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Johnnie Walker Blue Label

(70cl, 40.0%)
Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Awards for Johnnie Walker Blue


Super Premium Blends - 2014

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)


Scotch Whisky - Deluxe Blend - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Double Gold
Double Gold

Blended Scotch - 2013

San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Best Blended Scotch - 2013

San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Super Premium Blends - 2013

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)


Scotch Whisky - Deluxe Blend - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Johnnie Walker Blue Details

(Johnnie Walker)

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Whisky or Whiskey

What's in a name? Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky is called whisky because it's produced in Scotland. Were it from America it would be spelled Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey, rather than whisky.

User Rating

Johnnie Walker Blue Bottling Note

Synonymous with the premium whisky blend. Blue Label is the rarest whisky in the Johnnie Walker stable.
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Johnnie Walker Blue (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Fragrant with good body. Notes of oak, crisp spice, dried fruit, pastries. Berry fruits, aniseed, hints of cedar, a touch of spice and citrus.

Palate: Supple and balanced. Good toffee and hints of very wistful smoke. Chocolate, hints of grass and a good hit of malt.

Finish: Floral, oaky, good length, urged on by a plume of very well-kept, highland style smoke. Dried fruit, spice, honey.

Overall: One of the ultimate premium blends, Blue Label is a legend in its own right and will continue to be.

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User Reviews of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Diageo's brands...

Diageo's brands include Smirnoff (the world's best-selling vodka), Johnnie Walker (the world's best-selling blended Scotch whisky), Baileys (the world's best-selling liqueur), and Guinness (the world's best-selling stout). It also owns 34% of Moët Hennessy, which owns brands including Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Hennessy. When it comes to name, nothing makes a statement like a BL, the flagship of this company.

18th September 2014

Good dram for no patience

Blue Label is in my opinion, designed for the person who does not regularly drink whisky (but is somewhat familiar with it) and wants that taste immediately without having to search for it. In a good 12-15 year old whisky, you need to give it time and have patience. BL gives you a diluted drop of that flavor the moment it hits your palette and then goes away. If you have the patience for it, you can find i decent 12-15 yr. for $42-85 and get the same if not better experience for far less money.

17th August 2014

A fine blend with a hint of envy

I love this whisky, I make no secret of that fact, I love the nose, the flavour and the fact that there is no over-powering pure alcohol sensation to it. I like the way it is marketed, and yes I like the fact that it is a premium product. I genuinely think that a lot of the bad press this whisky gets is due to envy, basically "cant afford it, so criticise it" Its the same with watches. Cant afford a Rolex "they are overrated" is the response. A great drink worth every penny.

24th July 2014

A fraud on the scotch drinkers

If there ever was a fraud in scotch, this has got to be it. I've had several bottles of this, and while it tastes decent, it is def not worth the price. Get some McCallan Cask strength, at less than half the price,if you want to taste excellent scotch. This is a marketing gyp

6th July 2014


I have made some poor decisions in my day but never blown $300 on a bottle of whisky that was this poor. Maybe a finger above my glenfiddich 12 yo. Save your money for another brand, this is junk.

1st July 2014

best of the best

nathing in this world as a jw blue

3rd June 2014

Personal Taste & Preference

The ultimate in smooth and the lack of complexity compared to single malts is why I believe JW Blue is "only" overrated or overpriced based on the alternatives available at the moment of purchase. It is my opinion the taste of Blue is undeniably deserving of praise and can only be negatively criticized by comparison to what is available at the JW Blue price (here's where personal preferences take place). Otherwise, I get the sense the negative reviews I'm reading here are similar to the Kentucky snobbery I live through daily when the topic of Bourbon and Whiskey arises. Snobbery….here in Kentucky....really?

25th May 2014


Everyone has their own taste I guess, but I could not help but raise a smile when one of the reviewers tried to suggest that this superior blend was "a dram of piss!" I laughed out loud when another said that "Green is just as good!" I lost control totally when someone else remarked that "Bells was better!"

25th May 2014

Green is just as good

I have a bottle of JW green and a bottle of blue. The green is a bit pricey for Johnnie Walker but kinda worth it, the blue is not. Stick it all over a formula one car and it will sell.

14th May 2014

Over rated and over priced.

If you need a convertible and expensive suits to get laid, this is for you.

