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The Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition)

(72cl, 45.0%)
The Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition)

Whisky Advent Calendar Details

(Drinks by the Dram)

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Whisky or Whiskey

What's in a name? The Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition) whisky is called whisky because it's produced in Scotland. Were it from America it would be spelled The Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition) whiskey, rather than whisky.

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Whisky Advent Calendar Bottling Note

First came sliced bread. It was the best thing. Nothing could touch it. Nothing, that is, until Drinks By The Dram created The Whisky Advent Calendar! Now returning for a second outing, it still laughs in the face of chocolate advent calendars. "Ha!"

Behind each of the 24 windows lies a different 3cl sample dram of delicious whisky! This year, be sure to count down to Christmas in style! As each calendar is the same you'll be able to discuss the dram that's revealed each day, whether it be a single malt Scotch whisky or some other treat from around the world, with other proud owners of one of the very best things ever.

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Nobody's missing out around here - Merry Christmas!!!

*SPOILER ALERT* You can view the contents below if you really want to know by selecting 'Read more' - although we've still placed them in a random order so the surprise won't be completely ruined!

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User Reviews of the Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition)


Wow....I got this at Christmas and here we are towards the end of February and I just reached number 24.....a 40 year old masterpiece from the first distillery that I ever visited, and who first introduced me to the wonders of a true single malt experience....Glenfarclas! Every one of the 24 was superb in its own way....from Swedish to Japanese to Yankee bourbons...and yes...even the odd blend!! What a mix, a delight, a genuine discovery! Thanks so much for allowing us the chance to sample....but bigger thanks goes to my wife, Karen, for her infinite wisdom in buying this for me...a very lucky chap!! Bruce.

24th February 2014

Worth the money and the best adult avent calendar out there!

I bought this as a present for myself for 2013. I was scorned by friends for buying it but I think this was more due to jealousy than any other reason. I enjoyed every dram and it was nice to go out on a 40 year old Glenfarclas! People moaning about price should at least see the contents before commenting. It's not 24 nips of jonny walker! I'll be buying another one for this year :)

27th January 2014


This is the best thing you could buy yourself or a whisky lover as a gift. The variety in this collection is amazing. If you get it and follow it with advent the anticipation of opening a new dram each night makes it more fun than just having a glass. There were new drams from favorite distilleries and more than half of the distilleries I had never even heard of. As a beginner/intermediate whisky connoisseur there is no better way to try a wide variety of whiskies. Enjoy!

25th December 2013

Best present

my wife bought me this and it's been so good. many, many thanks. just had the Christmas Eve 40 yr old for breakfast (not been brave enough to have the others in the morning) and I have a happy glow. merry Christmas!

24th December 2013

The best present!

I have had so much fun with this, and still four days to go! I will miss the nightly ritual of opening the window and finding a fantastic dram behind. If you did this in a 365 day version, I'd buy!! Roll on next year's offering!

20th December 2013

Re: Next year!

You still get all the whisk(e)y :) You just have to play catch-up; trust me, it's not so bad!

18th December 2013


Yes like many others i did think twice (well more like a hundred times) whether spending this much on a calendar would be worth it. But the look on my husbands face was priceless! Like many others have posted, he looks forward to opening it, researching it, and then looks forward to tasting it as a nightcap. He has been able to sample whiskys that he would never have thought to try. Money well spent! thank you :)

11th December 2013

Next year!

Wish I had known about this sooner, would have bought one ..... now if it was offered at a discount since part way through Dec. I shall try to remember for next year as it looks great!

7th December 2013

Transformed to Child

I bought this for my father who transforms in to a child in the mornings. This is by far the best present I have ever got my dad. The whisky selection so far has been varied and high quality. As above, if you have anyone dear to you, who loves whisky and difficult to buy for, this is defiantly an excellent gift for them.

7th December 2013


I am a Scotchie who recently branched out into ryes. My wife says I am impossible to buy scotch for, because my collection has just about everything that she could imagine already in it. Well, she got me the premium calendar for Christmas and, obviously, couldn't hold on to it. The first dram was Old Hobart from Australia. Never heard of it, but Murray's Whisky Bible gives it a 90. The second was a Grant's 25-y.o. blend. Never had that either. Who knows what the third one will be. What a chance to explore! This is going to be a great Christmas. I'm with the guys above whose agony it is to get past breakfast when it is unfashionable to have whisky at that hour.

7th December 2013

Wonderful gift

I just received one from longtime friends. A great gift that goes well beyond the cost per ounce. It's a chance to try new whiskies and enjoy familiar ones. A true indulgence that lasts for weeks. High quality, solid packaging, delicious whisky. Would 100% recommend as a gift for anyone in your life who enjoys scotch / whisky.

4th December 2013

Absolutely loving it

A brilliant present received. Loving my daily surprise and wee dram :-)

4th December 2013

So far so good

Three days and so far three nice whiskies. Can't wait to see the 24th - last year it was a real treat for Christmas Eve. Also getting a lot of jealous comments on FB...:)

3rd December 2013


72cl = 24.346us fl oz. That makes it about $10 an ounce. Yes it is expensive. But it sure made my husband happy.

2nd December 2013

24 days of joy

Yes it's expensive but worth it to see the genuine look of love on my partner's face when he unwrapped it and realised that he now just has to have a nightcap every day till Xmas. We are on day 2 and a natural rhythm is emerging; he opens that day's door at breakfast and then researches that whisky online. Rest of day spent looking forward to tasting it after supper. Actually, on day one we had it at breakfast on porridge with cream. Bliss.

2nd December 2013

Mrs E Blears

I have just purchased this as a treat for my Dad who will be counting down to his 80th Christmas! He was very excited to receive it. I was also, very disappointed with the cardboard packaging, which was scratched in a couple of places, but really it was the basic cardboard container that was a surprice when spending £150.00, it is not very glam.

1st December 2013


packaging poor. Also details of how best to taste missing. eg should it be chilled? should it be with tonic? or as a martini? A little more etail would make a big difference must admit though that my first taster was brilliant

1st December 2013

Yay it's opening day!

Well it's finally arrived, but the agony now is I have to wait as scotch is not allowed for breakfast in our house. So far I'm very impressed with the reviews of the first bottle I'm looking forward to my wee dram tonight!

1st December 2013

@ Packaging sucks

We're very sorry to hear that - has it been damaged at all? Please don't hesitate to get in contact with Customer Service ( - 01892888376) and we'll do what we can to rectify the situation! - The Chaps at Master of Malt

29th November 2013

Packaging sucks

I can't vouch for the contents, as its a present for somebody else, but as its a present I'm very disappointed with the packaging.

28th November 2013

I'm totally confused by the price!

I mean, sure it's quality whiskey...but $20 per ounce?!!!! That is f!@#$ing ridiculous!

25th November 2013

Best. Gift. Ever.

I won major points last year with this gift, my boyfriend LOVED it. Can't wait to get it again this year! It's expensive, but for 31 days of tasty and unique gifts, it's worth every penny!

19th November 2013

Best thing of 2012 returns...

Had so much fun with this last year, can't wait to get my hands on this year's! Enjoyed it so much last year we even ordered a load more drams for our wedding favours... Whisky for the men, gin for the ladies...!!

30th October 2013

Amazing selection

I started opening mine a little early as i could not contain my excitement, worth every cent this calendar is amazing with a great variety of Whiskys and they are all beautifully packaged. Would make an amazing present for any whisky lover out there!

29th October 2013

Whisky calendar...

bought this for my husband... can't wait to see his face.. I will help him enjoy throughout December. Can you do a RUM calendar for me please...

16th October 2013

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