American White Oak Toasted Barrel - 1 Litre

American Barrel
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American White Oak Toasted Barrel - 1 Litre
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Country American Barrel
Distillery/Brand American White Oak Barrel
Maturation Oak

Oak Barrel - 1 Litre

Looking to try your hand at barrel-ageing? Then this is exactly what you need - a barrel! This is a 1 litre barrel made from brand-spanking-new fresh American white oak, which has been given a medium toast level.

So, when you get your hands on your very own barrel, don't just go whacking your favourite spirit in there right away, because you may notice that the metal hoops around the barrel might feel a bit loose. What you'll need to do is cure the barrel. To do this, you'll want to fill the barrel with hot water to thoroughly soak the wood. Don't have the bung inserted in the barrel; for this. Leave the water in there for at least 24 hours, but note that it can take up to a week for the wood to fully swell, sealing up any gaps between the staves and keeping the whole thing together. Thirsty little rascals. You'll also need to do this again if the barrel hasn't been used in a while.

Given the fact that no other spirit has ever been stored in the barrel, the effect of the oak on the spirit you fill into it will be very forceful. If you’re after creating your own whisky from new-make spirit, or indeed transforming a vodka into something oak-rich and powerful, this is good news. If you’re after adding a subtle barrel-aged note to a light and delicate cocktail or gin, then it’s probably not a good thing – you’d be well advised to store some vodka or ‘something else’ in it for a couple of weeks first.

Finally – The rate of evaporation from these puppies is quite large. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the surface area to volume ratio of the barrel is very high, and secondly, you’re probably not going to keep it at as low a temperature as you’d find in a warehouse in Scotland. You can expect to lose a fair old percentage per month if you’re keeping them at room temperature, so keep an eye on them and regularly turn the barrel to keep all parts of it wet.

Height including stand - 175mm

Length - 140mm

Diameter – 120mm

Circumference - 377mm

Reviews for American White Oak Toasted Barrel - 1 Litre
Great little barrel
Great barrel, first 24h hot water, then dry port for 4 weeks, then islay mist for 4 weeks, then a blend of uggi and corry for 3 weeks finished off with Mackmyra white dog for 4 weeks. Great little barrel.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
American White Oak Toasted Barrel
had it about a month put some vodka through it a couple of times and am loving the results. had a small problem with the tap sent an email to customer services about 3.50 am they got back straight away was amazed by 4.30 they were sending me a replacement.
nice bit of kit looking forward to trying out a few more things with it and then gonna get a bigger one.
massive respect to customer service couldn't ask for more
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Filled my 1 ltr. barrel with two cheap whiskies, one a young grain blend and one blend which must have at least 90% young grain in it. I chose these two for the first batch because they had virutally zero cask influence.
Been in 10 days now, cask is kept in a shed with a cool/cold temperature. Will have first sample in a few days.

For the second batch I will be trying with a non-flavoured/neutral vodka with a 60% ABV because I want to see what the wood does to both colour and flavour at near new make strength.
Depending on the result of that batch I will consider which direction to go with the third.
I not expecting tasty result from anything here, it's all for fun and education.
Plus, I doubt that what comes out of the cask will be any worse than what goes in.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
It is a nice barrel. Definitely wood, but the metal hoops are already rusty, plus the top cap is very difficult to be put in and after we took it out to check everything, it was quite damaged. The barrel could be smoother on the edges and top.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Try soaking the outside of the cask with a wet towel for a week before filling with expensive spirits.
Reapply water daily.
Tony S , United Kingdom
7 years ago
Great Product 1 ltr. Barrel
I bought this product to give a birthday gift to my friend, it is amazing product.
Customer service is also gave me very quick response to my queries. very good service.
Harpreet S , Norway
7 years ago
Fault after Fault
I bought a barrel a while back and it had a leak that would not seal. When I say a leak I mean it would empty in 5 mins. Contacted customer services and they acted great and sent another. I had the same issue and would not risk filling it with a alcohol. Again I contacted customer services and they reviewed the evidence and offered another replacement. I lost faith by this point so asked for a refund, no problem it was all sorted. I might have been unlucky but the product was not fit for purpose. Great support from MOM though..
Dave , United Kingdom
7 years ago
Excellent product, even better customer service
I bought this for my grandad's 80th birthday. It was kind of a last minute idea as I had no idea what to get him previously- he loves whiskey but gets multiple bottles for every birthday, so I wanted to get him something a little more original. When I saw this on the website a few days ago I knew it would be a great present for him, and I decided to begin ageing a litre of whiskey in time for his birthday, although I only had a week to go.
It arrived the next day and I thought that the postage costs were very reasonable compared to some other websites.
As I don't have a clue about whiskey and it didn't come with any instructions I emailed customer services to ask a few questions. I didn't realise the instructions are all on this website as I used the mobile website and all that was on the page was the different sized barrels, the instructions I later discovered are on a different page.
My grandad isn't a whiskey connoisseur by any means and likes all the cheaper brands- famous grouse, johnnie walker etc. As timing was an issue I decided to not use new make and just buy a cheaper whiskey from the supermarket- I went with famous grouse but as I say I'm quite clueless so whether this was a good decision, I'm not sure yet.
The barrel itself is quite easy to assemble. The tap goes into the hole in the front and needs tapping lightly which I used a rubber mallet for. The cork goes into the top and needs to be removed in order to pour the whiskey from the tap.
I filled with warm water which began to leak out, but I knew this was normal initially.
After 27 hours the wood around the tap was still soaked despite banging the tap in with my hammer without using excessive force- I didn't want to break it. So I emailed customer services to ask about my options.
The customer service here is second to none and they replied almost immediately telling me they would send a new one out. I asked about returning the old one and they told me not to worry as they didn't want to inconvenience me any further.
Reading through the other reviews I don't think this is a common problem and I was just unlucky to have received a defective one, so don't let this put you off.
On the whole I highly recommend this product, it's a great gift idea for a whiskey lover if you want to get something a little bit novel and different from simply buying them a bottle. In future I will be buying all my alcoholic gifts from this website as the service I received really couldn't have been any better. Thanks
Jennie , United Kingdom
8 years ago
john crunden
A good size and a change from a decanter.Might buy another one
JOHN C , United Kingdom
8 years ago
1 ltr barrel
works well and does the job . Arrived very well packaged but still looks very rough around the edges not at all pristine as shown in the picture , this however has not put me off and I will buy another
Paul F , United Kingdom
8 years ago