14th May 2014

Expensive. Too much So

£161!!!! Wow.

3rd May 2014

Over Rated

I love enjoy a god whiskey and have a decent collection of some fine single malts and blends. I find Blue label to be a bit over rated and have come to the conclusion that more people order this for the "status" as opposed to enjoying the Whiskey. Personally I think single malts offer a lot more smoothness and a more enjoyable experience then the JW collection. In saying that I am a big fan of the double black and black label. All in All a quality whiskey, but not for me, especially at that price

15th April 2014

Signet vs Blue

The Glenmorangie Signet is at the same price point as the JW Blue Label. Not to judge them by being a single and a blend, just by their taste alone, which one will you choose?

14th April 2014

Placebo effect

I love the JW rainbow, I've had them all! But the Blue is great. What people fail to realize is that FMRI studies have repeatedly shown the area of your brain that experiences pleasure lights up like a Xmas tree when you believe you are experiencing something rare and expensive.. Even the most sophisticated somaliers can be fooled when you take a $20 wine and put it into a $500 bottle. The point? Your brain TRULY experiences pleasure regardless of the taste when you expect the reward of such a premium experience. Go buy some now!

11th April 2014


Vat 69 tastes better

4th April 2014

The smells are fantastic

Smells amazing. Tastes good too, best JW, and I've had Black, Double Black, Green and Gold.

3rd April 2014

Worth it if you can afford it...

... It's a rich and luxuriant upper-class dram done the only way Johnnie Walker can do it (this isn't fanboy-ism, I'm talking about an appreciation for the unique flavour profiles found in JW Black and upwards which some will like more than others). If Johnnie Walker's rainbow range doesn't tend to disappoint you, then Blue won't either. It tastes great - and I'm happy to have spent £120 on a bottle. It tastes like £120, frankly. I haven't come to appreciate the diversity of single malts yet, though I know a priori there's much to appreciate there; but I CAN say that I prefer this to Glenfiddich 15 Solera Vat by a long way. The grassy peat with a subtle, ninja-like fruitiness following shortly after is more my thing than the emphasis on rich sherry and other sweet tasting tones in the Glen15. Blue Label, and Black for that matter, remind me of the smells of the West Sussex countryside in England; where hay bundles, dewy grass, damp mud and salty air define the daily sensory experience. If your childhood was not as such, your experience of Blue Label may, naturally, differ. A conservative rating of 7 taking into account my bias for Johnnie Walker's flavour profiles, peatier malts, and inexperience of single malts and other high end blends -- It IS much better than Black Label. I'm surprised at those who think otherwise. Blue Label is so much smoother, richer, warming and nuanced. Tastes better too. And I have guzzled enough Black Label to drown Aquaman.

3rd April 2014

Not worth the Price, even half-the-price.

Okay, at the very outset let me tell you, amongst the several Restaurant & Hotel franchises I OWN, includes franchises of 8 Very High End Fine Dining Restaurants in 4 Continents (NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST/ASIA & AFRICA). I have noticed a distinct trend, rich patrons in my Middle East, Asia, Africa restaurant routinely order this Drink, not because, they understand the finer nuances of a Whiskey but, because it is considered a status symbol in those societies. So, yes inadvertently this Whiskey does provide me with a Bulk of my Liquor sales in those territories. That does not mean this whiskey is GREAT. Far from it, this whiskey leave aside its smooth & silky feel, is devoid of any subtle tasting notes or any life altering flavors. At best Blue Label is mediocre, and anyone who pays that kind of money on this Dram of piss, is imbecile and a show off. I am talking of even the Anniversary edition. If better sense prevailed and people really knew what they were sipping then I would suggest Macallan 21 or, Oban 21. If they are not too fussy about single Malt scotch then I suggest they try Thomas H Handy Sazerac or, if they are lucky order for a dram of Pappy Van Vinkle. Lucky because the original Weller recipe won't be out before middle of 2016. Btw I think amongst true Whiskey connoisseurs Bourbon is gaining big TIME.

26th March 2014

not all that

Bells is a much better blended whisky than this and far cheaper.

14th March 2014

Rocks My Socks

WOW JWB is smooth as silk, and does what it intends to do... gets me hammered. Who gives a toss about single, blended ect and the like. Yes is is expensive, but that is the whole point. BMW's are the best car on the road, but shit it looks good having one....

