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47 Year Old Blended Whisky

At 47 years old, a whisky has undergone a complex dance between the spirit and the cask for nearly half a century. Ageing does more than just age the spirit; it introduces complexities, draws out rich profiles from the wood, and softens the harsher notes to a mellower tone.

Blended whisky is a harmonious amalgamation of different whisky types, meticulously crafted to create a balanced and consistent flavour profile. Typically, it blends malt whiskies with grain whiskies, uniting the complexities of single malts with the lighter, smoother characteristics of grain spirits. This blend enhances drinkability and provides a complexity appreciated by both aficionados and occasional drinkers. Blending whisky is an art form perfected over generations, requiring a deep understanding of how different spirits interact. Master blenders, armed with refined palates, sample a variety of whiskies to identify each one’s unique attributes before determining the perfect combination. Their goal is to create a product that is greater than the sum of its parts, ensuring each bottle maintains a consistent taste, aroma, and quality.

The 47-year-old blended whisky enjoys a strong presence in the global whisky market, appealing to a wide audience thanks to its approachability and versatility. It is enjoyed neat, with water, or as a key cocktail ingredient, establishing it as a favourite in bars and homes around the world. Innovation within this category has led to the creation of premium blends, challenging the notion that blended whiskies are inferior to single malts. These high-end products showcase the depth, subtlety, and sophistication achievable with blended whisky, reinforcing its status and appeal across the whisky spectrum.

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