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Talisker Storm

(70cl, 45.8%)
Talisker Storm

Awards for Talisker Storm


Distillers' Single Malts 12 years and under - 2014

International Spirits Challenge

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Island - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Islands Single Malt No Age Statement - 2014

World Whiskies Awards


Premium - 2013

Malt Maniacs Awards

Talisker Storm Details


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Whisky or Whiskey

Insider knowledge: Talisker Storm whisky is named whisky by virtue of the fact it's from Scotland. If distilled in America the spelling would be Talisker Storm whiskey, as opposed to whisky.

User Rating

Talisker Storm Bottling Note

Talisker Storm is a new no age statement whisky released at the beginning of 2013. It offers up plenty of distillery character alongside some smokier depth and complexity.
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Talisker Storm (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Initial brine, but not as abrupt as the 10 Year Old, quite creamy by comparison. Banana. Banana angel delight? Window putty, hint of sticking plasters and barbecues, citrus. White pepper develops towards the bottom of the glass.

Palate: Thick and mouth-coating with wood smoke, brine, some tin and chilli heat too.

Finish: Red chilli peppers and oak dryness with a hint of embers.

Overall: A welcome addition to the Talisker range, and probably the smokiest whisky to be produced on the Isle of Skye.

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User Reviews of the Talisker Storm

Talisker Dark Storm

Surprisingly good, my new fav

18th September 2014

Nailed it!

Tasting notes hit it and this is a super drink.

14th September 2014

love it

my favourite whisky,for me the best whisky on earth

14th August 2014

I would say They're Honest

Thanks the Lady,that attract my attention on it at Heathrow Duty Free,I enjoyed it much!!! According to my test I will put them close to Bowmore Cask strength,but behind THE Darkest

16th July 2014

Not Sure!

You can tell this is a Talisker but it is harsher than other expressions; it says intense on the label and that is correct. Long finish, peaty and spicy; don't think I like it as much as the standard 10 year old (wonder how old this one is?)

14th July 2014

Great with a little spoon of water

Very pleasant whisky. The secret of this malt is hidden beyond its smoke layers. With some drops of water added I discovered a complex drink. Chocolate, peat, chilli and a bit of lemon mixed in a wonderful peat. Its difficult to find a bottle in Brasil, I bought one two mounths ago in Qatar airport.

14th July 2014

Arlington, Red

Wonderful X 5, for the category (not being 10, 12, 15 18 years on the box) this single malt is placed in a significant category by itself. I personally feel it’s an outstanding single malt. I have had many single malts and sample many others, but non as smooth, complex and aromatic as this. For those who are not pretending to be single malt experts, this is an outstanding first initiation into the world of single malt scotch whiskey, so ignore all the negatives and drink up, it will be exceptional on your pallet and lean on your wallet. I purchased this a Calvert Woodley in Washington, DO for $39+ tax and it was one of my best purchases, going back for more..

6th July 2014

Talisker dark storm single malt scotch whisky1L

directly and honestly - a muted smell and especially taste rancid rotten corpses and wounds

3rd July 2014

Fancy packaging, mediocre whisky.

Not up to the 'Talisker' standard, interesting to try once, but it will not be bough again.

3rd July 2014

Talisker Storm

Reminds me of the Kirkland signature bottle I bought many years ago at 1/2 the price.

14th June 2014

Nice, but not outstanding

Pepper. Lots of it. Smoke and salt. Bought on a whim, I'm glad to have tasted it, and can see how I'll enjoy it on a dark and stormy evening, but I prefer the taste of sea I find in the 10 yo.

26th May 2014

Talisker Storm

I think iT is à great whisky. Amazingly tasty ...

3rd May 2014


Seriously, what is the point of this release? It's like the 10 but not as good in any respect. All the flavours are there, just muted and well hidden. It's less flavoursome and more expensive than the 10. So why make it??

28th April 2014

Love Talisker, but not this

Salt, iodine, more salt. Perhaps a Laphroaig fan would like this. Much prefer 10 YO, 18 YO, Distillers. Have not tried Dark Storm. A little afraid to now, but can't be much worse.