7th March 2014

The Best

Smooth, Clean and Delicious. The best blend there is available. To the single malt snobs, lighten up.

22nd February 2014


Would love to put this up to somebody without labels and compare it to something else. I think the Blue Label makes people think that it is fantastic, when actually, it's not. Big time branding has an influence on people.

19th February 2014

DIP SPIT!!!! What does it mean???

I have never written a review before but felt compelled to do so on reading a previous review from someone who described Johnnie walker's Blue Label as "dip spit"!!! I take it this is an American term? I live in the town of Kilmarnock,Ayrshire,Scotland where J.W. Was born and died and I think that the world wide trade in his numerous whiskies speaks for itself.I am not a whisky drinker but my husband is and we travel worldwide and have the good fortune to be in the USA at least four times a year.The moto of this story being....what a pity more Americans don't travel!!

22nd January 2014

Carlo Von Schleppenhammer III

Way, way sweet for my money. Tastes cheap. And to think I could have had three or four bottles of laphroig for the money. Bugger.

31st December 2013

Not For Me

For my taste and nose, it was too much smoke and charred leather that gave way to a bitter finish. I found the Chivas Royal Salute 21 to be a much more smooth and engaging blend than the JW Blue. When I shared the Blue with good friends, they tried to appreciate it but never asked for a second pour. They asked for a second pour of the Royal Salute 21. It may be great for someone else, but I won't be buying any more Blue Label.

30th December 2013

Just Couldn't Get Impressed with J.W. Blue

For the price, I was expecting something exceptionally smooth. I was not impressed. For my taste, there was too much smoke and leather in the start and I found the finish harsh/bitter (nearly chemical, IMO). I gave the bottle a number of chances over the course of a year, so my impression wasn't just a one off. I have since tried the Chivas Royal Salute 21 year old blended whiskey and found it to be much smoother and a more pleasant experience from start to finish compared to J.W. Blue.

25th December 2013

J.W Blue Label 8.5/10

Hands down the best blended whisky I've ever had, This really has it all Chocolate Toffee, Spice, Fruit, Smoke, Floral with a slight Cardboard note. I still think it carries a high price tag but it's a beautiful blend & I would recommend everyone try a sample!

19th November 2013

Tis good stuff, but it won't change your life.

This is a very good blended whiskey, anyone who does not agree is tripping... This is a very good scotch... That said its expensive for what it is, for 130 quid you cold get a very intersting single malt like a glenfarclas 30 or such like. In that context this is poor value if it was 40 quid a pop it would be good stuff fir that mark.. It's good just not great and not worth the dollar... But it's not rubbish.

3rd November 2013


This isa good product it's. Good blend gets better the longer opened and he the whole range of flavours running though it. Remember it also an experience drinking it is about the rare splashes of whiskey that am it up and fat it contain whiskey you could ever obtain or afford any other way. Th issue is the price is this was 40 quid a bottle it's would've the best thing ever but 130 a bottle a steep... One to saviour mine comes out when I had. Guest I wan to treat or I want to do something o treat myself bottle lasts me year as I tend to have single malt...but it's cant be said this is bad..jut expensive nod u ca get better for the money...but it's certainly an experience...

31st October 2013


After Black Label and single malt Johnnie Walker Green, I was expecting to be transported to another realm. Alas, a huge let-down. Very pleasant, but inappropriately positioned as Johnnie Walkers top Scotch.

30th October 2013

Not the best value

Tried this at a Christmas get together, although it was fairly flavorful I found it a little boring for myself. I also don't prefer whiskey to taste more like a liqueur, so for me the new gold label reserve is much better value and a great dram.

8th October 2013

Love it

Fantastic Whisky, one glass is never enough.

22nd September 2013

Bad value

Don't get this as anything other than a collector's item

20th September 2013


Smoothe a drink you can have when not in the mood for strong whiskey

10th September 2013


Find J.W blue thick and oily .as I said gold is the one

1st September 2013


Find it verry overrated and expensive .try jw gold .now that is what I call a great and affordable drink

1st September 2013

so, so...

