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American 17 Year Old Whiskey

A whiskey that's matured for 17 years stands at an optimal juncture of ageing. Over seventeen years, the wooden casks tone down the spirit's initial fervour, weaving in layers of intricate flavours and scents. Such a duration signifies a whiskey that's gracefully balanced and characterised by its understated elegance.

American whiskey, including those expressions matured for a duration such as 17 years, celebrates a legacy interwoven with age-old customs, varied landscapes, and an innate capability to evolve. These spirits, some having seen seventeen years of maturation, originated with the nation's pioneers, who harnessed the bountiful local grains, capturing the essence of America's diverse environment.

Bourbon, some variants of which could be aged up to 17 years, is globally recognised for its stringent production criteria. These include a minimum of 51% corn in its mash and the crucial maturation in new, charred oak barrels, producing its signature luscious, sweet palate. Tennessee whiskey, which may also be matured for periods extending to 17 years, mirrors Bourbon but incorporates the Lincoln County Process, granting it a distinct velvety touch. Rye whiskey, potentially matured for nearly 17 years, offers a zestier profile, paying tribute to its historical prominence in the northeastern U.S., made evident by its 51% rye content. Corn whiskey, even if matured over extended periods like 17 years, remains close to its origins, delivering a clean, grain-forward flavour due to its dominant corn composition. The contemporary American Single Malt, potentially seeing maturation close to 17 years, may be rooted in Scottish traditions, but it exemplifies American innovation, highlighting 100% malted barley and a dedication to single distillery craftsmanship.

Emerging triumphant from the adversities of the Prohibition era, American whiskey, including those with 17 years under their belt, is currently in a renaissance phase. The modern craft distillery movement is invigorating the scene, breathing fresh energy into time-tested formulas and local resources.

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