11th April 2014

too salty

Far too salty, instead get the black storm which is a great whisky compering to this one

30th March 2014

The great one

One of the one most great whisky in the world

21st March 2014

Not their best

I do regular whisky tasting evenings for various international colleagues and Taliskers generally are always popular. As far as I'm aware, this is one of about 5 currently doing the rounds and, based on my own reaction and those of my friends, in terms of the extent to which we simply 'enjoyed' them, I'd rank them in this order: 57° North, 10 Year Old, Distiller's Edition, Dark Storm, Storm. In other words, this one and it's 'darker' sibling are better than most other 'ordinary' whiskies, but nothing special in comparison to the two really good Taliskers, the 57°N and the 10YO. So, buy them and not this.

19th March 2014

the storm

Too medicinal for me! I dont recommend this to my taste

15th March 2014

A great taste of the sea

I picked up a bottle on an impulse. I'm always looking to try a new scotch. I find the whiskey to be smokey and aromatic with a pleasant yet notable hint of the sea. I found it to be a great whiskey and an overall wonderful purchase. Perhaps not for everyone, but most certainly worth a shot!

14th March 2014

Only Fair

Not a bad whisky, but not worthy of the Talisker name. Contrary to its promotion, it's less "in your face" than the Talisker 10, and the much ballyhooed smokiness is lacking. I far prefer the Islays for only a few dollars more.

17th February 2014

Old reliable

Everything about this whisky is 'above average'. Not excellent, but I feel it is one of those whisky's that I can go back to anytime when I want to drift away to the scottish shores, fishing, lighting a small fire on the shore to cook up a freshly caught salmon.

3rd February 2014

canny stuff

This a great value whisky as it packs so much in. It's a whisky which lets you know it's there - with big salty peppery taste, however remains very smooth and drinkable. Dead canny.

29th January 2014

'What a DISSAPOINTMENT!!' Dark Storm en Storm are different Whiskys

Still better than a lot of Whisky, but as a Talisker falls short. Indeed it seems to be invented by a marketeer instead of a distiller. The Dark Storm is actually a lot better than then normal Storm or the new Port Ruighe. Just get the 10, 18 or 57 north. WAY better stuff.

26th January 2014

Too Quaffable

Talisker storm is too quaffable, I enjoy it so much that one dram is never enough, beautiful nose, taste and after taste, went through 3 bottles last year and have another bottle standing by. I too used to enjoy Lagavulin 16yr old as my favourite tipple (but still enjoy it) but has now been topped by a Storm!

12th January 2014

Not Talisker, its just not.

I love Talisker 10 year. There is none finer. But this 'Storm' label stuff- just terrible.

29th December 2013

My new fav

I love this! It's quickly becoming my favorite. I find it easy to drink. It's a nice smoke finish and each sip makes me feel like on on the ocean side...

29th December 2013

Really Enoyed it

Very good. It has a nice balance of peat and salt in the finish. I recommend picking up a bottle.

24th December 2013


damn good lovely on its own or with a little soda miles better than most commercial and like all talisker no thick head in the morning

13th December 2013

Stunning . . . continued

I missed out on giving a star rating - which I've now rectified.

30th November 2013


A stunning whisky - for all the right reasons. Very close to elbowing aside my all-time favourite: Lagavulin 16-y-o. Highly recommended to anybody who understands what a great whisky should really taste like.

30th November 2013

Peaty by choice

Yes, I like Ardbeg (putting it above the 10yo Talisker) and I really like the Laphroaig (especially the Quarter Cask), but this TStorm is really good. For me, complex, different, still peaty, mmmm good. In my top 1/3 and, likely by the time I get to the bottom of the bottle, close to the top on my list. I do like an age statement, but as someone already said NAS or no NAS, go get.

20th October 2013


Not really my cup of tea, nose is reminiscent of monkey arpit with a hint of juniper and a slight sprinkle of Brut 22. Palate was interesting enough as it suggested traffic wardens insole mixed with lime and rubber gloves. Finish was a little to gangbang for me and overall just a bit too Michael Jackson.