What can I say? Disappointing and very average. I have had more bottles of whisky than I can count over the years and this price range is around my normal/average spend on a bottle. Won't be getting another one of these, I've had better blends and single malts for half this price, with twice the "wow" factor. You want a good blend at this price? Get a bottle of Hibiki 21 year old. Let's not forget that "super rare" whisky is usually old and tired whisky, those nudging 30years old need to be carefully handled, but I guess Diageo slap them into JW Blue and blend the bad casks off.

18th August 2013

@ LOL @ those who say they know $50 scotch that is better!

As the saying goes, opinions are like A$$h0les-everybody has one. I think you forgot to put MY OPINION in front of "First of all, blended whiskey is better than single malt." My advice is to have an open mind. I do prefer mostly single malts but do have a bottle of Blue now & then. Occasionally I can be had on special at AU$160.

28th July 2013

Ultra smooth

This is a blend and as such is very nice. Taste is subjective thing but it has a bit of everything very drinkable. Not as complex as some single malts but its a very different beast and should not be compared. If it wasn't for the price point it would score more, very good blend up with balantines 17. Über smooth, think for price though its not great value and if the price scares you off try gold for a good experience at a fraction of the price, But as a blend one of the better ones you can get..

12th July 2013

Failed to meet admittedly lofty expectations

This spirit is definitely one of those that possess some degree of universal awareness of its existence and cost in society, as I've noticed (not referring to anyone here, but personal observation) people refer to it with reverance regardless of actual experience with it. A comment someone made to me that embodies this phenomena was "... until you've had Blue, then there's just no going back" with regard to my enjoyment of Black on the rocks as one of my "staple" drinks. Really? lol Hope that was sufficient context... as stated, I suppose my expectations were unattainable from all I'd heard about Blue, because I was underwhelmed from the first sip to the last drop of the bottle. To this day I will take Gold over Blue in a heartbeat, and price is only a small part of the reason. Sure it's smooth and "pretty good," but I don't pay 200 a bottle for "pretty good," especially when I can be perfectly satisfied with Black for a fraction. My advice is try it with an unsullied [mental] pallete and judge for yourself. Like someone else already said, you can make your own conclusions on what you consider "good" or "worth it." Personally, I'll continue to reach for the Gold, but still appreciate Blue for what it is.

3rd July 2013

An Underwhemling Dram

I must say that I personally found Johnnie Walker Blue Label to be to akin to a watered down flavourless blended scotch, but with a ridiculous price tag. Its seems like a scotch aimed at those who don't like scotch at all! The weak palate and non-existent aftertaste made for a disappointing dram. For a such a large price I was expecting a lot more, and in this price range i would suggest the Glenfarclas 175 Anniversary or the Chivas Regal 25yr old, both of these blends are head and shoulders above JW Blue Label in 'Class' and more importantly, nose and taste!

1st July 2013

Early Morning

You need to try this particular Whisky at around 9.00 am on a cold and frosty morning down by a Scottish salmon river, Nectar. I am a single malt man too.

7th June 2013

I love Whisky.

JP you are quite correct, you are most probably worth lots more than a bottle of Blue is a nice drop however.......have you tried the Explorers` Club Collection ? It`s a dash sight cheaper and not bad at all....I picked up a bottle en route back to Scotland from Florida last week...Nice.... Enjoy retirement.

7th June 2013

I like

Forgot to put +5 to counter the unfair negatives

6th June 2013

I like

JW don't turn out junk. Lot of people don't like because of the word blend. All JW I have had are the smoothest whisky around. Had a shot at an event. I love cause it cost a fortune and has the rarest whiskies out there contained within. Huh

6th June 2013

Taste like dip spit

Not a scotch drinker, but I was expecting a very smooth whiskey. I felt like I was drinking someone's dip spit. I will stick to crown reserve.

1st June 2013

Some things you buy just because you want them.

It's funny to read single malt fans complain about the price point of this blended malt compared to cheaper single malts. Nobody is buying blue label because it has by far the best tasting. You buy blue label for just that, it's blue label. You buy it for the same reasons you buy an Omega, Rolex, luxury cars, oxford shoes, Items of this nature. Are there other things that perform equally for a lower price? Sure. But, I've earned it. I want Blue label.

12th May 2013

innocent criminal

Really good drop of a blend whiskey,enjoy it and love it.thanks johnny walker.

