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39 Year Old Grain Whisky

A 39-year-old whisky carries with it the stories of nearly four decades. Over this extended period, its flavours have transformed, reflecting the care and patience in its maturation. As the years have rolled on, the whisky has attained a depth and richness that truly showcases its age.

In the world of whiskies, grain whisky, especially one as aged as 39 years, often remains in the background compared to its single malt and blended counterparts. Yet, its origins in the 19th century point to a time of change and urban expansion. Aeneas Coffey's invention of the column still in the 1830s brought a fresh approach, using different grains to shape its taste.

The outcome of this unique distillation method is a whisky with a cleaner, more delicate character. A 39-year-old grain whisky might surprise you with its array of flavours, ranging from a soft sweetness to hints of fruit.

The choice of barrel during its long maturation also imparts distinct notes. While American oak often adds a tropical touch, European oak brings a hint of spice to the 39-year-old whisky.

The world of grain whisky isn't just rooted in the past. It plays a significant role in today's blended whiskies, and as tastes evolve, its standing is only growing. Distilleries are recognising this, bringing forward innovative grain whisky expressions to meet the demand.

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