9th October 2013


Going thru Duty Free at Heathrow the bottle of Talisker Dark Storm caught my eye. I had not seen it available in the USA before and thought this might be something special for the European market and that I should get it. My first hint that this was not the Talisker I liked, was the lack of an Age designation. Much to my surprise Dark Storm is not proudly recognized on the Talisker web site. I tasted it last night and was extremely disappointed with the thin light taste. plenty of smoke just not depth. My recommendation - don't waste your money on this whiskey.

6th October 2013

I am waiting to try it!

I live in Poland. My wife has bought a litre bottle at Aberdeen duty free and I can't wait to taste it when I return from Saudi Arabia - a totally dry country - in October. Will keep you posted...

20th September 2013

Bitter and Salty - no Talisker

They shouldn't have put their name to it. I bought it because I like Talisker - mistake.

9th September 2013

Talisker lite

I bought a bottle, thinking this could be interesting. I should have saved my money and gone for the standard bottling. This one should be marketed as Talisker lite

21st August 2013

Not as good as the 10 Year Old.

I tried this at a well known shop.this not as good as the standard bottling.It was dumbed down for the mass market. I will not not be buying a bottle,to be honest I was gutted.The 10 and the 18 are 2 of the best whiskies on the planet!

9th August 2013

Not sure what the fuss is abou

I found this lacking in complexity and quite bitter. Yet another poor whisky which could only sell in the Duty Free arena. Wouldn't have guessed it was Talisker!

6th August 2013

Thomas & Prem

Try without water as water won't really improve the flavour. Intense, smoky and maybe we will try it again (maybe one bottle is enough!)

19th July 2013

A storm of salt, peat and smoke.

Being an old Talisker and Ardbeg aficionado I couldn't miss this new storm,and IMO the marketing is right: this whisky feels like their answer to the success Ardbeg is enjoying in the last years. Yes it's salty (very), yes it's smokey (a lot more than the 10 years), yes it's a peated as Ardbeg 10 years (Talisker 10 years is slightly peated, but not so overhelming), probably it's also made from younger Talisker than 10 years, it's VERY aggressive, your palate and tongue can testify it, definitely not a whisky for everyone but if you like Islay single malts and you want something more than Ardbeg 10 years this is for you.

17th July 2013

Not a great addition to Talisker

The Talisker storm feels like the product of a marketer rather than a distiller. The nose/taste is confused. Their 10 years is far better.

28th June 2013

A like this

This was a weird surprise. It's actually quite good and enjoyable when sitting on the deck on my boat after a long day. A perfect whiskey to enjoy.

20th June 2013

Oh I really like this

Not as much peat as a traditional Talisker but a lovely mouthfilling experience with a long finish, rich and dark with spicy top notes. One for the favourites list I think

22nd May 2013

Jolly Interesting

An interesting expression from Talisker. The peat is less obvious, and the dram is characterised by a sweet pepperiness. There seems to be a sherry influence, adding additional complexity. A lovely dram, obviously Talisker, but accessible to those who are less fond of peat. The name perhaps implies a different tone, but you cannot fault the dram!

14th May 2013

I got some malt in my sample

I felt there was a beery smell there. The Talisker peat is there although not very strong. Total impression: uninteresting. Not bad but not inspiring either. Having also tried 10yo, DE, 57 and 18 I'd say the Storm is my least favourite of the current Talisker lineup so far.

11th May 2013

Not at all like Talisker

I ordered a sample of this dram, and when I tasted it, it was nothing like Talisker. The nose is the most interesting about it. At first it was like newly sharpened pencil, but this luckily faded off quickly and was replaced by tropical fruits and salt. The taste completely lacks the peppery Talisker Trademark, but instead it has huge amounts of salt, it's quite metal-like, dry and edgy to taste. Water doesn't change that impression. No malt and almost no oak. My husband said; if I didn't knew what it was, I would have guessed something from Old Pulteney. I agree. I is marketed as something in between the 10 year old and the 57 degrees north, but it is not. Buy one of them instead - the are much better. Now I know I'm not going for more Storm.

10th May 2013


This is a seriously tasty whisky. Thrilling stuff!

21st March 2013

Lovely stuff!

Nas or no NAS. this is a cracker. go get.

5th March 2013

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