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Gentleman Jack

(70cl, 40.0%)
Gentleman Jack
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(49 Reviews)
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Gentleman Jack Bottling Note

More impressive and upmarket version of the classic American Whiskey - Jack Daniels.

Gentleman Jack (3cl Sample)
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User Reviews of the Gentleman Jack


Dont bother

22nd April 2016


Not terrible but not far off unfortunately. Had a few bourbons recently that put this to shame - Beam Devils cut, Bulleit etc. This tasted slightly bland, very alcoholy with a rough/bitter aftertaste.

15th April 2016

Basically water

Had a bottle for a ceremony today. General concensus was that gentleman jack has no flavor or kick.

13th April 2016

Drink or pour the sink?

I received a bottle of this as a present and only looked up how much it costs because I'm thinking of pouring the rest down the sink. I am a big whiskey fan, I know this is a bourbon but I have still had some I enjoyed however I find this simply repulsive. My wife has even tried mixing it with every mixer in the house but still can't make that sickly aftertaste go away. The good comments below sound more like an advertisement than someone who actually bought this and the bad comments confirm what I thought in the first place. I'm going to tip the rest down the sink.

29th March 2016

Utter crap

Even worse than No.7 and I didn't think that was possible!! Paint thinner would have been a better drink choice. Anyone scoring this highly has literally no idea about Tennessee Whiskey. Absolute dogs***

14th March 2016


I've drank too much good whiskey to drink this. I'm mad at myself for buying it. I'm a neat freak, but I'll have to break my rule and choke it down with Mexian Coke. I did enjoy the honey rasin notesw though.

8th March 2016

Paint Thinner.

Smells like glue or paint thinner and taste like bubblegum-infused vodka.
Sorry Jack...

8th March 2016

Banana Spit

When I drink whiskey--and maybe I mean Rye or a spicy Bourbon--the last thing that I look for is a healthy dose of banana that not only hits my nose, but buries my taste buds. Granted, the banana flavor/nose ultimately ebbs into a bit of spice/pepper finish, but the banana kind of morphs into a gummy resin kind of flavor, which is not to my liking.

1st March 2016

Its eh.

I drink scotch and whiskey on the rocks...this one is very childish. It's super sweet and tastes like bubblegum with some fruit mixed in. I'd say it's good for beginners/children/man-children but it's way overpriced. Makers Mark, Jameson, JW Black, and even Bulleit is...more manly. I'd compare this to one of those syruppy Samuel Adams beers, like the cherry wheat. Anyone saying it's anything more than what I said is a noob; I'm especially talking about the "Best of the BestSour Mash Whiskey" guy. He must work for them.

28th February 2016

Best of the BestSour Mash Whiskey

An outstanding taste which is mild enough to be served neat but also is strong enough to be a good mixer for ladies. The smell is satisfying to the nose and pleasant to the palate. A Smooth drinking and satisfying mixture of only the best grains and Tennessee limestone water and aged in Charcoal barrels of white oak which dates back over 100 years and twice filtered through a charcoal bed. An outstanding whisky which can be enjoyed by everyone.

22nd February 2016


I've just recently started drinking whiskey in general, this is the 4th brand I've tried between this, woodford reserve, Bulleit Bourbon, and Knob Creek, this is definitely the worst one. Still pretty drinkable on the rocks and whatnot, Pretty strong charcoal taste for me, and pretty corny in flavor.

9th February 2016

Just plain bland

Quite bland an rough when neat, even after adding water this hugely benefits from having a lid placed over the glass and left for 10 minutes before coming back to it. The whole thing is very restrained and in the back. Subtle flavours: Vanilla, Molasses (possibly), maybe aniseed, very light spice, slightly floral I think, a bit gummy. Then, after sitting for a good twenty minutes whilst covered with a lid, a more obvious and pleasent smell of sour cherry sweeties is their, like the very sour ones that make your mouth tighten up. But even that fades a way relatively quickly revealing a corny smell (I am doubting there was much rye in this), a very grainy whiskey. On the tongue their is a very faint roughness, but the spirit is generally very smooth (in a bad way though, it lacks flavour). There is a clear charcoal taste. Note: I am tasting this from a miniature, this could be the problem. Overall it is a very challenging nose but in my opinion, not incredibly rewarding. I'd say your money is better spent on a bottle of buffalo trace, it's less expensive and more pleasant.

24th January 2016

Definitely One To Keep For The Liquor Cabinet

I consider myself a novice when it comes to tasting different spirits. Wine, Brandy, Gin and Vodka etc, are not my fortee. However I'm growing my knowledge on tasting Whiskey's and Scotches.

I've never been a fan of Jack Daniels. I'd class JD in with Walker's Red Label; just bad.
I unintentionally picked up this Whiskey without realizing it was JD until I walked out.

This particular Whiskey was extremely easy to pick apart flavours. Calling it "complex" would be justified.
My standard cheap-whiskey's are Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Jim Bean and the like. In Canada, this 750ml bottle was about $38 if my memory serves me correct; slightly higher than the ones mentioned.

