Drinkworks Home Bar Cocktail Machine - *CLEARANCE SALE* (75% off!)

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Drinkworks Home Bar Cocktail Machine - *CLEARANCE SALE* (75% off!)
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Country Chinese Barware
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Drinkworks Home Bar

UK Only.

You know those snazzy coffee machines that make fancy coffees at home at the push of a button? Right, so, imagine that, but cocktails. The Drinkworks Home Bar is an astonishingly clever machine that prepares balanced, chilled and consistently delicious cocktails! It uses liquid-filled Pods that contain premium spirits and all the other ingredients needed to create your lip-smacking cocktails. Simply pop a Pod into the Drinkmaker, push the button, and it will serve up a precisely chilled and perfectly carbonated (where necessary) drink in under a minute! Elevate your evening drinks easily without having to learn complicated recipes or clattering through your cupboards to find that shaker you know you have somewhere.

Pick a Pod. Press a button. Enjoy!

As well as the machine, the starter pack containing two CO2 canisters and a handy stand for shorter glasses to sit on as your cocktail is made. (Please note that an optional water filter is not included in the UK starter pack, but the internal UV light helps purify and keep water fresh.)

Drinkmaker machine dimensions: approx. 34 x 33 x 34cm (13.5 x 13 x 13.5 inches).

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE: You may have heard that Drinkworks - the company which produced these Drinkworks machines - is no longer in business. This means no one is continuing to produce new Drinkworks machines, pods or any other accessories. It also means that no one is able to offer refunds, replacements or repairs for machines purchased from this point onwards. Even though that is the case, we have a bunch of machines left in our warehouse which we think people may still want to buy if they are at a super discounted price.

If you are interested in buying a machine, the important thing for you to know before you make the purchase is that WE ARE SELLING THESE MACHINES ON AN "AS-IS'' BASIS, MAKING NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES ABOUT THEIR DESCRIPTION, SUITABILITY, QUALITY, OR OTHERWISE. AS A RESULT, WE WON'T BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR LOSS RELATING TO THE MACHINES OR THEIR USE. (In other words, any warranties or promises you see in our Consumer Ts&Cs about any of these points won't apply to your purchase of the machine.) It also means that WE WON'T BE ABLE TO OFFER ANY REFUNDS, REPLACEMENTS OF REPAIRS IF YOUR MACHINE BREAKS DOWN at any point - we're sorry about that, but this was all done by Drinkworks previously and we don't have the capability to do it ourselves. Please also note that these machines are not intended for commercial use.

If you do buy a machine, make sure to also stock up on pods, as those aren't being produced anymore either and you won't be able to buy them from us or anywhere else once stocks run out.

Reviews for Drinkworks Home Bar Cocktail Machine - *CLEARANCE SALE* (75% off!)
Great idea
It’s great I’d love one! Love cocktails
Master of Malt Customer
11 months ago
Very Nice
Tried a few pods straight into glass with no garnish or ice to get flavour. A little artificial on some but still very close to handmade cocktails. When ice and garnish is added its almost spot on. Mine didn't come with water filter trap but only used bottled water in system. I would say invest in a ice machine as once you start using it you don't stop. Pods tried are Mai Tai, Long Island Ice Tea, Old Fashioned & Sangria punch
Trevor M , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Brilliant machine
Bought as a gift and they absolutely loved it. Would like to see more of the pods that are available in USA ie paradise mix ones and some daiquiris included America has larger selection Otherwise great machine
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago
good idea, turned well executed product, turned - MINE :)
I've had my eyes on the Drinkworks Home Bar for just over a year, being in touch with the US team on how and when to get my hands on it in the UK / Europe.
So finally here it is now in my kitchen, I set it up in no time once it arrived (with our little girls helping and getting a soda water in return), and my husband and I had our first cocktails once they were asleep.

Good design, super-easy handling and cleaning, and best of all: good cocktails at home without even thinking about anything. Just get (or have ready :)) a set of nice glasses and have the odd lemon around for a nice touch up.
Sarah , United Kingdom
3 years ago
This is an amazing piece of kit! So many of your fav cocktails at the push of a button! What could be better? Easy to set up, easy to use and the cocktails are amazing! Seriously, it's like having a personal mixologist in your own home. The cocktails are of such a high standard! So, if you like you cocktails but don't want the hassle or expense of buying all the ingredients then this machine is the one for you!
Can highly recommend the support team too! The are there to help with any questions of queries you might have and there is also a Drinkworks owners members page on Facebook for added support and it's a great place to share experiences.....
Can't wait for more cocktails to become available, although the current selection is nothing to sad about!
April & Neil B
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
I brought this for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. Just need to order some new flavour pods now
Kerry B , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Awesome kit
Where do I start, this is awesome and a must have item in your kitchen, great quality machine, easy to set up and use, simple to make drinks, fast and tasty drinks , plenty of drink choices to choose from, had a few people round (2 meters obviously) and all are amazed how it works and how fast the drink comes out,
Before lockdown me and the wife used to go out for cocktails so we missed it so much when lockdown and new rules were in place, then came this game changer,
Highly recommend and will certainly get friends and family to buy one.
Many thanks
Paul & Kat
Pauls Motors 1 Tamworth Road , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Excellent gadget!
As soon as we discovered this fantastic machine on Master of Malt, we had no hesitation in purchasing! This machine is genius! Once set up, just pop in a pod
and watch as your cocktail dispenses!
What better way to enjoy your cocktails than at the push of a button!
202o has been a year where we have had to stay at home, shield, self isolate and stay safe. Staying in has become the new going out for some people! This Home Bar is the perfect gadget to enable you to enjoy many of your old favourites in the comfort of your own home, without the hassle of buying all the ingredients. Each pod consists of the exact requirements for you to sit back and enjoy with your nearest and dearest!
Highly recommended if cocktails are your thing!
April , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Loving the machine
Had the drinkworks machine a couple of weeks now and am loving it , can’t wait for more of a variety of cocktails to arrive in the uk as there is so many to choose from master of malt have been very easy to deal with and would highly recommend them
Dean , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Great machine for a fabulous drink.
A great machine. Looks good on a drinks trolley. Remove the clutter of various bottles and replace with a machine. Add to it various tubes of cocktails. Ready made no fuss. Gives you a choice.
Drink quality is excellent hence cost of pods but it's quality and a good measure. Hopefully, deals on pod packages will be out soon making it a bit cheaper.
Highly recommended.
Philip B , United Kingdom
3 years ago