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Lowland 62 Year Old Whisky

A 62-year-old whisky is quite a marvel. Its long tenure in the cask has formed a unique bond between the liquid and the wood. This connection brings out flavours and depths that only such prolonged ageing can offer. Each taste of this whisky is a testament to the many years it has gracefully matured.

The Lowlands, known for their traditionally soft and floral whiskies, are now blending heritage with new approaches. The region's offerings, whether a fresh release or a 62-year-old vintage, are seeing the influence of craft distilleries and an increased focus on the land where the ingredients originate.

One prominent trend in the Lowlands is the attention to terroir or the unique character imparted by the environment. Distilleries like Daftmill and Eden Mill are pioneering this by using local barley and emphasising the story from field to bottle. When sipping a 62-year-old whisky, this connection to the land adds another layer to its narrative.

In addition to traditional methods, there's a buzz about cask experimentation. While Lowland whiskies have always seen varied cask types, there's renewed interest in barrels previously holding different spirits or wines. This can introduce fresh nuances, even to a whisky as aged as 62 years.

Lastly, there's a commendable shift towards sustainability. Modern Lowland distilleries are becoming eco-friendlier, embracing renewable energy, and championing biodiversity. So, whether it's a newer variant or a 62-year-old treasure, each bottle reflects the evolving ethos of the Lowlands, promising unique experiences with every pour.

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