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15 Year Old Single Pot Still Whisky

A 15-year maturation period gifts whiskey with a remarkable presence and depth that stands out. This age results in unparalleled smoothness, ensuring each sip remains etched in memory.

Drenched in Irish lore, Single Pot Still whiskey carries with it a rich blend of heritage and tradition. Exclusively Irish, this 15-year-old spirit traces its lineage back several generations, showcasing Ireland's resilient artistry. What differentiates Single Pot Still whiskey is its blend of both malted and unmalted barley. Contrary to single malts that use only malted barley, this combination provides a distinct creamy and spicy touch. Interestingly, this blend was not just a pursuit of unique flavours. In the 1800s, to navigate around the British-imposed malt tax, Irish distillers ingeniously incorporated unmalted barley, inadvertently birthing a distinctive whiskey style.

The term "pot still" reflects its age-old distillation practice. Using copper pot stills is essential for this 15-year-old whiskey, as they interact with the brew, purifying it from unwanted elements and enriching its taste. Single Pot Still whiskey often brings forward flavours like apple, hints of nuts, and tropical fruits. The type of barrel used, be it ex-bourbon or sherry, layers the spirit with added intricacies.

While the 20th century saw a dip in the popularity of this 15-year-old whiskey variant, recent times have heralded its comeback. Pioneers like Redbreast and Powers have been instrumental in reviving its appeal, presenting a piece of Ireland's storied past to whiskey lovers around the world.

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