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16 Year Old Bourbon Whisky

A 16-year-old whiskey offers a depth and richness unique to its years. With sixteen years for the spirit to mingle with the cask, the whiskey becomes full-bodied and packed with character.

Bourbon whiskey, originally from the lush lands of Kentucky, is a true American classic. Much like well-known traditions in the States, this 16-year-old bourbon has a story drenched in history and craftsmanship. The rules that classify it as bourbon are strict. It's mostly made from corn, taking up at least 51% of its composition.

The distillation limit is set to 160 proof, and it's transferred to the barrel at 125 proof. A vital aspect of its character comes from maturing in new, charred oak barrels. This charring interacts with the wood sugars, gifting the 16-year-old bourbon its amber colour and its delightful caramel and vanilla hints.

Bourbon's history dates back to the late 1700s. While the true beginnings are debated, many credit Baptist minister Elijah Craig with pioneering this bourbon. His novel approach of using charred oak casks played a pivotal role in defining bourbon's unique taste. Fast forward to today, and bourbon's appeal isn't just limited to America.

Renowned brands like Maker's Mark and Four Roses have fans all over the world. But, it's not just about the big players. Across the US, newer distilleries are taking this 16-year-old bourbon story forward, experimenting with flavours and ageing methods, enriching the tale of this beloved spirit.

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