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American 23 Year Old Whiskey

A 23-year-old whiskey is a testament to the refined art of ageing. Spanning over two decades, this duration marries raw potential with intricate evolution, resulting in a vast palette of tastes. Each year delicately shapes the whiskey, culminating in a rich spectrum of sensory experiences. This isn't just a drink; a 23-year-old whiskey is an ode to the virtue of patience and the pursuit of perfection.

The narrative of American whiskey, intertwined with its rich history, unfolds with each sip of a 23-year-old bottle. The early settlers, venturing into the unknown terrains of America, distilled the native grains they encountered. Today, that same spirit, especially when matured for 23 years, encapsulates a vast industry that resonates with the diverse landscapes and climates of America.

Bourbon, a shining star in the whiskey universe, strictly adheres to its age-old traditions. A 23-year-old bottle especially showcases how the whiskey evolves when its mash, containing at least 51% corn, mingles with new, charred oak barrels, resulting in those deep caramel and vanilla undertones.

Tennessee whiskey, while reminiscent of Bourbon, has its unique identity. When aged for 23 years, the additional Lincoln County Process filtration bestows an unmatched silkiness to the drink.

Rye whiskey, with its vibrant peppery notes, evokes memories of America's northeastern regions, especially when allowed to mature for 23 years, emphasising its mash bill with at least 51% rye. Corn whiskey, when aged close to 23 years, enhances its inherently bold, grain-forward profile courtesy of its 80% corn base. The newer entrant, American Single Malt, aged for a similar duration, underscores its distinction by using 100% malted barley, symbolising the fusion of age-old traditions and American innovation.

The echoes of Prohibition have long faded, but today's 23-year-old American whiskey stands as a beacon, signalling a renaissance led by craft distilleries that seamlessly blend the new with the old.

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