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Belgian 16 Year Old Whisky

At 16 years old, whisky reaches a level of maturity that intertwines its initial strength with a refined complexity. This age marks a period where the spirit’s subtle flavours become most pronounced.

Belgian whisky is a growing category in the nation’s spirits market, having established itself in the early 2000s. This field builds upon Belgium’s extensive brewing heritage. The country’s climate, notably in places like the Ardennes, provides a stable setting for the 16-year-old whisky to mature, ensuring a slow and steady development of its flavours. This whisky often borrows from Belgian brewing traditions, using malts and yeast strains typically found in beer making, which lends it a unique set of flavour characteristics. The outcome is a whisky that is distinctly Belgian, echoing the country’s rich history in brewing.

The spectrum of flavours found in Belgian whisky is wide and varied, from delicate, floral notes to richer, more intricate tastes. This is in part due to the diverse range of casks used, including those previously filled with sherry, wine, or classic Belgian beers, each contributing an extra layer of complexity to the 16-year-old whisky. Belgian whisky makers are recognised for their creativity, experimenting with various grains and cask types. This innovative spirit is reflected in their use of grains such as rye and spelt and in their choice of local oak for casks, introducing a different array of flavours and tannins to the whisky.

Although it’s a relatively young player in the global whisky scene, the 16-year-old Belgian whisky is already gaining international acclaim. Exports are on the rise, and several expressions have earned prestigious awards, showcasing the high level of quality and craftsmanship inherent in Belgian whisky production. The industry skillfully blends time-honoured brewing practices with modern innovation, resulting in a whisky that is both unique and steeped in Belgian tradition.

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