4th May 2013

innocent criminal

Good day,if you enjoy a good taste of smoky and fruity whiskey the blue label is the one.johnny blue is not a single malt,which im a big fan of.but it is a really peaceful and good blend from the old Johnny walker.

1st May 2013

LOL @ those who say they know $50 scotch that is better!

I laugh at the people who say they can find a better scotch for $50. I guess taste is subjective, but come on. First of all, blended whiskey is better than single malt. It's amusing to hear young men say that single malt is better just because they've been conditioned to think that. MY OPINION is that JW Blue is probably the best tasting scotch at this price point. My favorite everyday scotch is JW Black. All of the sheep need to learn to think and taste for themselves. Quit regurgitating reviews that you've read online from some "professional" taster. Most (not all) of these people giving JW Blue bad reviews are just repeating something they heard said buy some guy that they wish they could be, lol.

23rd April 2013



15th April 2013

What does this taste like?

The only useful comments here told me about the whisky. JP sounds like a ****. For the others who so sanctimoniously pointed out that this was a 'blend' not a 'malt', congratulations. You have pointed out a basic fact about whisky- was it worth commenting or do you think everyone else understands that? Aside from the fact this whisky uses only malts, c.f. a standard 'blend' which uses malts, clearly anyone using this website must have accepted a leniency in the semantics of 'malt' as this also sells blends, liqueurs and barware. Pure class, I hope you enjoyed the whisky!!

9th April 2013

unless you want ....

For the above

11th March 2013

unless you want some smoke buy Chivas instead

Maybe my untrained palate is not up to the task but I find this whisky far too harsh to enjoy. Having added some water it did become more drinkable. However, if you want a blended malt you are better off buying Chivas Regal.

11th March 2013

Not worth the price tag

Overpriced diageo lousy product.

28th February 2013

JP doesn't know anything about life or whiskey

Blue Label is not stellar but it is good. It's a marketing ploy. But hey JP, get a life bro! You must be unemployed. Don't hate the player.....hate the game!

24th February 2013


Most of the review's on this site forget this whiskey is not trying to be a malt ?. And it was voted the best blended whiskey more than once in the last 10 years. I am a true whiskey malt drinker and I would say as a blend this is the best I have ever tasted bar none. So I would say it would give any malt a run for it's money?.

24th January 2013

Someone doesn't know his 'malt' from his 'blended'!!

Someone doesn't know his 'malt' from his 'blended'!!

18th January 2013

To expensive

Too expensive Price should be same range as COGNAC XO Remey, Hennesy , courvoisier Whiskey's are. From Corn, Malt , etc Cognac is from grapes

12th January 2013


Love it just got bottle from my mate.

14th December 2012

Nothing wrong with this

Too expensive for what it is. $90-$120 would be more reasonable.

29th November 2012

Akibul monbal

First time I tasted it, its very good, I like to drink on the rock. Awesome

28th November 2012

Nilesh Gupta

It's very good in taste, smoky, little spice flavour...

28th November 2012

It takes 3rd place

Not anything wrong with this whatsoever, a nice drink for sure but I prefer the axed Green label over it and the Platinum sits at the top of my list, incredibly smooth easy drinking whisky.

28th October 2012


HE COMPRADO ESTA BOTELLA SIEMPRE a 140 euros -es carisima el precio que vendeis

6th September 2012

John stone

Not a whisky drinker as such but sampled some of this stuff at a wedding. Wish I could afford to buy a couple of bottles for a treat now and again.

4th September 2012

Karl Dunne.

I have tried is ugood for the money...can't wait for the second bottle...with friends...Johnny Walker...good job...I wonder how it compares to Blue Label..

7th August 2012

Absolutely a RIP-OFF

Very good whisky but not the GREAT whisky I was expecting for the amount I paid for it. A $50 whisky can perfectly beat it. Disappointed and will never buy again.

6th August 2012

Karl Dunne

I have tried the Platinum..hope the Blue label is as good..

2nd August 2012

Blended bubba, NOT single malt!

Pffft, amigo, its blended not a single malt. Please. And they don't pass it off as a single malt, they clearly say its a blend of their finest. And it tastes great. I mean even if a whiskey drinker does a blind tasting, he may not be able to identify it but he'll know he's drinking an exclusive expensive whiskey. It just tastes so..

