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Laphroaig Quarter Cask

(70cl, 48.0%)
Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Awards for Laphroaig Quarter Cask


Liquid Gold Award - 2014

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Islay - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Single Malt Scotch - to 12 Yrs - 2013

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Islay - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Laphroaig Quarter Cask Details


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Whisky or Whiskey

Interesting fact… Laphroaig Quarter Cask whisky spells its name whisky as it originates in Scotland. Had it been produced in America its name would be Laphroaig Quarter Cask whiskey, instead of whisky.

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Laphroaig Quarter Cask Bottling Note

Released in 2004, this bottling was aged for five years before being finished in a quarter cask for seven months, the size of the cask is quite small, thus does not require such a long maturation. This is truly a great achievement from Laphroaig.
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Laphroaig Quarter Cask (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by us with John Campbell at Laphroaig Distillery

Nose: Oily and buttery nose, with toffee, nuttiness, hickory, bicarbonate of soda, rum and raisin ice cream and zest.

Palate: Big rush of sweetness, in fact it’s an explosion of sweetness, with fiery chilli heat, TCP, sweet cereals and a touch of cola syrup.

Finish: Medium length, but becomes fruity, with custard and cigar smoke.

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User Reviews of the Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Bold, smoky and oaky

Smoky and oh so oaky. Compared to Laphroaig 10 year, this Quarter Cask version is a much sharper version in terms of flavor and aroma. Due to it being younger and interacting with the oak barrel in its maturation, it wears its flavors much more boldly. The aroma is still the quintessential pungent peat reminiscent of Islay scotch, but the flavor reveals much more; a sharper bite, a lingering spice, and it finishes somewhat sweet. Not for the faint of heart.

18th September 2014


Just bought a bottle yesterday and I could not wait to open it and have a taste. I'ts great! I love the perfect mix of peat, smoke and sweetness. Had a bottle of Lagavulin 16 years that I also loved. I find Laphroaig has a less intense peat and smoke and more sweetness. Both are amazing whiskys. If you find Lagavulin too intense, try this one!

11th September 2014

Not for everyone

My own curiousity, and some of the glowing reviews here led me to buy a bottle of this. Thankfully, it was not expensive. As mentioned, the peat here is massive. It can be overwhelming, and during some pours I almost find the nose to be sickeningly offensive. I might take some flack for this review, but I just wanted to balance out all of the positivity.

7th September 2014


GOD bless the SCOTS for making such a beautiful peaty dram from Islay!!!!

5th September 2014

My personal favorite

QC is my personal favorite. That being said, be aware that this is not your average 18yr something light and sweet scotch. It's a scotch «for man». Strong, mouthful, it tries to brawl with your taste buds. Sip it, survive the burning, and then enjoy a trip to wonderland where smoke, peat and coal alternate one after the other. Swallow it and you'll discover an unpredicted and addictive orange zest at the very end. Beats me.

18th August 2014

a really good dram

complex,tasteful,heavy bodied whiskey a true delight , although i wouldn't give it to a novice ... if you don't like it, wait a while, give it time.. it will grow on you.

15th August 2014

Not my favorite

I was excited when I bought but I quickly became disappointed. I like peaty scotches but not this one. I agree with the comment of it tasting like "it was filtered through dirty socks worn for a week." It nauseated me the first time I tasted it. It felt off balance. Nose was fine though. I prefer their other years. I think I might commit whisky sacrilege and make Penicillins with it or even a Whiskey sour :-O

30th July 2014

Very impressed

If you like Lagavulin, but find it too expensive, or like Ardbeg but find it too pungent, this is the dram for you. Sweet, peat, and some complex smells and flavors develop over time in the glass. Great stuff.

23rd July 2014


One of my favourites,perfect during winter season. First sip burst in your mouth.Need to add few drops of water and wait few minutes - Perfect.

20th June 2014


Why such a big increase with your prices in B.C.?

18th May 2014

Great stuff

My personal favourite from the other Islay distillers. Has all the flavour and just the right amount of 'bite', not too strong but not too weak. Tastes of home.

5th May 2014

Peat Heaven

I am unashamedly a Peat-addict and this Magnificent QC is like drinking straight from the Bog. I'm Home right here in Peat Heaven.

3rd May 2014


I'll repeat the review from 10 Feb 2014, because it's accurate: " it was the most horrible experience I've had so far. I don't mind peat but this tasted like it was filtered through socks worn for a week." I only wish I could return it.

