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Canadian 22 Year Old Whisky

A 22-year-old whisky represents more than just age; it's a testament to the journey and transformations it's undergone. Over the years, it matures into a taste that is rich yet subtly sophisticated.

The distinct character of Canadian whisky is deeply rooted in its homeland. Canada's vast grain fields, untouched waters, and the very atmosphere contribute immensely to the 22-year-old whisky's unique profile. The cycle starts with grain cultivation. Influenced by Canada's varied climate, from chilly winters to milder summers, the grains develop distinct tastes: corn brings sweetness, rye introduces a spicy touch, barley offers a creamy texture, and wheat adds a gentle softness.

Water plays a dual role in whisky-making: it's a solvent and a character enhancer. Canadian distilleries, in making their 22-year-old whisky, often draw water from glacial flows or deep springs, enriching the whisky with minerals that shape its flavour. The seasonal dance of Canada's winters and summers is integral to the whisky's maturation. With changing temperatures, the spirit bonds with the barrel, absorbing its essence, which imparts depth to the 22-year-old whisky.

When one tastes a 22-year-old Canadian whisky, it's akin to savouring the essence of Canada. From the sweetness of its grains and the clarity of its waters to the intricate flavours developed over the two-decade ageing process, every sip reflects Canada's natural riches. The unique practice of distilling grains individually and then blending them adds another layer to the intricate taste of the 22-year-old spirit. This approach, developed from a wish to encapsulate the true essence of each grain, stands as a defining feature of Canadian whisky.

Understanding the taste of this 22-year-old Canadian whisky requires a deeper appreciation of Canada's landscapes, its dedication to nature, and the history moulding its whisky-making techniques. Every sip is a harmonious fusion of nature, heritage, and innovation.

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