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Bell's Original

(70cl, 40.0%)
Bell's Original

Bell's Original Details


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Whisky or Whiskey

What's in a name? Bell's Original whisky is called whisky because it's produced in Scotland. Were it from America it would be spelled Bell's Original whiskey, rather than whisky.

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Bell's Original Bottling Note

The United Kingdom's most popular blended Scotch whisky, this is the standard release of Bell's Original, with notes of fresh herbs on the nose with cereal sweetness on the palate.
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Bell's Original (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Quite soft and gentle. Malted barley and hints of cut herbs and a fresh floral note. Cereal and grist with a little honey.

Palate: Quite smooth, medium body. Barley and cereals with nut oils, hints of wood and spice.

Finish: Short with notes of fruitcake and smoke.

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User Reviews of the Bell's Original

good value budget blend -continued

note- Nice to move onto after a higher quality whisky. After 3 or 4 nips, it improves greatly- Which isn't unusual.

28th August 2014

Good value budget blend

Refined for a budget whisky- you can taste the 8 year minimum in the smoothness- Whisper of Islay smoke- Thoughtful blend, subtly complex for the money- The tickly nose made me sneeze and it just was part of the fun.

28th August 2014

Nogood boyo

Don't waste your money, invest in a decent cooking whiskey such as Grants

3rd July 2014

8 Years, should have been life!

This blended whisky is not very good, The product name describes the repeat purchsers.

24th May 2014

Only drink Bells after a couple of decent Single Malt Doubles

On its own its dire. I Purchased 2no. 1 ltr bottles from mozzers for £14.50, worst popular blended i have ever tasted. Found that if you keep it in reserve and have a couple of decent shots of a good single malt first, the 3rd double from Bells seems fine. "Warning, may ruin a hot toddy"

23rd May 2014

oh dear

Whisky for the alcoholics, it is rough and ready and gets you drunk and angry quickly, its only 15% malt and nearly all of that is Bells own Blair Atholl distillery. It used to be good years ago, they even put an age statement of 8 years on the bottle, and it had rich Islay and fruity Speyside malts, its gone downhill like most blends. Famous Grouse and Teachers are much better.

28th April 2014

You get what you pay for

Seen this on offer in asda for only £15 for a litre bottle and was on a budget so reluctantly took the plunge. Wish Id paid abit extra now and got something decent. Its not too bad tho. Lots of Caramel, tastes of cheap sugar . Has got a bit of peat in there going for it which is a plus. I will drink it but probley never buy again

8th April 2014

Whisky Celt ...

Its real whisky for real men. How can so many be so negative about a grate Scotch that puts hair on a man's chest ?....... "Get some ball's yu faggots"

24th March 2014



21st February 2014

Mediocre at best.

Not bad, but not good either. Rather harsh. For the same style and price range, I personally prefer Whyte & Mackay.

8th February 2014

Not the worst, but best avoided

Better than no scotch. Fair nose, but otherwise second rate stuff.

5th January 2014

The best Whisky you can buy for the price.

Great tasteing Whisky. You cannot get better for the price, full-stop.

30th December 2013

Great if you have no tatsebuds

The only enjoyment you will get from this whisky is the absolute pleasure you will feel when your pouring it down the sink.

28th December 2013

Mitch from Russia

I really like it. Good blend. Good distillery. Good choice. Good price. Don't compare it with premium whisky.

4th November 2013

Bloody awful.....

Instant heartburn and horrible face pull follow.... only acceptable in a hot whiskey when loaded up with a cold. Jason Breen.

1st November 2013

Top Seller

@ big john because most people have no taste.

14th October 2013


One for the alcoholics, file alongside Tennents and Buckfast. Unforgivingly harsh and sweet.

14th October 2013

Worst whiskey I've ever tasted

At first I thought someone was trying to poison me. Then I was told it was whiskey. Couldn't believe. Avoid this at all costs.

24th August 2013

Don't waste your money

I am drinking this fast just to get rid of it. Can't wait until it is gone. I have been trying out many cheap blended scotches. This has got to be the worst I have encountered. Try Teachers if you are looking for a decent blended scotch at a good price.

21st August 2013

High marks

1-Teachers. 2-Bells. 3-Grants 4-Famous Grouse.