1st May 2014

I'm home!

Oddly I keep thinking that I don't want this, I want something easier and butterier like the Bushmill's 21 (my fave when I want something easy and buttery), but then when I pour myself a bit it astounds me that I stayed away from it. I LOVE this stuff, but it's very intense. When I drink it, I like to drink a dram or two for the smack in the face, then ease off the evening with a softerer slightly sweeter whisky like the Talisker DE; then on long nights go for another smack in the face or two :). Really I think this is the best scotch I've had in the price range, really close to the 18 though *slightly* more in-your-face and less subtle, but only *slightly*. I could tell them apart in a taste test where both were available to taste, but if you gave me just one blindfolded, not sure I could tell you which it was.

28th April 2014

Delicious smoke

God this stuff is good...

20th April 2014

Rich peaty whisky

I must say I am a relative newcomer to the delights of whisky, but I do know what i like and this is just superb! Is there really any need to compare?

13th March 2014

coloring is added

Caramel,do not that, not neccesary, same with Lagavulin 16. Stop it!! Maybe the new owners will fix that.

28th February 2014

More power than I was expecting.

Overall, I really have enjoyed my first few drams of this. It starts off sweet, but then almost immediately is followed with great depth of smoke and peat, almost too intense for me. Wow, it hits you with a potent punch. It has a bit too much briny heft for my palate. There were a few sips where this was the overwhelming charactor, like a mouth of sea water. On the positive side, this has a very long pleasant peppery,smokey campfire finish that can stick with you well after you have swallowed the last of your drink.

20th February 2014

Excellent value for money!

Its just a beauty ! Rich , smoky , dry sweet, 48 vol , looks like unchillfiltered and no coloring added ,which is a always a good sign!.

18th February 2014

very good

Love this one. Much better than the 10 year old.

15th February 2014


Half a star? Bourbon man?

15th February 2014

I was surpised

Looking at all the positive reviews I took a chance. Had to return it as it was the most horrible experience I've had so far. I don't mind peat but this tasted like it was filtered through socks worn for a week.

10th February 2014

Not a fan of Quarter Casks

It seems quarter casks have become fashionable. And yes it's an interesting experiment from a historical viewpoint and it's plain to see why distilleries would be interested in speeding up the maturation process but the youth shows through. This is a far harsher and coarser dram than the 10yo or similar strength 18yo. Caramelisation and raw oak notes overpower much of what is so right in the 10yo without adding the finesse found in the 18yo. A good whisky but not by Laphroaig standards.

29th January 2014

Exquisite Single Malt

Nice notes of smoke, honey,wet stone, palate creamy with sweet burst then spicy pepper and dry earthy tangy brine nuance on finish. Medium bodied Balanced and flavorful finish. No overpowering peat and heat. A sipping quality single malt. Non-chilled filtering preserves the extracted and 48% no water required. Try it.

24th January 2014

Very Good - Bold with Flavor

This is a very good scotch. Talisker Storm is my everyday but this is very good. great bold flavor and enjoy with a good meal and a warm fire.

31st December 2013

Sausage & Stoat

A fine dram - creamy, smokey and soft peat. Reminds me very much of one of my favourite meals which is sausage and stoat. Good value also and a fine label.

17th December 2013

very nearly converted.

As a life long drinker of whiskey(with an e)this is the closest my Scots cousins have came to what I'd class as perfection,and I'm not easily pleased,(just ask the wife!). A lovely wee swallow,and a great character.

7th December 2013

Great for those cold evenings

This was my first tasting of Laphroaig so I cannot comment on the 10yr old and other more expensive versions but I love this,that fiery chilli heat as it hits your taste buds and the long lingering finish,wow!

6th December 2013

Great Islay!

Excellent whisky and together with Arbeg my favorite Islay brand. Smokey, peaty, a little medicinal with just enough fruity sweetness to round things off. The licorice cough syrup finish lasts very long.

10th November 2013

it's all that

Had a sip of this in a pub........and ended up buying 2 bottles the very next day

5th November 2013

Worth having a bottle on hand at all times


30th October 2013

Love the Laphroaig Quarter Cask

After I first discovered how much I love the smokey peaty campfire of the islay single malt scotches I took it upon myself to try them all, regardless of cost. Bar none the Laphroaig 1/4 cask and Ardbeg 10 year are my absolute favorites, and among the least expensive also! The 1/4 cask is my go-to dram and never disappoints. After the Ardbeg 10 (another mainstay) I love the Corryvreckan when going even peatier; the Lagavulin 16 for a smoother experience, and I also experiment with the cask strength Laphroaig (but prefer the quarter cask). If I had to choose just 2 I would pick the Laphroaig 1/4 and Ardbeg 10. Fabulous drams!