20th July 2012


it never ceases to amaze me how easily people can be fooled into believing a product is amazing just by being told that doing so will mean they are sophisticated. much in the same way you can put dodgy leather in a car and sell it as a luxury vehicle (at least in america). at about $190 a bottle, if you think it's worth it, it means you don't know what you're on about. it's not bad as such, but it is MASSIVELY over-priced. there's definitely no shortage of single malts that are just as good or better at about a third of the price.

29th May 2012


very special at this price

18th April 2012



31st March 2012


Diamonds maybe a womans best friend, but Johnny blue is a mans best friend. My name is Mike, 30 living in Amman, Jordan, and by far this is my drink of choice.

14th December 2011


Diamonds maybe a womans best friend, but Johnny blue is a mans best friend. My name is Mike, 30 living in Amman, Jordan, and by far this is my drink of choice.

14th December 2011

Get your facts right

Johnny Walker Blue Label is not a malt whisky it is blended.

1st December 2011

A minature now no more

I have had in my cabinet a miniature of Blue Label for a good number of decades now having kindly been given it by one of the people at JW who I knew. I am now 65 and thought what a shame not to have given this whisky an opening so I took the 'initiative' and opened it and placed it in a glass. All I can say is that I am glad I did and have now well satisfied my curiosity as to what lay within that bottle that has now been spirited away. Thank you JW.

28th September 2011

Go For Green

As others have said, the JW is certainly "nice", as in "harmless". If it was not so ridiculously expensive, I'd always have a bottle at hand for people who don't like the taste of Whisky, to show them that Whisky drinking can be painless. But my guess is that those who like Whisky and Scotch that has character, will find the JW Blue a bit insipid. At 1/4 of the price, I personally find the JW Green infinitely better.

5th August 2011

Bit of a let down...

I have to say I had very high expectations of this whisky, but I feel that it falls quite short of the mark... This whisky looks good, it smells good but it just seems to be lacking something on the palate and finish. Personally, I prefer the Black and Green label from JW.

2nd July 2011


I have been given a litre of "Blue Label" as a gift and it is excellent, being Irish we spell our whiskey with an "e" (rather like the Americans). But will someone advise "The Americans" that it is an excellent ..blended whisky...and not a malt !!

29th June 2011


I found this whisky fine but really nowhere near as good as a single malt you could buy for less than £50. It was very smooth and there were hints of complexity in the nose but the one word that springs to mind is 'thin'. It disappears in the mouth and doesn't have the finish you'd expect for the price and heritage.

26th April 2011



25th February 2011


Tried a sample of JW's premier blend. Yes, it was OK, indeed really smooth, but no special flavours or unique taste to my mind. I was underwhelmed. I am sure it has some very old and rare malts in the blend, and I am glad I tried it, but not worth over £100 a bottle for me. I'll stick with the JW Black if I want a blend, and spend the rest on some of the hundreds of other interesting malts on this site.

23rd January 2011

JP probably got fired

and thats why he's so upset. Or maybe you retired and no one cared enough to give you a bottle of baby formula. Grow up and worry about yourself. He may be "Pure class" but your "no class."

19th January 2011

Why so angry JP?

It's a $189 bottle of Whiskey and worth a try. I like the flavor, but prefer the distinct taste of a single malt.

5th December 2010

A class all its own

As I sat on the front porch of my southern colonial home on that brisk autumn eve, I knew that only one spirit would provide me with the class I so desired. Johnny Walker Blue Label, I declare, a classy malt indeed. I've always felt class to be the most important attribute in my distilled spirits. Blue never fails to deliver. A classy malt. Nay, the classiest of all malts. I hope this autumn never ends.

28th November 2010


Congratulations Pure class on sacrificing your entire life for subservience and ass kissing for a mere bottle of $150 whiskey. May you play golf in Florida once! (because that seems to be all your lifetime work was worth)

28th November 2010

i am satish

really good u also try

30th July 2010

Ian H. Ferguson A.G.I.

Excellent dram.

8th June 2010

Pure class

Was given this lovely whiskey as a retirement gift from work. In the premium price bracket you cant go far wrong - for the smooth taste, stays in the mouth for ages! A classy malt.

6th October 2009

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