26th June 2013

Combine Harvester Accident

if I accidentally got my leg caught in a combine harvester and Bells was the only thing I had nearby to anaesthetise the pain prior to hacking it free with a rusty saw then id have to flip a coin as to what would cause me more discomfort. you only live once, so don't be a tightwad and spend a few quid more on a bottle of decent malt from the 1000's available, else go teetotal

29th May 2013

It's got my endorsement Part II!

Forgot to rate it! Top scale!

3rd April 2013

It's got my endorsement!

Lucked into a Bell from the '60's in an antique shop. Surprised to find it full of whisky. Cracked the seal, dug out the cork, damn fine whisky. Damn stuff is older than I am at 47!

3rd April 2013

The Old Funker

Taste of rubber. Its cheap when you need a drop.

25th January 2013

big john

If its so bad,why is it the top seller in Scotland?

17th January 2013


Watered toilet cleaner, I'm sure.

2nd January 2013


I always have half a bottle in the morning as an eye-opener. Cannot start the day without it.

14th December 2012

Cocktail fodder

If you love Whisky buy a decent malt and enjoy. Bells is cheap (but not nasty) and I use it as a base for cocktails, nothing more. Drink Bells neat and at least you know your plaque levels will have dropped, but listerine is cheaper!

25th November 2012


Goes down a treat after a few cans of Special Brew.

13th August 2012

Tramp Juice.

Bells is bloody awful! If this is the only Scotch you have had and you hate it then I beg you to try a decent single malt. If I drank brake fluid I'd imagine it would taste better than this monstrosity. As a cheaper alternative I would recommend either drinking diesel or jet A1.

8th August 2012


I avoid Bells at all cost now, utter tripe.

6th August 2012

ok ish!

great for the money but average overall. i will drink it if its given to me but would not buy myself. very average i think.

30th March 2012


How can whisky be sooooo bad. avoid it.

30th March 2012

Colin Myers

Lovely on a cold night in front of an open fire.

30th March 2012

John Murphy.

Always drink this stuff. You cannot go wrong with it.

30th March 2012

Good with cheese.

A little nip with a nice cheese and its spot on for taste.

30th March 2012

not so bad for the price

good whiskey for the price overall.

30th March 2012

Not the best.

had better had worse

30th March 2012

Richard Thomas

The best Whisky ever. I love this stuff and drink loads of it.

30th March 2012

Mediocre, bordering on rotgut

Bell's isn't quite as bad as some are making it out, but it's pretty god damned bad.

26th February 2012


Do goats eat fried eggs and do they like tap dancing?

28th January 2012

Not For Some

There is something off about the aftertaste of this whisky, I've seen some people compare it to coriander and various other herbs but I can't quite pinpoint it myself. A few of my friends have absolutely no trouble drinking this and enjoying it but both me and another friend of mine cannot physically stand the aftertaste, it actually makes me shudder when I try to drink it. This is a shame because newcomers to scotch might end up buying this and being put off scotch for life.

23rd January 2012


as for me, it's mediocre swill

14th October 2011

Great no afterburn like some

very nice with a bit of fresh pinapple. but a 70cl bottle don,t last a day so please keep whacking it out by the litre or next size up (barrel).

31st August 2011

The last resort

A mediocre taste at best. Poor nose and flavour. Best consumed quickly- Left to breathe it turns amazingly flat and dull pretty fast with a taste medicinal Chinese herb roots. What Fruitcake,honey and fresh floral notes? I'd rather drink JW Red than this.

22nd May 2011

Pure class

Sounds like most of the reviewer's had a bit too much--- of something!!

14th May 2011

Uncle peter

Forget your lagavulins and your taliskers. You can keep them. The others arent even in the same street compared to thee. The bell calls me to dinner. A fruity refreshing taste

7th March 2011

Very Nice and unique

Was introduced to Bell's about 20 years ago. Very nice flavor.

25th February 2011

review of bells

ignore every other review it is an excellent drink

31st January 2011


You're better off painting your fence with this stuff rather than drinking it.

14th January 2011


Very peaty and harsh I should say - why no warning Morrisons?

27th November 2010

Tramp balls and toilet duck

Tastes like a vagrant's nut-sack dipped in cleaning fluid (or at least what I imagine that might taste like). Unless you're a hardened alcoholic (and if you're looking at whisky reviews you may well be... albeit a rich one) then this isn't going to go down smooth.

3rd February 2010

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