28th October 2013

My favorite Laphroaig

Let me know what you guys think but this is my favorite Laphroaig for sure

13th October 2013

Delicious but...

Why are they still adding caramel, can anyone tell me? Even the older bottles. They declare it in German on the packaging, I see. x

11th October 2013

This young 96 proof is full of fire....

Knocked back full strength, it will burn you...It's hard to savor a mouthful of fire..But cut with just a squirt of club soda it's delightful. All of the distillers are playing games with proof and age, read the label before you put your money down. Laphroaig is Laphroaig. Enjoy it...

30th September 2013


Paladar delicado, retrogust feroz! Ampliamente recomendado.

16th September 2013

I've only had this and Mcclellands.

The Mcclellands is ok and I want to like it at half price. But I just had a dram of Mcclellands followed by a dram of Laphroaig QC. Laphroaig is the real thing. It is so complex. The flavor is so great and changes bringing out subtleties. This is not a one dimensional drink. All of the flavors that come about are perfection.

30th August 2013



29th August 2013

Laphroaig at its best!

Great stuff from Laphroaig, keep it coming. For an Islay fan such as myself the Tripple Wood is a corner stone of a whsiky collection.

22nd August 2013

Top of the pile

Loving Laphroaig Quarter Cask at the moment which I have just opened. Stunning whisky at the price. September 2012 I paid £29.95 from MoM! Fill your boots! Still good value but a massive 20% price increase in less than a year. Far superior to the standard 10 y.o. which I remember being very TCP-ish/medicinal. With this QC the closest you get to the medicine cabinet is a touch of bandages/plasters on the nose. Laphroaig now competing again with my other Islay favourites – can’t wait to try the triple wood next.

9th August 2013


To chyba najlepsza torfowa/dymna whisky za te cene. Long live Laphroaig!!!!

2nd August 2013


Fiery and immature, unbalanced and lacks sophistication compared to the 10, which is better value. Strange considering the cask size, maybe its only time which builds complexity, or the 10 has a nice dosing of older material. However whisky doesn't get better than Laphroaig.

5th July 2013


No joke but i think everyone should try this !this Is what makes scotland great and without a doubt the best drink in the world. Great flavours and taste put it on your to do list!awsome a real winner!

21st June 2013

King of Malt

always have one when I visit my local hostelry....they do'nt sell it much but always keep a bottle for my friend and I... Probably the bet drink on the market, and just pips the 10

14th May 2013

Best value single malt?

Surely one of the best value single malts? This blows away much older and more expensive expressions from other distilleries. Good to see such an affordable great tasting whisky from Islay, a similarly good Ardeg might cost £30-£50 more? Its perfect balance of big peaty malt and sublime sweetness makes it a real winner. Thank you Laphroaig!

13th May 2013

Punches above its weight

A great everyday whisky that gives the taste of something more expensive but at a good price. Full of flavour and complexity. Far better than the standard 10 and the only whisky I would ever buy another bottle of rather than keep exploring.

25th March 2013

Contemporary Peat Monster

A modern classic, and one of the best, if not the best, young peaty whisky of this generation, fantastic stuff..

13th March 2013

Jewel of Laphroiag Crown

I might've overlooked Laphroaig a bit in recent years, as it has become so trendy, but a glass of this returned the old love to the brand. Quarter Cask is by far their best product, powerfult, salty, versatile... By far their best product!

9th March 2013

Peaty but too sweet

The same, but dryer, and it will good. Drinkable, but very sweet and, to my opinion, sweetness and peat fit not together.

28th February 2013

Top 3

In my top 3 of best young whiskies alongside Edradour '03 bourbon cask and Auchentoshan Valinch 1st batch. And its consistantly brilliant too, 5 stars eeaasily..

28th February 2013

Simply Divine

Love the 10year, but adore the Quater Cask, a fantastic dram.

17th February 2013

@ jérémie

Nous sommes d'accord, en fait, nous avons entendu une rumeur que Chuck Norris boit ce whisky! - Les Chaps de Master of Malt

11th February 2013


un whisky de vrais mecs, bon et fort à la fois et une odeur.....