I use a Brandy Snifter for the full experience when tasting. And unlike the regular JD; which I could I would dump a bunch of ice and Coke, I'd suit Gentleman Jack to a Brandy Snifter without hesitation. Most Whiskey's will offer a description of notes with "Honey, Dried Fruit, Sherry and Oak. However, those terms seem far too common and lack-luster.

BUT with Gentleman Jack, I INSTANTLY noticed (for the first time) Honey and Dried Fruit. It was quite incredible, in my opinion. The complexity and easily identifiable notes tasted were something only found in Tullamore Dew or expensive Single Malts. It reminded me of Aberfeldy Single Malt, but with more sweetness and body.

To make it short, Honey, Smoke and Dried Fruit (mainly Apricot) were easily recognizable even by an amateur taster such as myself. I feel the double charcoal filtering was a definite asset by for this Whiskey, as it defines the flavours' clarity much more, and smoothed the edges so to speak.

Adding water does WONDERS for this as well, as on the pallet there is a smooth, oily finish but on the swallow itself, there are harsh pins and needle. If you smoke (and if you're a real man, you do, ;)), you will understand this; there are some cigarettes that are smooth but lack complete flavour. But there are some that come with a certain prickly harshness, but provide an intensity of smooth, enjoyable smoke. THAT is what Gentleman Jack is.

I gave Gentleman a very strong 3 and a half simply because the flavour is well-balanced and strong, and provides a full body, living up to the price and reputation of regular JD. I deducted half a star due to having the prickly-effect (which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't promise a different swallow as regular JD) however it was expected from Jack Daniels anyway.

16th January 2016


Never drank whiskey before, cannot taste anything. All it does is burn my tongue.

13th January 2016

Good whiskey

I am no expert at this but i like this whiskey better than Jameson and Wild Turkey. Regular JD i only like with Coke but not this. It's pretty mild and a single ice cube opens it up. It's no crazy fancy drink and i definitely taste the barrel it was in as well as a mild sweetness. Maybe more seasoned drinkers wouldn't like it but i think it's easy to sip. Its very very smooth....

5th January 2016


I have drank all three..
No.7 --Gentleman Jack and Silver Select (Silver Select is not easy to find)
I just love my JD...
I am diabetic so I am also confident about my sugar.... 😀

26th December 2015

good times

Very smooth bourbon. Great with the cigar.

19th December 2015

Not for me

Smooth yes, but just not for me. The premium price didn't put me off, to me it's just not a premium whiskey. At first taste, the thought that came to mind was of an old fashioned mouthwash. I'll stick to aged blends or single malts.

27th September 2015


I have got some whisky experience but gentleman Jack doesn't satisfy me at at all. At first it tastes like water and after that there is too much sweetness. Buy a good single malt whisky for the same money, like for example an abelour 10y

6th September 2015

A Very Good Introductory Whiskey

Clearly Gentleman Jack can't be described as a complex whiskey, but I think it is very tasty and mellow and is almost perfect for introducing someone to whiskey.

30th July 2015

MP Molaole

i was first introduce to GJ by a stranger in a liquor store - wh osaid to me "you want a good whiskey, try Gentleman Jack, i came to buy my regular JD. ever since i drink only GJ, it is smooth, dignified, it makes feel like a king.

My favourite drink

22nd May 2015


Good great wow

13th May 2015


Imagine enjoying a day with your daughter, taking her to nearby parks and enjoying a nice swing. You go home to the Ol" Lady and waiting on the table is a nice home cooked steak along with a baked potato. The night was almost perfect. But Wait! Your wife now pours you a glass of Gentleman Jack, and you take a sip. Watch the sunset as you enjoy the last of your glass. You say to yourself, "Now damn, That's some good Whiskey".

6th March 2015

Gentleman Jack

To me, Gentleman Jack is the reason to put a rocking chair on the front porch.

18th February 2015

long standing favorite.

I fir tasted Gentleman Jack served neat about 4 years ago and have never looked back. For me it's the perfect drink.

4th January 2015

The price is just right for me.

I like Jack Daniels. I then saw the Gentleman Jack. Enjoyed the Gentleman even more so.
Back to the store tomorrow.

20th December 2014

Nice for the price.

If your looking for a smooth whisky for the price, it can't be beat. That being said I'm far from an expert. I just enjoyed it.

11th December 2014


Huge fan of top shelf whiskeys.. This is one even the first timers would enjoy due to how smooth it is!

27th November 2014

Taste buds

The people writing negative reviews I'm sure have no taste buds. Gentlemen Jack has such a moreish taste. I love it. The double filtering makes a difference to the initial hit, it creeps in after a few seconds and that warmth appears pleasantly. I rate it higher than makers mark & buffalo trace.

