Country French Armagnac
Distillery/Brand Baron de Sigognac

Baron de Sigognac 20

A gold award winner at the 2005 International Spirits Challenge. This superb 20 year old Bas-Armagnac is made by a family that trace their roots back to the 12th Century. The Armagnac they make is artisan and made in small batches.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Sweet, spicy nose. Warm pastries, vanilla, berries.

Palate Thick and creamy palate. All sorts of flowers, from violets and roses to apple blossom. Then sultanas, figs, tangy oak, spices and custard.

Finish Spicy and long finish, not unlike mulled wine.

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Baron de Sigognac 20 Year Old
Very dry
Not much flavour, very dry really took all moisture from the pallet.
RICHARD R , United Kingdom
2 months ago
Like other reviewers i'm mainly a scotch man, but like to try different spirits, and you can tell from the first sip this is a class act and slips down beautifully. I got the fruit, especially apple, and a bit of sweetness straight away. Although i'm no expert it's a cut above regular brandy and a drink not to be hurried
Bob N , United Kingdom
2 years ago
The perfect aged Armagnac
This is the a fantastic expression of bas-Armagnac. Much better than the 10yo and I have also tried the 25 yo and this is actually better. Utterly enjoyable, always.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
I've been on single malts for a few years and decided to go back to my Xmas tradition of Armagnac (actually first was Cognac then I graduated to Armagnac). I can only say this was absolutely worth the purchase...incredible! Thick and creamy palate is an understatement....super smooth. The aromas are complex with caramel and vanilla for me and certainly get some dark earthy fruit. Superb and will definitely buy another bottle, you should too! You will not be disappointed.
Mike B , Canada
3 years ago
Rich and Moreish
I’m nearly half-way through the bottle. The texture is a lot richer than a standard brandy and coats the palate very well. One of the sweetest I’ve tasted and very satisfying. Goes well with a great coffee and even some 70%+ dark chocolate.
Mark Pickstone , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Im no expert but..
I'm no brandy expert even though I find them a nice change from scotch, and have tried a few, but this one is delicious. You can tell It's class by the fact it has a thicker texture and deeper flavour than you would find in a normal brandy. I like a few glasses on a night while relaxing, and this may sound strange, but more than two of these sort of spoil's the experience of the first two by virtue of it's richness, however it's a good thing as it makes the bottle last longer.
Bob N , United Kingdom
6 years ago
Loadsa toffee
The one is sweet and toffee ridden butterscotch. The palate thick, full of lovely sugars and rich toffee confectionary. Highland toffee in liquid form. Bloody lovely.
Jonathon W , United Kingdom
6 years ago
Absolute x
I was given this as part of my Xmas pressie by my boyfriend as he knew i liked Armagnac, but now i love it! Smells great Sweet yet spicy with a hint of vanilla. The taste, well beautiful, allsorts of spicy flavours, flowery to applie. Well just lush in my book....I have asked for another bottle for my birthday - Highly recommended xx
Master of Malt Customer
10 years ago
This bottle of brandy was bought as a gift for my birthday recently. I was told that it was special and that it was especially for me to open. Well when i had a sip i then realised what my friend had said. It was fantastic. The texture was smooth and the taste was very refined. It also knocked my head off as i gave myself a good shot of it treating it like any other brandy. I now know that it is not like many other brandies that i have tried and i have tried a few. The cost may be significantly greater but it was worth the value. Every last drop..........think i've been converted. Fantastic tasting brandy. Loving it!!!!
Master of Malt Customer
12 years ago