9th February 2013


Wasn't terrible, I liked it okay. Not my favorite Laph but do-able. But what does a Yank know anyhow.

6th February 2013

William Semple

Intriguing to read so many postive reviews of the QC version of Laphroaig. It certainly did not blow my frock up! One of my friends summed up it up "Not worth crossing the street for it". I stick to the original 10 year old Laphroaig. As with so many of the new whisky variants that are coming on the market but which also dissappoint I think this is a case of "if it ain't broke...don't fix it". My bottle of QC is consigned to a dark cupboard and will probably stay there indefintely.

3rd February 2013

Great Value?

It costs more than the 10 yr ... It's priced more like the CASK STRENGTH, which, to me, tastes better in every way. In fact, I prefer the 10 yr, and it's $10 cheaper.

23rd January 2013

An Improvement

This is certainly an improvement over the 10 year, however i am still not a huge lover of that unique Laphroaig taste.

18th January 2013

the holy grail

if you are looking for rich and tarry peat then this is the ticket. IMHO it id what the 10 is falling short of. Better than ardbeg 10 which is great and Caol Ila 10. Just has a leg up with that intense peat tar. Like walking past a freshly tarred road on the beach in Islay as one top reviewer said.

6th January 2013


I have had two bottles of this now and, having got used to the sweeter finish, I think it's the best Laphroaig and nearly the best Islay malt.

3rd January 2013


I normally drink the 10 year old, but got the quater cask for Christmas, why oh why didn't I try this before!! It is a wonderful dram and highly recommended. slainte mhath from Granton Edinburgh

1st January 2013


lovely value. nothing since comes close

29th December 2012


Just lovely

18th December 2012


Tremendous dram, next to 21 y.o Springbank this is my all time favourite and for value it cannot be beaten.

11th December 2012


i loved this whisky, it remind me the classic laphroaig's peaty taste but the ending sweetness is magic

2nd December 2012

An excellent shelf mate for the cask strength, KH

I first tried the cask strength while in Edinburgh in 2009 and fell in love with it, this quarter cask is even better, perfect balanced flavor that isn't overpowering and requires no water.

28th October 2012

Mr Jones

Tastes a bit like methol

27th September 2012

no rules ,greatest nectar

it's my favorite dram,but i never say no against ardbegg & octomore

4th September 2012

I've been around the Islay block...

I always keep coming back to this almost perfect whisky.

5th August 2012


it,s very good

28th June 2012


The Quarter Cask is in my opinion, the best bang-for-your-buck Laphroaig around. A class above the 10 year-old, this is what Islay whisky is all about. Stunning.

22nd June 2012

Knocks spots off the regular 10 year version

Well worth the extra few quid, very cheap for the quality it produces. Fantastic dram for smoke lovers.

26th May 2012

Great stuff

Perfect on a cold winter's night.

22nd April 2012

A King of Malts!

Although one would like to be a King it still gives one great pleasure to drink Laphroaig and dream of my old dog Camilla.

17th April 2012

Arrgh!!! Tricked again.

It smelled great. Campfire on a cold night kind of feeling. Then came the taste...Like sucking a charcoal briquette. Then the ater-taste (finish???)...Like an old tire. Very rubbery. Clearly this is too strong of an Islay for me. Dk

11th April 2012

It took two years

At first time, two years ago, I didn't like QC at all. That was because of sweetness of QC and that time I liked much more Ardbeg. Now the QC is favorite Islay malt and Ardbeg not anymore. Funny how the tastebuds can change over time.

6th February 2012


dont think there is a better peated malt for the price in the world. anyone know a better one let me know. just amazing.....

8th November 2011



5th October 2011


Lovley taste u can feel the tingle in your throat .

9th September 2011


Perfectly balanced dram, great nose, great value for money!

13th April 2011

Too sweet?

I don't know if there was something wrong with my latest QC, but it tasted very sweet. Every other component of this dram was perfectly balanced, but that sweetness took over.

4th March 2011

Just Grand

Full of flavour, full bodied. A superb example of Laphroig's finest.

14th January 2011


As far as peated whiskys go, they don't get much better than this not to mention the bargain price of the malt. It' a definite must for any whisky collection.

9th December 2010


Smooth, with a real depth of flavour!

27th November 2010

A super dram

If the standard 10YO offering is a bit too iodine rich this is just the ticket. The smaller cask and shorter maturation means you get great value for money. Love it!

23rd November 2010

Jones of Canton

We love it!

14th July 2010


just GREAT!

16th April 2010

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