a lot of use it got out of shape and became difficult to use. Glad I came across yours
Keith , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Instructions: Wiggle and Twist
Place prongs either side of the cork, WIGGLE handle so that first one prong then the other advances down between the cork and the bottle.
When it is down the full depth of the cork TWIST the handle. As it rotates, pull upwards, the cork will come with it (undamaged).
The whole process can be reversed to replace the cork in the bottle.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Need instructions
I have one and never been able to remove any cork with it. Time for a demonstration video perhaps.
Billy , United Kingdom
3 years ago