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American 15 Year Old Whiskey

A Whiskey aged for 15 years signifies a substantial maturation period. Over these 15 years, it undergoes a transformation, which enhances its flavour intricacies and overall refinement, delivering a deeply satisfying drink.

American Whiskey, inclusive of those matured for a full 15 years, stands as a testament to the nation's varied heritage, resilience, and enduring traditions. Traced back to early settlers, this spirit evolved using indigenous grains and has since become an integral part of the American fabric.

Bourbon, which can be matured for durations like 15 years, enforces a grain mash of at least 51% corn and aged in new, charred oak barrels, leading to its renowned sweet profile. Tennessee Whiskey, sometimes aged close to 15 years, shares attributes with Bourbon but incorporates the Lincoln County Process, resulting in a smoother finish. Rye Whiskey, potentially matured for 15 years, offers a sharper, spicier flavour, attributed to its minimum 51% rye content. Corn Whiskey, despite its potential 15-year maturation, retains a clear grain-centric taste due to its 80% corn composition. American Single Malt, which might see maturation nearing 15 years, mandates the use of 100% malted barley and a single distillery origin, while encouraging innovative production techniques.

Following the challenges of Prohibition, American Whiskey, with offerings that have matured for 15 years, has experienced a revival. Today's craft distilleries take adventurous steps in their methodologies and are keen to breathe life into time-honoured recipes.

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