Sebor Absinth 50cl

Czech Absinthe • 50cl • 55%
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Sebor Absinth
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Country Czech Absinthe
Distillery/Brand Sebor


Packaged in a unique, distinctive bottle, Sebor Absinth is an incredibly popular spirit, made by blending 13 herbs to a century-old Swiss recipe. The result is a rich, mellow, spicy absinth, at the not-too-ridiculous strength of 55% (compared to some of the Hapsburg absinthes which reach the 90% mark). Very herbal and tasty!

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Reviews for Sebor Absinth
Absinth without the E
Not true Absinthe as the name suggests, disgusting. Takes like it was made from glycerol mixed with petrol.
Joshua U , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Bought this based on the reviews here and was really disappointed to discover that it didn’t louche on the addition of water. That combined with the fact that it doesn’t have the strong star anise flavour I prefer, have really hampered my enjoyment of this drink.

In conclusion - while others seem to like it, this is not the absinthe for me.
Jonathan B , United Kingdom
4 years ago
My go-to absinth
Discovered this absinth almost 10 years ago and has remained a favorite. I used to order it directly from Sebor, but the company websites (and bottle designs) keep changing so I never know if I'm actually ordering the brand I like. Master of Malt is showing the exact bottle/brand I've grown to love; so it looks like I'll be ordering from here now. If you're just getting into absinth, give Sebor Absinth a shot. Others may argue about better tasting brands, but this has done the trick for me for virtually a decade.
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
have ordered before from another company but lost there email with my lap top so i am using your company now ! And just to let anyone know i just love this stuff it is great !!!David
Master of Malt Customer
10 years ago