8th November 2014

For JD lovers only

I must admit I'm not a Jack Daniels fan but aa a whiskey lover I decided to give it a try. I I I was first charmed by the sweet and wooden scent but was greatly disapointed by the (absence of) taste. Frankly this is nothing but an expensive rot gut for drinks. Better off with Crown Royal or Buffalo Trace, just to name a few, in this price range.

2nd November 2014

Not a fan !

To be perfectly honest this is vulgar !. Reading some reviews below more so the review from @Rubbish this person was been kind with his review but I do disagree with the part he/she says about smoking. I don't smoke because I've got asthma but my old man does and he has been on many of whisky trails with me and he has hit every tasting note I did even more he actually can detect the same as some of the malt masters and did so before the Malt masters could utter a word. Jack Daniels is very deceptive once you smell its sweet aroma you would expect the taste to have been sweet as its the sugars you can smell but once it's been through your mouth leaving a trail of limitless bitterness you are let down big time by its vulgar undertones of tannins reminiscent of red wine. I had a bottle of Old no7 and its best used as windscreen washer fluid as you get that sweet smell every time you wash your windscreen with it and at least you won't get any vulgar surprises this way. Stay away from this stuff buy a good single malt and try some whisky from the people who invented it !.

25th October 2014

Worth a 2nd look

I am a fan of original number 7 and drink it straight as well use for mixing drinks. Gentleman Jack however, I only drink neat. It would be shameful to mix ice or cola with this beauty.

12th October 2014

It makes a perfect product better.

When I want to spend a bit more that I do for Old.7 GJ is perfect. Well rounded, smooth with just the right bite.

2nd September 2014

JD hits the right spots.

Switched from Scotch single malts to bourbon a few years back Gentleman Jack and Tenessee Honey both do it for me. GJ is the perfect 'drink it neat' sipping whiskey and TH is a great bourbon for drinking neat, over ice or with a mixer over ice to make a long cooling drink.

27th June 2014


This smells lovely (better than No 7 even) but the taste is just a wall of burnt wood and shoe leather marinated in Old Spice. I dig some folks (smokers presumably) need or want epic in your face stuff like this to drink but the rest of us should probably just pick up a bottle Beam White Label for half the price (literally) and enjoy 2 fingers on the rocks. Its so much nicer. To describe this as complex would be laughable, but compared to even Beam's cheapest bottling, which is in itself not very complex, Gentleman Jack is hugely disappointing. Now to be kind: I found GJ was actually more enjoyable than some cheaper blended malts like Grant's and Chivas 12. But given the price that's hardly a win. 2 stars from me. Don't buy this. Buy a decent Bourbon, there are dozens in this price range!

25th June 2014


I love coke and wanted something to mix with it. After several failed attempts of trying Jagger, Kesslers, crown, and regular Jack. ...I decided to give gentleman a try and the results.! ! Makes for a terrific smooth drink :)

31st March 2014

Georgia boy

nothing like gentleman jack. I agree it's smoother than black label. I also drink some scotch offerings but I have to say this is a pleasure to drink and reminds me of home in the Southern United States. Highly recommended for someone starting to explore whiskey.

11th March 2014

Gentleman Jack

Had a taste of this bourbon a few months back with some friends on a night out and decided to get a bottle.

When I tasted the first glass of my new bottle it tasted very different than the one I tasted the first time, It was less sweet, the caramel seemed almost absent, and it felt much stronger in alcohol%.

Left it it open a few times and after a while it changed completely, very much like the first time I tasted it.

Very enjoyable


26th February 2014

Much better neat

This is a bit weak for my taste - tried the first few on ice. Finally went neat with it and the experience is much better.

15th January 2014

A surprise from Jack D

This really is great to sip. Super smooth and well worth the money. I am a regular $150-$200 Scotch drinker but this is an easy, cheap & cheerful drink. Much better value than the Single Barrel and worth the extra $$ over the black label.

21st August 2013


Quite remarkable, very smooth and distinct flavour due to the double charcoal mellow process.
My favorite American whiskey by far. Also love the bottle, but thats secondary ;)

19th May 2013



17th April 2013


Love GJ, neatly drunk!
Seriously though. Great to have neat, very smooth.
Gentleman Jack is my drink of choice!
I'm Australian and I love gentleman Jack!
There I said it. GJ all the way

7th November 2012


Simply delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed drinking this.

14th August 2012


One of the most delicious drinks I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I don't consider myself an expert on these things but there is a definite banana thing going on here, especially on the nose. As always in my opinion, drink straight.

19th July 2012

larry brown

i hve at my house a bell bottle that is 1972yrs black jack

7th July 2012


I have not developed the palate of tis site's official reviewer but this is an easy whiskey to appreciate. Obvious vanilla and maple syrup make it my preferred "dessert."

15th May 2012

Big B

True sipping whiskey has a beautiful smooth finish don't judge it by the cheap Jack Daniels offerings this is worth the extra expense.

25th September 2011

Mr Laverick

Very smooth a very nice drink

25th September 2011

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